Halloween fun is soon to begin. Hope your day is awesome and full of great treats. Have a bewitching night and a very happy Halloween.

The History of Halloween
The festival of Halloween is celebrated at the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture. It is the time of Samhain in which the ancient pagans take the stock of supplies and prepare for winters. At that time they asked the priests to pray for them as well as their family as they faced the coming dark days of winter. It is believed by the ancient Gaels that on 31st October the boundaries between the worlds of the living and dead would overlap and the ones which have been deceased would come back to life. This would cause havoc like sickness or can even cause damage to the crops.
It is also believed that on 31st October the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead were at the thinnest. Due to the overlapping of both the worlds, the deceased could come back to their life once again. At the same time they would cause great havoc like playing tricks or can even cause harm like spreading sickness or can even damage crops.
To mimic the evil spirits, masks and costumes are worn by the children.
Where does Trick or Treating come from?
One of the main traditions of Halloween is Trick-or-treating. It is an activity for small children in which they proceed from one house to another in costumes. The children ask for treats with the question, “Trick or Treat?” The “trick” part from the trick or treat is basically a threat to play a trick on the home owner or on some part of his property if they refuse to give them the treat. If has been accepted that if a person lives in a neighbourhood with children, then they must purchase treats well in advance for trick or treaters.
With the passage of time, the history of Halloween has evolved. It is really very popular in United States. This festival of Halloween is celebrated in many countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and is also emerging in many other countries as well. The influence of the American culture has increased a lot in the recent years and that’s why trick or treating has started to occur among children in many parts of Europe. The most significant growth is noted in the United Kingdom for the celebration of Halloween. But at the same time it is facing a rising controversy where the police have threatened to prosecute the parents of the children who carry out the “trick” part. Various parts in continental Europe view Halloween with more scepticism, destructive and illegal tricks and police warnings have raised more suspicion about this game as well as Halloween in general.
Halloween Costumes
The Halloween costumes play a very vital role and that’s why no story on the history of Halloween is complete without mentioning the costumes. The practice of dressing up in costumes and begging from one door to another for treats originated in the Middle Ages and includes Christmas wassailing. In the late medieval times, the people practiced “souling” in which the poor people would from one door to another to beg for food and in return they used to pray for the dead on All Souls Day. It was first originated in Ireland and Britain and then later followed by Italy.
Halloween around the World
The Day of the dead celebrations is very similar to Halloween. The history of Halloween has evolved in a lot many ways across various cultures. The people dress up in attractive costumes and there are skeletons and skeletons everywhere. The best part is that special sweet treats and candies are given to small children. People spend most of their time in graveyards and death imagery is everywhere.
There is a difference between the holidays that promote the fear of dead and the holidays which celebrate the dead. This holiday is all about honouring the dead. In this the people honour their ancestors and loved ones who are no more and try to invite those spirits back into their homes so that they can be a part of the family once more. It is basically celebrated to pay respect to those who have passed away on to the land of the dead.
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Whether its arguing over parts prices or repair job, here are the reasons why you should treat your mechanic better!

Not every mechanic is a scammer and once you have found a trustworthy one, it would be good to stick with him! Check out the real reasons! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

Well, if you are planning to visit a technician or mechanic, there are some things or etiquettes you should follow in order to maintain a good relationship with them. We often get conned by people in name of heavy repairs but not every mechanic is bad.

Here in this article, we will highlight what annoys a mechanic, what makes him laugh and how to treat him well.

How to maintain a good relationship with your mechanic?
1. You can offer incentive to your mechanic if you think he is money minded guy. You can also recommend him to your boss or friend. Your mechanic will definitely like your gesture of recommendation. This means you are satisfied with his services. Also money minded ones will see you as an investment because you are indirectly increasing his customers!

2. The more they know your vehicle the less they will try to con you with fake repairs. Find a good mechanic and if you have found a good mechanic, just stick with him. This will be a smart decision.

