Have you ever wondered why do we have GEARS in Cars??

Why do we have GEARS in Cars?
Have you ever gone up hills in your car? It would have been impossible for you unless you use the correct gear to increase your climbing force. Then once you are back on the straight road, then it is completely a different story. All you have to do is to flick to a different gear and then you would go incredibly fast. Your car wheels would magically turn much faster than before if you have changed the gear. Gears are really very helpful as they would generate more speed and power.
What do gears do and how do they do it?
The main purpose of using a gear is to transmit the power from one part of a machine to another. In a car, the gears help to transmit the power from the crankshaft to a driveshaft running under the car that ultimately powers the wheels.
You can have many gears connected together and they can vary in shapes and sizes. So whenever you will pass power from one gear wheel to another, you can do one of three things:-
  1. Increase Speed
If you try to connect any two gears together and the first one has more teeth than the second one, then the second one would have to turn much faster to keep up. This means that the second wheel would turn faster than the first one, but the force applied would be comparatively less.

  1. Increase force
So now if the second wheel in the pair has more teeth than the first one, which means that it is the larger wheel. It would turn slower than the first one, but with more force.

  1. Change Direction
If the two gears would mesh together, then the second gear would always turn in the opposite direction. So let’s say for an example that if the first one turns clockwise, then the second one would turn anticlockwise. One can always use special shaped gears to make the power of a machine turn through the angle. In cars, there is a cone shaped bevel gear which would help turn the driveshaft’s power and would turn back the wheels. You can look up at stores like auto parts way to buy wheels and other car body parts.
Now you should know a little bit more about gears. At first you should know about STARTING TORQUE. This word Torque is not very difficult word to understand.  The force with the help of which a body rotates is a torque. Let us try to understand this with the help of an example. Let us say that you open the door and push its handle. The door is actually rotated by the PUSH which is given and this push which you give to open the door is actually called a TORQUE. So now you must have understood this term. Whenever you go outside to ride a cycle, then you give a force on the pedals and that force is known as a TORQUE. So this means that whenever you have to rotate a wheel or any other rotating body, then you must apply maximum force to start it.
The next thing which you should know is a car engine. Your car can run at all the speeds. It has some minimum speed above which it would run smoothly and at there is also a maximum speed above which it won’t be able to rotate. The other thing which you should know is that when the engine is rotating at a very high speed, then at that point of time the torque is very less. This means that the engine can now rotate the wheels. On the other hand when the engine rotates as low speed, then the torque is comparatively more. This means that when then speed is slow, and then the engine can rotate the wheels easily.
If you will run the car’s engine at a very low speed, then it would just switch off. This is the reason why we use gears. It would help you to reduce the speed and the torque would then be maximum and the wheel would start rolling.
Now the wheel has started rotating and there is no need to give that much torque which you were giving earlier and can easily change over to the second gear. This would thus increase the speed of your car. Gradually the speed would further increase and then we can change over to the third gear. Now you don’t have to bother about the torque because the wheel has now started rolling and there is no much requirement of torque.
Gears would help you to reduce the power of the engine. You can always use a smaller engine as it would increase the efficiency of the engine and at the same time would use less fuel. If you wish to buy car engine and other auto body replacement parts, then have a look at https://partsavatar.ca/.

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