Happy Victoria Day !! Go full throttle with Castrol Sponsored Victoria day Weekend from May 19-21 in Ontario!!

Spending Victoria Day weekend holed up at home? Did you know there’s a Speed Fest with Amazing Car Races coming fast! ~ Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car parts!!

See you later spring! Summer unofficially arrives during Victoria Day weekend. Are you cottage bound? Where do you plan to go if not? Crowd pleasing Car racing and much more fun is waiting for you. This Victoria weekend, give yourself a chance to cheer among the crowd for those amazing zooming cars in the race track.

So, if you want some speedy adventure, then Canadian Tire motorsport Park fulfills your need for speed with its jam packed schedule NASCAR, Trans-Am, Porsche Gt3 and Canadian supercar races from May 19 to May 21 in Ontario. Roll up your RV for a trackside camping experience or purchase a single day admission.

Victoria Day is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25 in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Major Highlights of Castrol Victoria Day Speed Fest
CTMP is the leading racing performance facility in Canada and is suitable for most any occasion. The Track was founded in 1961. Since then it has welcomed many international racing series to its facility. 

The green flag is set to wave at the event that marks the unofficial start to summer at CTMP. Castrol’s Victoria day speed fest will once again kick off Canadian racing season with the ground pounding roar of the stock cars of NASCAR Pinty’s series competing in the Can –Am 200 as well as all classes of the Pirelli World Challenge championship including the series high octane GT super cars.

The three day event also features exciting races in the ultra 94 Porsche GT3 cup challenge Canada by Yokohama, the Canadian Touring Car championship presented by Pirelli and the Nissan Micra series.

About 25000 Motorsport race fans are expected to witness the battle for gold and glory at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on the may long weekend.

Most practice and qualifying sessions will be held on Friday, May 19 while the racing action will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

The weekend’s main attraction is on track racing action but there are plenty of other things for you to see and do as well. Race fans and families are invited to attend the event and there’s plenty for all to see and do off track, with the family friendly tire action zone that contains play area, face painting hockey shoot out zone, Toronto Maple Leafs Locker room trailer, casting pond and live music. There would also be a CTMP market place which will feature Chevrolet race face and Hydro one’s electricity discovery centre, CTMP Merchandise trailer and Driver autograph session.

You will have most success collecting autographs if you follow the proper etiquette: go to the team’s transporter and ask one of the crew members what would be good time to get an autograph. All the team transporters, cars, crews and drivers are based at Team Paddock area and access to the paddock is included with every ticket purchase.
A special weekend highlight is Victoria Day firework display, which will light up the sky on Saturday evening. This show embarks the spectacular celebration for the first long weekend of the summer.

For more information on Ticket purchase, visit www.canadiantiremotorsportpark.com or email at info@ctmpark.com .

Hall of Fame Goalie as Grand Marshall for the fest!
Hockey Hall of Fame goalie and Former Toronto Maple leaf star Johnny Bower has been announced as the grand Marshall for the event.

Bower, nicknamed as China Wall because of his unrelenting approach to protecting the net, was recently included in list of Top 100 players of all time of National hockey league. Bower won four Stanley cup championships and two vezina trophies in his 12 year long career as goalie. Bower was inducted into Hockey’s hall of fame in 1976.
Bower is scheduled to be at CTMP Sunday May 21 to give the “Drivers start your engine” command for Can-Am 200. He will also be attending Fan meeting and greet events prior to the race.

Don’t miss it! It is what Canadians wait for whole year!
There’s a lot of excitement among Canadian fans around the series. Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the speed fest this Victoria Day weekend. Race fans also have an option of camping only meters away from the track.

According to Ryan Chalmers, CTMP communication and promotions manager, it is expected to be a dual headline event of this year. “The track is one of the real old school tracks and they certainly don’t build them like this anymore. The drivers absolutely love to come here. The excitement produced from the races is a result of track’s design. It’s a mix of everything.” says Chalmers.

The cars in the Pinty’s series can generate up to 550 horsepower.
For some people the May long weekend is their first chance to spend time at the cottage. For others, it is their first chance to spend time at the track.