3. If you want them to treat you something more than a number, you should treat them the same way. If you meet their enthusiasm with trust, they are more likely to be personal with your vehicle and you!

4. Though some deceptive mechanics have given the whole auto mechanic world a bad reputation but majority of them are just using their skills to make their ends meet. Not everyone is trying to rob you because they also have a family and are working for normal hours like any ordinary human.

5. If you are friendly with your mechanic, then don’t ruin your relationship by getting annoyed over small things like your vehicle shows up late. He may do some free repairs and even may give you some advice!

6. Give respect take respect! Mechanics due to their practical experiences have more knowledge than YouTube or internet. If you happen to meet a knowledgeable mechanic, treat and learn from him well. The more you encourage them, the more they will share their knowledge!

7. They work on something that you have no experience of. So, being polite means you need their help. Instead of doubting them, give them a chance to prove their skill because they are Pros!

8. Leave the Solution to the mechanic. Don’t try to diagnose it yourself. Of course if you know so much you are just annoying him unknowingly.

What not to say to your mechanic
You shouldn’t say things to your mechanic that could end up costing you more money. Here are few things that you should avoid saying!

“Just do what it needs”

This is just an open invitation. If by any chance you meet a deceptive mechanic, he will make an expensive bill by adding fake repairs and replacements. So, don’t be ignorant.

“I know nothing about cars”
Though some parts of an auto mobile are quite complex to understand like working of direct injection engine or transmission system. But you can’t be a dummy.
At least you can know what antifreeze or an air filter is. Bottom-line is, have basic knowledge!
Saying this would be direct invitation to big repair bills!

“I can’t afford it”
Many folks amuse their mechanic by saying they can’t afford a repair or expensive bill while showing off their luxurious lifestyle. Having latest model IPad and seriously you can’t?

“How can it cost so much when all you did was plugging a computer to find the problem?”
A mechanic’s job is never easy. If it was that easy, you would be doing it yourself. Computer only give technical information to start with. The rest is their hard work.

“But it is still new!”
New means straight off the dealership showroom floor. A five year old, 60000 miles car is not considered new! So, before making your mechanic laugh, think deeply.

“I googled the problem”
Google is a great source of information. We can find almost every info regarding any field. Even though you know, it’s better to keep quiet and let your professional handle the things.
Of course, otherwise you would have been doing it in your garage, right?
Never tell a mechanic what his job is!

“Can’t you do it for a better price?”
See, you get what you pay for. Though it may seem easy, but practically it requires training, experience and a lot of knowledge to gain a good reputation. A good mechanic is not paid for a job in isolation.

Automobiles are considered to be the second large investment a person makes in his/her life. Also, mechanics are like doctors to your car. So, treat them well and they deserve to be paid rightfully.

Don’t haggle parts pricing
You may buy replacement auto parts from any online auto parts store. But, the mechanical shop has to pay overheads, wages and other expenses. They make sure that a quality replacement auto part is being used to fit.

But if you are friendly enough if with your mechanic, then you can use your own replacement part.

“My alternator needs replacement”
Don’t diagnose the problem yourself. If they go by your opinion and replace it, you can get into huge trouble if there is no issue with the auto part you suggested to be replaced. So let them inspect.

Ask him to keep auto part that is removed to show you afterwards for your satisfaction. Some auto parts are quite expensive like car alternators and automotive catalytic converters. Make sure to check their warranty and customer reviews before buying them there.

“I will pay for anything because I m going on a Trip”
You can simply request your vehicle to be checked over because you plan on keeping it for a while. Also, ask for the auto parts to be looked at. You can also let him inspect the level of oil and coolant/antifreeze in your car!

Never pay before the job is finished
Do not leave your card details with your mechanic when you drop the car off. Pay them when the job is done!

Never offer to take as much time as he needs to repair.
Make sure that you specify a certain time to take your car back from repair shop. Otherwise, the mechanic will give priority to other cars before yours.

