What are Anti Lock Braking Systems? Will they help me brake faster or safer??PartsAvatar simplifies this for you!

Do you know what ABS stands for in a car? Take a look at some facts about ABS Brakes. –by Partsavatar Auto Parts.

Introduction of AntiLock Brake system of car was one of best decision taken by auto makers for driver’s safety. Though many of us think that ABS Is 21 century innovation, but no, they have been around since 1950s introduced in Europe. ABS was first developed for aircrafts in 1929. Jensen Ferguson Formula, a four wheel drive car unveiled ABS in 1966 as the first building step towards the evolution of ABS.

ABS is now fitted in every new car and is used to stabilize the car while cornering and as a crude aid to traction.Let us know some important facts and uses of ABS other than braking.

What is ABS?
The ABS is a four wheel system that prevents wheel lock up by automatically modulating the brake pressure during an emergency stop. Under most conditions, it enables the driver to maintain control of the steering wheel and maintain certain distance with its immediate vehicle by preventing the wheels from locking. During normal ride, when you apply brakes, you will feel no difference in ABS or Non ABS brakes. But during any condition that requires interference of ABS brakes, a certain pulsation can be felt in the brake pedal accompanied by fall and rise in the brake pedal along with clicking noise.
This advanced driving technique is useful on non ABS cars, as the driver exerts pressure on the brake pedal to regain steering control while providing maximum braking. Vehicles with ABS are equipped with dual brake system. The main components of ABS are:
·        Hydraulic control unit
·        Anti lock brake control module

How does ABS work?

ABS uses sensors which are connected via car's ABS connectors to detect when one wheel is rotating at different rate than other. If the sensor notices that wheel is turning more slowly while braking, then it’s a sign that the wheel is probably locked or is about to get locked. The system thus reduces the brake pressure accordingly by activating a relief valve, until that pressure is equal with the other wheels.

If the wheel begins to lock again, the process is repeated in the same way as pumping the brake pedal pad of car.
However if the brake pressure is momentarily released the brakes are freed and tires can revolve again.The intervention of ABS happens many times. By releasing and reapplying the brakes, the car’s ABS prevents it from going into a brake induced skid.

Does ABS help be Brake Faster?

It is not the job of ABS to make you stop faster. But ABS’s job is to allow the driver to maintain the control of car under hard braking conditions.
ABS will either lock the four wheels to prevent the car from skidding or it will allow you to continue to steer the car helping you to avoid the object that is causing you to apply brake so hard.

ABS as Traction Control
In most situations especially in a low friction environment we often use traction control feature in our car to gain easy traction. Traction control in cars monitor wheel speed using ABS wheel speed sensors.In severe cases traction control can also apply brakes to the slipping wheel. For example,Modern Range rover uses in built anti lock braking system to restore the traction and grip of the slipping wheel by applying brake.

ABS in Side winds
Most modern auto vehicles are immune to deceptive effects of cross winds on highways or fast roads. But, in windy conditions Lorries, vans and other high sided vehicles drive the best as the bulk sails effectively in winds.But in extreme circumstances like cyclonic winds, they can be blown over but even a moderate breeze can blow them over with major road hazards.

Mercedes Benz uses the ABS fitted to its vans to control this movement by impartially applying the brakes to wheel to help steady it and stop the lateral movements due to strong winds.
So ABS can be helpful in disastrous conditions.

ABS can help in quick cornering
Now you can take turn at corners more safely by using ABS. keeping in mind the safe cornering , car manufacturers advise using car’s ABS as Traction control and chassis stability aid in such situation.

The car gently applies brakes on one or more wheels when it detects the danger of losing control on the corner. This effect can be straightforward or dramatic.

For example if you want to take a left turn on a corner, you can feel the left hand rear brake grabbing to help you steer into the left hand turn more easily. Sports car like McLaren use this principle of lightly applying brake on inside rear wheel to help kill under steer and provide sharper turn in.

Self Braking Using ABS
The emergence of self braking system is increasing in modern cars. In terms of safety it is great.The system links radar or forward facing camera to the car’s braking system. This system will alert you in case its camera detects a stationary or slow moving object in front of your car. If you do not apply brakes, the ABS will take the charge and the brakes will be applied judicially before any collision can happen.

It’s very good safety feature in cars as sometimes, we are so distracted on the road due to certain reasons that there are chances of head on collision with other immediate vehicle. Or even if you are conscious on road, you can’t guarantee if the other drivers are conscious as much as you are. So, you can ensure your safety even if you are spacing out while driving by deploying this collision avoidance system in car.

ABS Issues
If you are driving on loose surfaces like mud, dirt or snow ABS will become confused and the stopping distance will extend due to interference of ABS. that is why many off roaders prefer cars equipped with special off road mode so that effect of ABS can be reduced or in some cases eliminated.

Common problems with ABS can be damaged sensors and blocked released valves. The orange light on your dashboard will start illuminating if the ABS goes faulty.
In this situation don’t panic. You can still apply brakes normally. Check your brake fluid level in the reservoir. If still the light comes on, then for the sake of your safety, visit a professional.

Hope this article will help you give enough information about ABS and its benefits.

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