Don’t miss the fun Drag Racing at Toronto Motorsport Park !

Those who are avid fan of drag racing then Toronto motorsport Park presents Victoria Day Weekend drag event in Ontario on May 19- 21. The event will feature side by side 300 MPH Jet Dragster’s featuring Ontario’s own Northern warrior. Top alcohol funny cars will also return for the sixth straight year at the season opener bringing wild performances at 250 MPH speed.

The show will be complimented by competition in the race Cayuga sportsman series and Can-Am stock/ Super stock series. Note that children under 12 and under are free with adult.

The ultimate showdown racing will be on hand showcasing the wild 250 MPH pro modified division as well as the competition in the always exciting Top Dragster and Top Sportsman categories.

Don’t miss the fun and adventure of this festival! If you want something new, then go for it! There also going to be plenty of other stuff for your fun !Come out and it’s better to be a part of cheering crowd rather cottage bound. 

Victoria Day has always been a popular, traditional event at the track. The Sport racing lovers always wait for these events to come every year on Victoria Day weekend.

Parts avatar Aftermarket auto parts Community hope you have a happy and safe Victoria holiday weekend!

Want to drive a car? Follow these tips to drive perfectly!!

Want to drive a car? Follow these tips to drive perfectly
Most of the people think that it is really tough to drive a car, but it reality it is easier than it looks. The person who is sitting at the passenger seat is totally relaxed, while the one who is driving has all the pressure on his head. The person behind the wheel is always much more attentive than the one who is sitting beside.
When you are leaning how to drive a car, there are a lot of things which you should keep in your mind. The beginners are well as the expert drivers, all of them should be really very attentive when they are behind the steering wheel as accidents can happen anytime. There are some basic rules which you should keep in your mind while you are driving. It would be really very helpful for the people who are learning how to drive and at the same time it would be a reminder for the practiced drivers who have forgotten the basic ground rules of driving.
  1. Know your car
The first thing which you should do is to start getting comfortable with your car. It is important to know the theory of your car first and then start practically driving the car. Get to know the function of clutch and learn the gear arrangements. You should also be aware about the facts like one should never ever shift to a lower gear when your car is at a higher speed and if you want to put it into a reverse gear, then make it a point that your car should be stopped first and then switch to reverse.

  1. Correct sitting position
The next thing which you should lean is correct sitting position. Even the drivers who are experts and have been driving since many years, don’t position themselves correctly and this leads to lack of comfort while driving. This further leads to the increase in the probability of accidents. Make sure that you sit straight in the seat so that no back injuries occur.
Your seat should be in a perfect position so that you are able to see all around easily as well as comfortably. Your chair should be in a longitudinal position, so that your knees are not stretched too much. Sit upright and you must not stoop forward.

  1. Avoid distractions
Then the next thing which you should do is to be attentive while driving and adjust all your car mirrors, and don’t forget to wear your seat sbelt. Keep the rules of road in mind. Gone are the days when there were only few cars on the roads. Now the roads are full of traffic jams and that is the reason why you should keep your eyes focused for every single second. There are two most common and basic rules which a driver should abide. The first one is that you should not use your phone while driving and the other one is that you must not drink and drive. These are the rules which must be followed and then the new drivers should also avoid eating, turning up the music at very high volume and even indulging in deep conversations can be extremely dangerous.

  1. Adjust your seat in regards to the pedals
Your car seat should always be set in regards to the pedals. Try to push the brake fully with your right foot and then depress the clutch. It should be done very carefully and in such a way that your knees are bent at about 120 degrees. You can visit online stores like Napa Canada to buy car brakes.

  1. Steering wheel in position
There is no specific way of holding a steering wheel. It totally depends upon the person who is driving the car, so that he can have the maximum control over the wheel. So it is really very important to hold a steering wheel to have the best control over the car.

  1. Remember to use turn signals
You must understand the importance of turning signals. Don’t forget that you are not the only one who is driving on road; there are many other people as well. So it is really very important to alert the other drivers as well whenever you are about to turn. If you will use the turn signals properly, then it would prevent you from a lot of miss happenings.