The bottom line is trust them! They want your car to run as smoothly as you do. Ask the right question and keep the communication lines open!

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Trick or Treat! Enjoy Spookiest Activities and Ghoulish fun across Canada on Halloween!!

Are you looking for some spooky activities and creepy stuff in Canada? Well don’t worry, Canadian states promise to make this year’s Halloween Spooktacular and filled with fun. Take a look at freaking Ghoulish activities that you can enjoy- Powered by PartsAvatar Vehicle Parts.

Well, well its Halloween time folks! So you ready for some creepy fun and ghost hunting! Caution for those with weak heart! Halloween is always full of spooky fun but also has a lot of creepy stuff. You have been warned!!

You don’t need to move from your place to enjoy Halloween in other city or state. Parts avatar has gathered events and activities that you can enjoy on Halloween in Canadian states.

Note that the dates of events are subject to change.

There is lots of scary stuff to enjoy this Halloween in Ontario. The haunted Halloween weekend at Mews Lake is a complete package of spooky activities like wolf howl, owl prowl, Saturday night campground trick or treating, pumpkin carving and MUCH MORE.

Enjoy the ride on York Durham heritage railway and kids under 12 in costume are free!
Want to visit a village with ghostly events and spooky things like fog maze, house of terror then you got to take a spooky wagon ride at cannamore orchard. May be you are looking for a chance to interact with creepy creatures, or trick or treat in the village. Toronto won’t disappoint you as all these things can be found in Howling Hootenanny at black creek pioneer village.

Take a walk through woodlands that lead to creepy nature spots to learn the not so scary truth about bats, spiders, gnomes etc. At Halloween Howl- A night hike in Toronto.


Watch your back! Stay on guard! Monsters, Zombies are pirates are waiting for you in Québec. Do you love ghost stories? Follow your Ghost Tours of Quebec costumed guide by lantern light through the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec. Listen to haunted stories of 400 years of ghostly murder and execution.

Visit Montreal to wander around the gardens to see rainbow of squash and visit pepo the pumpkin at the great pumpkin ball!
Take a walk through haunted houses and kiosks at village fantome de cantley.
Do you love pirates, visit Aquarium Du Québec and greet them.

British Columbia
Get spooked in Victoria City this Halloween. The brilliant colors of fall hint at the plethora of vibrant Halloween inspired activities on offer in the British Columbia’s most haunted city. Check out the festival of fear at gale farms Corn maze, haunted house for kids, haunted zip with adrena line zip line adventure tours and much more.
Zombies are big deal in Vancouver especially around Halloween.  The Zombie syndrome a virtual stage interactive theatre adventure that happens outside really gives hard competition to the Famous Show the Walking Dead!

The most popular Vancouver Halloween attraction is undoubtedly fright nights at PNE. The play land amusement park becomes a thrill park with themed rides, creepy attractions and seven seriously haunted houses.

Want to grab a broom and feel witchy aura? Get ready for harry potter like witchy fun at the Flyover Canada.

Visit Boo town at Saskatchewan development museum where you can take part in solving various mysterious mysteries and listen to terrifying tales.
If you crave for pumpkin stuff, Halloween extravaganza at pumpkin hollow corn maze awaits you. You can take part in pie eating contests and parade led by headless horseman!

Halloween is just around the corner with pumpkin spicing everything, spooky stores popping up and crazy costumes. Enjoy family activities at the Meandher creek pumpkin patch which is not just about pumpkin.

Manitoba offers spooky fun for every age group. For kids ages 2-10 Halloween Fun zone shelmerdine features a hay maze, tire swings, bouncy castle, zip lines, face painting and much more fun stuff. Three ships are kitted out for Halloween: two for family fun with crafts and fun decorations and third for truly brave (over 15) at the Halloween Haunt at the Selkirk Marine Museum.

At Winnipeg the haunted forest at amaze in corn rustles with unseen beings. They are eager and ready to feast on the screams of visitors!

