Happy Thanksgiving! PartsAvatar Canada lists Fun things to do during Thanksgiving Weekend in Toronto!

Not Going Home for Thanksgiving? Do you have any plan to celebrate thanksgiving? Need some time to fill up that Monday? Don’t worry! Toronto is a great place to spend the Thanksgiving Weekend- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car parts!

Those not born or raised in Canada may not be familiar with our Canadian traditions. October 9 i.e. Thanksgiving Day is as important to the North Americans as the Christmas festival. So, if you are oblivious of this great festival, you must read this article which is full of Fun facts and traditions about Thanksgiving!

There are plenty of Thrilling things to do in Toronto on Thanksgiving Weekend. Want to make this thanksgiving most unforgettable memory for you and your family? Below are a couple of events and tips you can use to enjoy this festival! So read on below to learn about Canada’s Thanksgiving origins and traditions.

How Thanksgiving began in Canada?
The origins of Canadian thanksgiving are more closely connected to traditions of Europe than U.S. long before Europeans began settling in North America, the festival of thanks and harvest celebration took place in Europe in October. The very first thanksgiving tradition was started in Canada by Martin Frobisher who thanked the new world for his safe arrival in 1578 at Canada.

Thanksgiving had been observed as a national holiday before but on Jan 31, 1957 Canadian parliament announced that on second Monday in October, thanksgiving would be celebrated as a day of thanksgiving to god for harvest that Canada has been blessed. This year, thanksgiving is October 9th!

Fun things to do in Toronto during Thanksgiving!
Canadians automatically get the Monday off in most parts of the country during Thanksgiving time. Though it is on Monday but you can have thanksgiving dinner at any point during weekend.

Enjoy Harvest festivals in GTA
Celebrate Thanksgiving and the bounty of the harvest. Enjoy all the activities the farm has to offer as pedal kart tracks, royal tea party, mazes, baked goods sales and traditional farmers market. Visit Wood bridge fall fair, October harvest festival and pumpkin fest Toronto and enjoy!

Apple Picking
Visit an apple orchard near you and pick fresh apples, go on apple pie hunt across apple pie trail.

Pumpkin Fest
You can visit annual Pumpkin fest which held in Toronto during thanksgiving weekend. Have fun of a lot of family friendly events like rides, contests, food and more. Ride the pumpkin express train through the park and enjoy inflatable slides, carousel, magician acts etc. it is interesting that the admission is free.

Enjoy traditional Thanksgiving Meal!
Experience the splendour of Casa Loma this thanksgiving. Enjoy the brunch with royal feeling at Toronto’s famous castle and explore the castle at your leisure.
Visit black creek pioneer village to enjoy thanksgiving themed tours, sample some historical ale and take a horse drawn wagon ride through the village. Check out Toronto’s great open table restaurants for a perfect dinner. Happy Dining!

Fall Colour tours
Explore nature’s gorgeous hues of red, orange and yellow by going on a fall colour tour. Ontario parks often organize fall colours during this time. So don’t give it a miss!
Take York Durham railway fall colour tours and take journey along the ridge of Moraine. Visit Halton Conservation Park and join birds of prey shows, wagon rides, children activities and many more!

Visit Owen Sound and enjoy salmon celebration
If you are a nature lover, then it is perfect time for you to visit Owen Sound and watch the salmon spawning in rivers, streams and much more.

Don’t miss Thanksgiving Fireworks!
Enjoy spectacular view of fireworks by going for the special fall fireworks cruise on Thanksgiving Day at Niagara Falls.

Start Halloween and Christmas decorations
In Canada you can decorate your houses with lights before Halloween and Christmas.
Turkey is important!

Turkey is usually eaten for thanksgiving in Canada though some choose to eat proteins, ham and chicken. The can also serve sweet potatoes, corn gravy and fall veggies along with turkey on the dining table. Pumpkin pie is seen as a standard traditional desert of this day!

Long walks in outdoor
For many Canadians, a long walk in the outdoors is an annual thanksgiving tradition. Because thanksgiving is in mid October, it is perfect time to do a lot of outdoorsy stuff.

Thanksgiving Day Classic
Football is also associated with thanksgiving. The Canadian football league holds something they call the Thanksgiving Day classic, a tradition which began as early as 1958. Two games are played that afternoon thus making it a doubleheader. In if you are in town, it’s a home game so grab your tickets fast!

Travel Safety Tips
Thanksgiving is considered as one of the busiest travel times of the year. Millions of people hit the road to spend time with their family and loved ones, thus invoking higher possibility of getting into an accident. Here is our best advice on Thanksgiving travel safety.

1. Drivers should observe the speed limits. Give other drivers plenty of space to avoid collision.

2. Seat belts are life saving device and drivers should make sure that every single person in the car is buckled up.

3.  be sure to check the weather along your entire route. Make sure your car’s headlights and auto windshield wiper blades are in proper working condition.

4. Have your car’s radiator and cooling system parts, serviced beforehand. Simple maintenance and fluid check can prevent many problems.

5. Drivers making unexpected lane changes to exit often cause accidents so watch the signs and know your exit.

6. Leave early so you won’t be anxious about arriving late and road conditions may change due to traffic condition.

7. It is not wise to drive when tired, upset or physically ill.

Bottom line
I think this is enough for you to get and start preparing for upcoming thanksgiving! Toronto is a great place to spend Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy your day, do something incredible and make different memories this thanksgiving!

PartsAvatar Community hopes you and your loved ones have a happy thanksgiving.

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