  1. Don’t over speed
This is really very common temptation, the one who is behind the steering wheel, always tries to speed up. It is really very important that you understand your car first and get familiar with it before you start speeding.

  1. Maintain a considerable distance from other vehicles
All the latest cars today have a really very powerful braking system, but you should not totally depend upon it blindly. Maintain a decent distance from the vehicle which is in front of you. Many of the times accidents occur because of the mistakes of other people and you will have to suffer equally. So it is best to be a defensive driver than to be an aggressive one.

  1. Don’t over use the horn
Keep this thing is mind that horns are made to alert the driver which is around you and not made to take out your frustration. Many of the times people on the road can get irritated by the excessive usage of horns. This would lead to an unnecessary trouble on road.

  1. Keep calm
Don’t ever let your mood influence the way you drive. You must be calm enough while driving. There is no need to over speed when you are angry and at the same time driving extremely slowly can also be dangerous.
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How to clean your car interior? Follow these tips and tricks

How to clean your car interior? Follow these tips and tricks
Here we will cover some of the best methods which would help you to keep your cars interior clean. You are aware that regular vacuuming and dusting is really important to keep your interior car parts look great. Just cleaning up the surface is not enough. You must detail the upholstery after every two to three years to maintain its new appearance.
Whenever you buy products like car’s fabric, carpet, leather or any other product which would help to keep your auto parts clean, then you must test for color fading by cleaning a small portion. If the product changes fabric’s texture or color, then you must not buy it.
Car Interior Detailing
Your car interior suffers a lot. Whenever you get in car, you obviously drag in more dirt. The more you eat and drink in car, the more would be the crumbs and spills. You drop your hair, dead skin and makeup while you are sitting in your car. Slowly and gradually this junk adds up.
It is not important to detail the inside of your car every time you wash it. But if you have been to the beach, somewhere out in the mud or if you have been tracking in the grass and leaves, then you must do vacuuming and a fast wipe-down after couple of weeks.
Do a weekly Car Interior Cleanup
Use a damp cloth to wipe down all the vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces. The cloth which you would be using should be a dust free cloth.  Gently pull out your floor mats and then you can shake or brush off the dirt from the mats. Pick up all the trash and then you can empty it in storage bins nearby. Use a damp towel to wipe down your door jambs and door sills. A lot of dust is accumulated on the interior glass, rear view mirror and other auto parts, which should be cleaned with a towel.
Monthly Car Interior Detailing
Quick wipe down is nice, but once in a month your car’s interior will need a little more than that. When one month has passed, then your interior glass with have some film build up and the carpet would need to be vacuumed. Some other auto body parts will need to have their protection renewed.
Quarterly Interior Detailing
The steps which are mentioned above should all must be followed. Make it a point to clean and protect all the leather. Protect all rubber door and the hood seals. If you want to buy car doors and other body parts, then you can visit Napa Canada.
Proper Interior Detailing
There are a number of materials which are used in the automotive interior. That’s why it is not easy to do it in a straightforward manner. There are some specific materials and areas of interior detailing. Read them and try to apply them to your automobile.
Car Vacuuming done the Right Way
You are all aware about car vacuuming. For this you will need a good vacuum, a few attachments and few minutes to get in there and then your job would be successfully completed. The two most important accessories which you would need are the crevice attachment and dust brush attachment. The crevice attachment should be of plastic and not metal. If it is in poor condition, then it can scratch or can even damage the leather. Use a crevice tool to reach in between the seats, nooks and around seat beads. Vigorous movement on the carpet would help you to bring up sand and grit.
Some steps for proper vacuuming
  • The first thing which you should do is to pull out the floor mats to start vacuuming. Many of the times dirt is collected on the mats and that’s why one should shake out the dust.

