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How the steering and suspension system work? We often ignore steering and suspension but you know you won’t be enjoying safe and comfortable ride without these! Here is some of the basic knowledge about steering and suspension that you need to know! - PartsAvatar Car Parts.

What factors ensure a comfortable ride for you on road? They are- balance, smoothness and stability! Car's steering and suspension system is responsible for this! If there is some issue with your car’s steering and suspension component, then you would probably experience bumpy ride.

How the steering and suspension system work?
Both the steering and suspension system involve movement of wheels, so they are usually talked about together. Steering and suspension are responsible for keeping your wheels firmly intact with the ground, and also keeping your car from veering to one side of the road.

The steering allows you to point the car where you want it to go, and the suspension allows you to get there comfortably without experiencing bumpy roads.

Steering Components
The steering gears convert the rotation from the steering wheel into the left and right movement that steers the front wheel. Steering gears has two different styles- rack and pinion and re circulating ball. Rack and pinion has a long bar with gear teeth in it while re circulating ball gear also has a round gear in it and turns an outer arm back and forth. Rack and pinion is popular in small cars and powers assisted while re circulating balls are popular in larger vehicles.

Car’s Ball joints and tie rods allow the steering gear to move while the suspension moves up and down. Tie rod connects the steering gears to drive wheels. Most systems have four tie rods- two out by the wheels and two in the inner rotation point.

Power steering uses hydraulic or electric power to assist in turning of the wheels. You can also shop for power steering or other steering components at PartsAvatar’s car chassis and suspension section!

Suspension Components
Suspension is a term given to the system of shock absorbers and linkages that connect a car to its wheels. The suspension system has two basic functions-1) to keep car’s wheels in firm contact with the road and provide traction 2) to provide a comfort ride by eliminating the impact of bumps and other cracks on road.

Major suspension system components are spindles, control arms, springs, shocks, struts, dampers and sway bars.
Spindles hold the wheels and brakes in place and rotate on top and bottom mounts to turn the drive wheel. It is usually connected to the ball joints that can rotate and move with the suspension.

Car Control arms enable the spindle or axle to rotate and give with the surface of the road. Most control arms with a ball joint allow the joint to move as needed.
Springs smooth your ride by enabling the wheels to move with road or driving conditions. They also help in turning by allowing the suspension to give a little bit. They absorb the impact from the road but there aren’t that effective in dissipating energy.

Shocks and struts do what the springs lack at i.e. dissipating energy. They convert the energy of moving spring into heat and use either gases or oil to dissipate energy pressing on the spring. When the spring wants to return to its initial position, it slows down the process. Hence this makes your ride smooth by eliminating bouncing effect of spring.

A shock absorber is independent of steering and simply controls up and down movements of the suspension. They permit soft ride over small bumps and provide firm control over spring action for cushioning large bumps.

Automotive Sway bars are connected to control arms and to the body by bushings that allow them to twist. These are used to stiffen the suspension when the car wants to roll. This reduces body roll and improves ride quality.

You can find these components at shop by car parts section of PartsAvatar website.

Steering and suspension problems
Steering and suspension problems can be difficult to identify because there are many issues that may or may not be tied to the suspension. These need to be addressed immediately to prevent an unsafe condition.

Steering Issues

Car starts pulling to one side due to number of steering problems- worn steering components, misalignment of front steering wheel, blocked power steering or underinflated tires.

Car becomes difficult to turn when the power steering fails. Look for the signs of power steering fluid loss and check the belt driving it.
Worn tie rod ends or internal gears can make steering wheel erratic. It will take a lot of rotation of your steering wheel to take a turn. Replace them and get your car checked by mechanic.

Don’t ignore whining noise coming from power steering. It may be due to- air bubbles, failing power steering, loose belt or broken or failing bearing on the pulley driving the pump.

Check the fluid level and belt’s condition first. Have a professional check to see if your system needs to be vacuumed out to remove the air of lines.

Suspension Issues

Worn out ball joints can’t hold up against the pressure the tires exert and cause vibrations.
Squealing sound of car can be caused due to loss of lubrication. Springs and shocks can also cause squeaking.

If the car hits a large bump and the suspension bottoms out, the shocks may be wearing out or the suspension parts may be worn out and are not holding in the place.

Over the time, oil can leak out of shocks and struts causing shocks or struts to fail. Impacts and accidents can also cause leakage.
In major accidents, linkages can fail and you may need to replace the whole assembly.
Many joints tend to wear out leading initially to looseness and eventually to a failure.

Ball joints, tie rod ends and other metal on metal parts need to be lubricated or they will grind against each other and fail. These parts have special grease fitting that allow you to pump grease into the joint.

Be careful while greasing the suspension, not enough grease and the parts are not protected, too much grease and you can break the rubber covers.

So, now you know enough about steering and suspension system. For a safe and comfortable drive, there maintenance is a MUST.

So, keep yourself safe on the road and shop for premium quality steering and suspension components from PartsAvatar!

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