New Brunswick

Have some Halloween terror without tears for all ages at Boo at the Zoo and visit animals, bouncy houses and the tallest playgrounds in Atlantic Canada.

Did you visit Keilor House? Do you know it’s really haunted? Dare yourself to discover the truth if you are brave enough. Take a haunted hike through the grimiest and dimmest spot in Fredericton.

Knight of terror in Edmonton provide horrifying experience for all ages. Each Halloween hundreds of people make trek to the Haunted house for a truly delightful and frightening experience.

Join the haunted activities at Screemfest in Edmonton which is considered as Scariest Halloween event of Canada. There will be disturbing entertainment, Halloween themed carnival games, haunted houses and much more.
Mind you this is not for faint hearts! Aboard the train of terror and experience the ultimate fear!

Want to dance with zombies? Check out the ghoul’s night out where you can enjoy creepy carnival games, witches stuff and ghost rodeo.

Nova Scotia
Wander through the woods of Haunted Hollow which promises best terrifying thrills you have ever experienced.

Ghosts still roam this earthly realm at the bluenose ghosts’ festival. From cemetery tours to haunted houses, there is every level of scare.
Meet the zombies, skeletons, spiders and witches and visit the graveyard at Adamson haunted house.

Prince Edward Island
The culture’s summer side historic ghost walk re enact the ghost stories of the island which are spookier. Hot apple grog is served in the end.
If you are a weak heart and want to visit haunted mansion, then you better go on broad daylight.

The horror at the corner provides spooktacular evening to the visitors that combine the fright and thrills of the haunted attraction with fun theatre.

Newfound land
Join the contingent of terror at Bay Roberts where you can enjoy Halloween walk, pumpkin carving contest and spooky story time.

Ending Note
The brilliant colors of fall hint at the vibrant Halloween activities on offer. For spooky activities, don’t miss it.

PartsAvatar wishes you Happy Halloween! Boo!

Do you know even a small distraction can affect your ability to drive?? Make the road safer with tips presented by PartsAvatar Canada !!

When you aren’t focused on the road, things can happen fast. Rather paying penalties for using smart phone or even worst – getting your licence suspended for a year, isn’t it better to beware! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts.

Ok, we have a job! A jam packed schedule! Have to watch over toddler sitting back!! But that 1 minute of your distraction can create havoc on road! On the worst note, everyone’s life on road is at risk!

In our fast paced world, it’s become commonplace to see people texting, doing makeup while driving. Make sure to pay full attention on the road for everyone’s sake! But what exactly is distracted driving?

Distracted Driving
Since 2008, in every province and territory of Canada except Nunavut, there are strict laws for distracted driving. Anything can cause distraction to a driver. Any task that steals your attention away from the road is distraction.

Whether you are multitasking while driving, keeping an eye on your kid sitting at the back, texting your friend, eating or even picking up something that has fallen down- these scenarios steal your attention away from the road and can cause a fatal accident.

Following are the driving distractions:
1. Playing with GPS.
2. Cell phones, texting or answering calls
3. Eating
4. Kids
5. Driving under influence
6. Applying makeup

You should know following facts if you don’t keep your eyes on the road:
1. You are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision if you text while driving and 4 times more likely if you talk.
2. You may have to pay heavy fine as penalty for using cell phone or any hand held device in Canadian provinces (mostly).
3. According to a study, nearly 80% of collisions and 65% of near collisions involved some form of driver inattention up to three seconds prior to the event.

Penalties for distracted driving

Each state has its own set of laws for distracted driving. But aside from simple collisions, distracted driving can result in horrific accident.

According to a study, drivers fail to process 50% of visual information in their driving environment when they are using electronic devices. Under motor vehicle act, part 3.1 – a driver found using a hand held device while driving may receive a $368 traffic violation ticket that also carries 4 penalty points. Fines may range from $100 to $280 depending on the number of offenses committed.

