Setting off on a long trip? Learn what to pack in your car’s first aid kit !

Setting off on a long trip? Learn what to pack in your car’s first aid kit
One of the most important thing about which you don’t think until it is too late is your car emergency kit. At that point to time you wish that you wouldn’t have left the home without one. Vehicle breakdowns can happen anytime and anywhere.  These breakdowns won’t always strike in a busy road full of people, lights all around, or some warm spot which has perfect cell phone reception.
If you will carry a roadside emergency kit, then it would ease your pain and at the same time the hassles of such breakdowns would be reduced. Many of the people have a mindset that there car is in a perfect shape and is well maintained, that’s why they feel that no problems would arise.
Some of the incidents may occur in driveways and some can occurs when you are away from your home. If you are trapped in a remote area and the weather there is not good, then at that particular time your car emergency kit would be helpful. The basic reason why people should keep a car emergency kit with them is that it would help you to survive until the help arrives.
By preparing and assembling your own emergency kit, you can save a lot of time and money. You can always add up additional items accordingly.
Some essential items which should be a part of car emergency kit are as follows:-
  1. Charged cell phone
The first and the foremost thing which you should keep in mind is that your cell phone should be fully charged. If you have battery in your phone, then you can immediately call other people for help. On the other hand if your cell phone switches off due to low battery, it means that you will not be getting any help at all. So make sure it is properly charged every time you get into your car.

  1. First- aid kits
The first thing which would come in your mind when you will think of first aid kit is band aid. Other things like adhesive tape, aspirin, wipes should also be there. You must keep an antiseptic cream or ointment which can be easily applied if any sort of injury occurs.
  1. Fire Extinguisher
The fire extinguisher which would keep should be rated for class B and class C fires. First of all you should know what class B and class C involves. Class B fires are those which would involve flammable or combustible liquids like gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. Class C fires are those which have electrical equipments like switches, panel boxes and batteries.

  1. Tire Gauge
There should always be a tire gauge in the car emergency kit so that you can check the air pressure in your spare tire. You must make sure that your spare tire is inflated properly. A lot of people ignore this important thing until they have a flat tire and then they find that the spare tire is flat too.

You must carry a flashlight with you and some extra batteries as well. Make sure that your flashlight is waterproof. If you are trapped anywhere at night, then at that point of time your flashlight would be really very helpful. You can always look up at stores like Napa Canada.

Gloves would help you keep your hands neat and tidy and would prevent them from minor injuries. If you are somewhere alone and you need to repair your auto part, then you can wear gloves and then continue.

  1. Drinking water
Can you survive without water? Of course not! Always carry sufficient amount of drinking water with you wherever you are going. If you are trapped in a lonely place where you cannot find any tap, then it would be really very frustrating for you. So, why not carry your own clean water.

  1. Windshield ice scraper
Your car emergency kits should have tools like pliers and screwdrivers. In the earlier times, the cars were not complicated, but today’s cars are too complicated. Some tools like car jack come with the car and you must carry it along you. It would help you to change the tire of the car very easily.

  1. Blanket
If its night and the weather outside is cold, then you can always use a blanket if you are trapped inside the car. Always pack emergency blanket if you have enough room.

It is really very important to have a first aid kit in your car if you are setting off for a long trip. These are the basic emergency items which you should always carry. Injuries like cuts or burns and motion sickness can make your trip unpleasant, so pack your car’s first aid kit properly. If you wish to buy best auto parts for your car then visit our online auto parts store-

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