Whether its arguing over parts prices or repair job, here are the reasons why you should treat your mechanic better!

Not every mechanic is a scammer and once you have found a trustworthy one, it would be good to stick with him! Check out the real reasons! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

Well, if you are planning to visit a technician or mechanic, there are some things or etiquettes you should follow in order to maintain a good relationship with them. We often get conned by people in name of heavy repairs but not every mechanic is bad.

Here in this article, we will highlight what annoys a mechanic, what makes him laugh and how to treat him well.

How to maintain a good relationship with your mechanic?
1. You can offer incentive to your mechanic if you think he is money minded guy. You can also recommend him to your boss or friend. Your mechanic will definitely like your gesture of recommendation. This means you are satisfied with his services. Also money minded ones will see you as an investment because you are indirectly increasing his customers!

2. The more they know your vehicle the less they will try to con you with fake repairs. Find a good mechanic and if you have found a good mechanic, just stick with him. This will be a smart decision.

3. If you want them to treat you something more than a number, you should treat them the same way. If you meet their enthusiasm with trust, they are more likely to be personal with your vehicle and you!

4. Though some deceptive mechanics have given the whole auto mechanic world a bad reputation but majority of them are just using their skills to make their ends meet. Not everyone is trying to rob you because they also have a family and are working for normal hours like any ordinary human.

5. If you are friendly with your mechanic, then don’t ruin your relationship by getting annoyed over small things like your vehicle shows up late. He may do some free repairs and even may give you some advice!

6. Give respect take respect! Mechanics due to their practical experiences have more knowledge than YouTube or internet. If you happen to meet a knowledgeable mechanic, treat and learn from him well. The more you encourage them, the more they will share their knowledge!

7. They work on something that you have no experience of. So, being polite means you need their help. Instead of doubting them, give them a chance to prove their skill because they are Pros!

8. Leave the Solution to the mechanic. Don’t try to diagnose it yourself. Of course if you know so much you are just annoying him unknowingly.

What not to say to your mechanic
You shouldn’t say things to your mechanic that could end up costing you more money. Here are few things that you should avoid saying!

“Just do what it needs”

This is just an open invitation. If by any chance you meet a deceptive mechanic, he will make an expensive bill by adding fake repairs and replacements. So, don’t be ignorant.

“I know nothing about cars”
Though some parts of an auto mobile are quite complex to understand like working of direct injection engine or transmission system. But you can’t be a dummy.
At least you can know what antifreeze or an air filter is. Bottom-line is, have basic knowledge!
Saying this would be direct invitation to big repair bills!

“I can’t afford it”
Many folks amuse their mechanic by saying they can’t afford a repair or expensive bill while showing off their luxurious lifestyle. Having latest model IPad and seriously you can’t?

“How can it cost so much when all you did was plugging a computer to find the problem?”
A mechanic’s job is never easy. If it was that easy, you would be doing it yourself. Computer only give technical information to start with. The rest is their hard work.

“But it is still new!”
New means straight off the dealership showroom floor. A five year old, 60000 miles car is not considered new! So, before making your mechanic laugh, think deeply.

“I googled the problem”
Google is a great source of information. We can find almost every info regarding any field. Even though you know, it’s better to keep quiet and let your professional handle the things.
Of course, otherwise you would have been doing it in your garage, right?
Never tell a mechanic what his job is!

“Can’t you do it for a better price?”
See, you get what you pay for. Though it may seem easy, but practically it requires training, experience and a lot of knowledge to gain a good reputation. A good mechanic is not paid for a job in isolation.

Automobiles are considered to be the second large investment a person makes in his/her life. Also, mechanics are like doctors to your car. So, treat them well and they deserve to be paid rightfully.

Don’t haggle parts pricing
You may buy replacement auto parts from any online auto parts store. But, the mechanical shop has to pay overheads, wages and other expenses. They make sure that a quality replacement auto part is being used to fit.

But if you are friendly enough if with your mechanic, then you can use your own replacement part.

“My alternator needs replacement”
Don’t diagnose the problem yourself. If they go by your opinion and replace it, you can get into huge trouble if there is no issue with the auto part you suggested to be replaced. So let them inspect.

Ask him to keep auto part that is removed to show you afterwards for your satisfaction. Some auto parts are quite expensive like car alternators and automotive catalytic converters. Make sure to check their warranty and customer reviews before buying them there.

“I will pay for anything because I m going on a Trip”
You can simply request your vehicle to be checked over because you plan on keeping it for a while. Also, ask for the auto parts to be looked at. You can also let him inspect the level of oil and coolant/antifreeze in your car!

Never pay before the job is finished
Do not leave your card details with your mechanic when you drop the car off. Pay them when the job is done!

Never offer to take as much time as he needs to repair.
Make sure that you specify a certain time to take your car back from repair shop. Otherwise, the mechanic will give priority to other cars before yours.

The bottom line is trust them! They want your car to run as smoothly as you do. Ask the right question and keep the communication lines open!

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