The violation ticket may vary from province to province. You may have to pay fine up to $1000 depending on your offense. Many provinces like British Columbia and Ontario ban the use of hand held device and electronic entertainment devices while driving.

Alberta expands its legislation beyond hand held electronic devices to include the other forms of driver distraction, including eating, reading and using car mirror personal grooming. In BC and Saskatchewan, drivers in the graduated licensing program are prohibited from using hand held and hands free devices.

In Ontario, if you have A,B,C,D,E,F or G license you will face bigger penalties like a fine of $490 if settled out of court or a fine of $1000 if you fight a ticket and lose it. Three demerit points are just icing on the cake.

You might receive six demerit points/fine of $2000/ Jail for 6 months/ licence suspension for 2 years if found guilty of carelessness caused by distraction (using hand free or hand held device).

Experts compare using cell phone to drinking and driving offense due to high level of distraction and the amount of time the driver’s eyes are off the road.
Using influencing substances like alcohol, drugs or even prescribed medicine is also a form of distracted driving. These substances make it difficult to focus on the road and large fines are imposed as it is a serious offense. In worst case, driver’s license can be suspended.

Tips to reduce distracted driving!
1. The very first tip is to turn off your mobile device. Using a hands free device doesn’t reduce the risk. Reduce the temptation by turning off the device so that you won’t be disturbed by constant ringing and beeps. Put it in the glove compartment or in a bag on back seat.

2. Record an outgoing message notifying callers that you are driving. There are various apps that send automatic reply to people calling or texting you.

3. flipping through radio stations or songs also distract. Pre set your favourite radio station or make a playlist of your favourite tunes. Music shouldn’t be too loud as it not only drowns out warning noises but is also a nuisance for fellow motorists.

4. You shouldn’t doze off while driving, it is hell dangerous. Make sure you have enough energy to focus on road. Try driving during daylight and make sure you are well rested. If you feel drowsy, hand over the control of your car to someone else. Avoid driving under influence of alcohol or drug.

5. Stop doing crazy things like applying makeup, reading newspaper, eating and even shaving while driving! Make sure you do these activities before you depart.

6. Pre-plan the route on your GPS so that it won’t distract your attention while you drive the car. If you use GPS, make sure it is placed in the area where it won’t force you to take your eyes off the road.

7. driving in tend to increase risks and results in road rage. It not only gives stress to driver but is also stressful for the fellow drivers. Give enough time to arrive at your destination.

8. Speeding down the highway or navigating through heavy traffic is not best time to learn where the car control like windshield wipers or defrost button is. Take your time when you are free, and understand the car controls freely.

9. Explain to kids that they should try to save requests for when the final destination is reached. Leave pets at home if possible.

10. In emergency call 911, but be sure to pull off the road to safe area.

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What is a shock absorber, how does it work?? Here’s all you need to know about it and replace shock absorbers at PartsAvatar Auto Parts at affordable price !

What is the working of shock absorber? Why is it an important part of vehicle’s suspension? How to know if a shock absorber has gone bad? We answer your queries regarding shock absorbers. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

When we think of smooth drive, we usually think of horsepower and top performing engine. But what if the driver can’t handle the car? The powerful engine will be pretty much useless at that time!

Did you know that shock absorbers are something you shouldn’t ignore? If you think that your car’s shock absorbers still can delay replacement, here is why you should give it a second thought!
That is where car shock absorbers take the centre stage.

What are Shock absorbers?
Shock absorbers absorb unpleasant affects of bumpy roads and unavoidable holes thus enhancing driver’s control over the vehicle as well as the overall comfort of the passengers.

Shock absorber is an important part of car’s suspension system that slows and stops up and down bouncing movement of your vehicle’s springs through a process known as dampening.

They consist of a cylinder called the reserve tube that is filled with hydraulic fluid, another tube called the pressure cylinder within that cylinder, a piston that travels through the inner cylinder and valving that meters the flow of the fluid from one side of the piston to the other as bumps in the road are encountered.