  • Then after that work upon the rear upholstery and carpet. Push all the front seats all the way forward. To vacuum of in between the seats and carpeted area, you must use a crevice tool.
  • The rear carpet should then be vacuumed. Use crevice tool so that you can vacuum around the seats and the front seats. For the door panels, you can use a round dust brush.
Cleaning up the car’s interior should not be a hard work if it is done on a regular basis as mentioned above. Always maintain your car properly because it can prevent problems like staining and smelling. There is no specific time or day for cleaning up your car; you can clean it as often as necessary. If there is any spill, then it should be dealt immediately. You can clean your car surfaces and vacuum it once in a week and this would reduce your work. It’s totally up to you as to when you want to clean it.
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Here are some tips with which you can keep your ride rolling longer !!

How to make your car last longer?
Recently the gas prices are really very high and that’s why it costs a lot to travel from to point A to point B. You cannot control the costs of fuel, money on repairs and insurance rates, but one thing which you can control is to make your car last longer. It’s all up to you and you can choose if you want to spend money on a new car parts after every few years or do you want to keep your current car running efficiently and at the same time looking smart. So if you have chosen the latter route, then follow these tips mentioned below to keep your ride rolling.
  1. Breathe easier
Even the mechanically challenged drivers are aware as to how the car’s oil and oil filter should be changed, even if they don’t do it always. There are some other fluids and filters which should be maintained regularly.  The most common example of this is that if you will change your air filter, then your car would breathe easily and the car’s engine would last longer. If your air filter is clogged, then it means that your car engine is not performing properly.

  1. Keep it cool
It is really very important to keep your car cooling system cool and proper coolant level to ensure that your engine is working properly and then it would save you thousands of dollars in repairs. If there is any problem in the cooling system of your car, then your engine would literally melt down. You can have really big problems if your coolant system is not maintained properly.

  1. Pressure check
You will agree with this that the tires are the most neglected part of a car. Most of the people don’t pay attention to keep their tires inflated. This is not only bad for your car, but also a safety issue. All you have to do is to keep your tire up to proper pressure and it would cost almost nothing.

  1. Completely En-gauged
Your car gauges would inform you if there is any problem with your oil pressure, cooling system and even the tire pressure- if you are paying attention to them. But the sad truth is that majority of people don’t pay any attention.

  1. Get regular checkups
Search for a repair shop and a mechanic whom who can trust easily and allow that shop service to call you every time. If you get sick, do you always go to a different doctor?  The answer to this would be no because your doctor knows you from top to bottom. So same is the case with a car mechanic.

  1. Look closely
You should spend some more time inspecting your car. Whenever you are free, just take out five minutes and simply walk around your car and look at it closely. See the car tires if they are inflated properly or not. Open your car hood and check out the horses. Make sure and observe properly that all the lights are working properly. It would seriously take a couple of minutes to check these things and you can also buy them online at tdotperformance.

  1. Get on a schedule
Your owner’s manual would already have a maintenance schedule on it and the added advantage of visiting the same mechanic on a regular basis is that they will make sure that you stick to the schedule. There are many things which are not included in it. The disadvantage of going to different places every time you want your car to get serviced is that they won’t have any idea about the last time you had something done. So you may end up paying for unnecessary repairs. There are many shops which have electronic records, so they will inform you when the last service was done.

  1. Drive Smarter
It is really very important to drive safely and smartly, because the way you drive will have an effect on how long your car as well as gas will last. If you will take off fast and then would immediately come to a stop, then it can be really very bad on a car and would also affect its engine, car brakes as well as other auto parts.

  1. Keep it clean
One should stress upon taking care of the car’s exterior. You must wash and wax it on a regular basis. At the same time you should not forget the car’s interior because it is often the most overlooked area. Spend some time cleaning it and make sure a habit to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. If there are any spills, then you must get them out immediately or else it would be really very difficult to remove them later on.

  1. Cover it
It would be really great if you will store your car in a garage or under a cover. Protect your car from sun and keep it away from bird droppings. You should even be more careful while parking your car.
First benefit of keeping your car clean is that it would make it last longer and you will feel really pleasant to drive. Then definitely you will take more care of it. So if you have a car that looks really good, then ultimately you will enjoy driving in it and you are much more prone to take care of it.

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