Here are some tips with which you can keep your ride rolling longer !!

How to make your car last longer?
Recently the gas prices are really very high and that’s why it costs a lot to travel from to point A to point B. You cannot control the costs of fuel, money on repairs and insurance rates, but one thing which you can control is to make your car last longer. It’s all up to you and you can choose if you want to spend money on a new car parts after every few years or do you want to keep your current car running efficiently and at the same time looking smart. So if you have chosen the latter route, then follow these tips mentioned below to keep your ride rolling.
  1. Breathe easier
Even the mechanically challenged drivers are aware as to how the car’s oil and oil filter should be changed, even if they don’t do it always. There are some other fluids and filters which should be maintained regularly.  The most common example of this is that if you will change your air filter, then your car would breathe easily and the car’s engine would last longer. If your air filter is clogged, then it means that your car engine is not performing properly.

  1. Keep it cool
It is really very important to keep your car cooling system cool and proper coolant level to ensure that your engine is working properly and then it would save you thousands of dollars in repairs. If there is any problem in the cooling system of your car, then your engine would literally melt down. You can have really big problems if your coolant system is not maintained properly.

  1. Pressure check
You will agree with this that the tires are the most neglected part of a car. Most of the people don’t pay attention to keep their tires inflated. This is not only bad for your car, but also a safety issue. All you have to do is to keep your tire up to proper pressure and it would cost almost nothing.

  1. Completely En-gauged
Your car gauges would inform you if there is any problem with your oil pressure, cooling system and even the tire pressure- if you are paying attention to them. But the sad truth is that majority of people don’t pay any attention.

  1. Get regular checkups
Search for a repair shop and a mechanic whom who can trust easily and allow that shop service to call you every time. If you get sick, do you always go to a different doctor?  The answer to this would be no because your doctor knows you from top to bottom. So same is the case with a car mechanic.

  1. Look closely
You should spend some more time inspecting your car. Whenever you are free, just take out five minutes and simply walk around your car and look at it closely. See the car tires if they are inflated properly or not. Open your car hood and check out the horses. Make sure and observe properly that all the lights are working properly. It would seriously take a couple of minutes to check these things and you can also buy them online at tdotperformance.

  1. Get on a schedule
Your owner’s manual would already have a maintenance schedule on it and the added advantage of visiting the same mechanic on a regular basis is that they will make sure that you stick to the schedule. There are many things which are not included in it. The disadvantage of going to different places every time you want your car to get serviced is that they won’t have any idea about the last time you had something done. So you may end up paying for unnecessary repairs. There are many shops which have electronic records, so they will inform you when the last service was done.

  1. Drive Smarter
It is really very important to drive safely and smartly, because the way you drive will have an effect on how long your car as well as gas will last. If you will take off fast and then would immediately come to a stop, then it can be really very bad on a car and would also affect its engine, car brakes as well as other auto parts.

  1. Keep it clean
One should stress upon taking care of the car’s exterior. You must wash and wax it on a regular basis. At the same time you should not forget the car’s interior because it is often the most overlooked area. Spend some time cleaning it and make sure a habit to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. If there are any spills, then you must get them out immediately or else it would be really very difficult to remove them later on.

  1. Cover it
It would be really great if you will store your car in a garage or under a cover. Protect your car from sun and keep it away from bird droppings. You should even be more careful while parking your car.
First benefit of keeping your car clean is that it would make it last longer and you will feel really pleasant to drive. Then definitely you will take more care of it. So if you have a car that looks really good, then ultimately you will enjoy driving in it and you are much more prone to take care of it.

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