A vehicle’s suspension system comprises of three important parts- tires, spring and shock absorber. These three should be in good working condition in order to maintain tire’s proper contact with the road. Shock absorbers play a pivotal role in maintaining tire’s contact with the road.

In order to assure safety and smooth drive, shock absorbers should be maintained properly. So what are the major benefits of Shock absorbers? Read on further!

Without a stable car, you won’t be safe on road. Shock absorbers play a pivotal role in maintaining stability. Shock absorber reduces bumpy effect. They provide stability to your car. They create friction between road and rubber of your car’s tires to enable stability while driving down the road.

If the roads, highways were perfectly flat, there wouldn’t have been any need of shock absorbers. But even a newly paved road has subtle ups and downs and moreover without shock absorbers, all the vertical energy of wheels will be shifted to the frame of the vehicle.

Without shock absorbers, wheels would take on every imperfection on the road and your ride will be full of bumps moving up and down with every jolt. Car won’t last long without stability.

During hard acceleration the rear of the vehicle may dip while the front rises then impacting the steering control.

It is very uncomfortable to drive while feeling every bump and crack in the road. Comfort is the main thing for the passengers/ driver sitting inside. Shock absorbers take out the harsh imperfections in the road, so that you don’t feel them.

Aside from stability, comfort is the main concern for automobile giants.
So, if your car is vibrating abnormally or you are feeling every bump on the road, call your mechanic and check whether shock absorbers need replacement or not!


Safety is a concern for most of us. Safety is more than just buckling up seat belts or not driving recklessly. In your suspension system, the shock absorbers are what stop your vehicle from swaying side to side when it’s windy or why you don’t have a trouble stopping!

20% of stopping distance is controlled by your shock absorbers. You should replace worn out shock absorbers as they lose the tendency to control the car and can seriously jeopardise your safety on the road.

Want to know if it’s time to replace them? Find out next!

Long Stopping Distance
Worn shock absorbers can increase your car’s stopping distance by 20%. As you increase your travelling speed this will also increase the distance it takes your vehicle to completely stop.

This 20% extra is enough to cause a fatal accident. Call your mechanic immediately and tend to the worn absorbers as it might be a close call!

Nose diving or swerving

Does your car swerve or dip under braking? When the piston seal is worn out the fluid flows uncontrollably which results in extreme movement of piston on applying slightest brake application.
Nose dive is caused when weight shifts farther forward than estimated.
This can be dangerous in wet weather, as the control of car reduces due to malfunctioning shock absorbers.

Are you getting vibrations through the steering wheel as your are driving along? If your shocks are working properly they should keep your tires in optimal contact with the road and there shouldn’t be any vibrations.

If you feel vibrations while driving, there is a possibility of worn shock absorbers. Fluid flows uncontrollably past the valve and piston seal allowing you to feel everyone small vibration due to bumps and cracks or other imperfection on the road.

Uneven tire wear
Can you see bald patches or uneven wear on your tires? This usually means your tires don’t have optimal contact with the road, which can be caused by worn shocks. Replacing car shocks is much economical as compared to replacing tires!

Uneven tire wear has several disadvantages. One of them is feeling slight bounce as the vehicle moves over the road surface.
So, call the professional to check shocks and shock absorbers and don’t forget to replace them as tires can just blow your pocket off!

Rocking and rattling
If shocks are heavily worn there is a possibility that your vehicle will rattle on railway tracks, bumps and uneven surfaces heavily. It not only gives experience of an uncomfortable ride but can also put pressure on other components which can be quite expensive to repair.
So, never ignore rattling or rolling!

Leaking fluid
Sometimes, the worn shocks can create leaks and the fluid may start leaking down the side of the shock towards the ground. With the loss of fluid, shock won’t be able to perform at its optimal level.

Hopefully, we helped you understand the importance and benefits of shock absorbers and when to replace them. For your safety on the road, make sure to maintain them!

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