Want to drive a car? Follow these tips to drive perfectly!!

Want to drive a car? Follow these tips to drive perfectly
Most of the people think that it is really tough to drive a car, but it reality it is easier than it looks. The person who is sitting at the passenger seat is totally relaxed, while the one who is driving has all the pressure on his head. The person behind the wheel is always much more attentive than the one who is sitting beside.
When you are leaning how to drive a car, there are a lot of things which you should keep in your mind. The beginners are well as the expert drivers, all of them should be really very attentive when they are behind the steering wheel as accidents can happen anytime. There are some basic rules which you should keep in your mind while you are driving. It would be really very helpful for the people who are learning how to drive and at the same time it would be a reminder for the practiced drivers who have forgotten the basic ground rules of driving.
  1. Know your car
The first thing which you should do is to start getting comfortable with your car. It is important to know the theory of your car first and then start practically driving the car. Get to know the function of clutch and learn the gear arrangements. You should also be aware about the facts like one should never ever shift to a lower gear when your car is at a higher speed and if you want to put it into a reverse gear, then make it a point that your car should be stopped first and then switch to reverse.

  1. Correct sitting position
The next thing which you should lean is correct sitting position. Even the drivers who are experts and have been driving since many years, don’t position themselves correctly and this leads to lack of comfort while driving. This further leads to the increase in the probability of accidents. Make sure that you sit straight in the seat so that no back injuries occur.
Your seat should be in a perfect position so that you are able to see all around easily as well as comfortably. Your chair should be in a longitudinal position, so that your knees are not stretched too much. Sit upright and you must not stoop forward.

  1. Avoid distractions
Then the next thing which you should do is to be attentive while driving and adjust all your car mirrors, and don’t forget to wear your seat sbelt. Keep the rules of road in mind. Gone are the days when there were only few cars on the roads. Now the roads are full of traffic jams and that is the reason why you should keep your eyes focused for every single second. There are two most common and basic rules which a driver should abide. The first one is that you should not use your phone while driving and the other one is that you must not drink and drive. These are the rules which must be followed and then the new drivers should also avoid eating, turning up the music at very high volume and even indulging in deep conversations can be extremely dangerous.

  1. Adjust your seat in regards to the pedals
Your car seat should always be set in regards to the pedals. Try to push the brake fully with your right foot and then depress the clutch. It should be done very carefully and in such a way that your knees are bent at about 120 degrees. You can visit online stores like Napa Canada to buy car brakes.

  1. Steering wheel in position
There is no specific way of holding a steering wheel. It totally depends upon the person who is driving the car, so that he can have the maximum control over the wheel. So it is really very important to hold a steering wheel to have the best control over the car.

  1. Remember to use turn signals
You must understand the importance of turning signals. Don’t forget that you are not the only one who is driving on road; there are many other people as well. So it is really very important to alert the other drivers as well whenever you are about to turn. If you will use the turn signals properly, then it would prevent you from a lot of miss happenings.

  1. Don’t over speed
This is really very common temptation, the one who is behind the steering wheel, always tries to speed up. It is really very important that you understand your car first and get familiar with it before you start speeding.

  1. Maintain a considerable distance from other vehicles
All the latest cars today have a really very powerful braking system, but you should not totally depend upon it blindly. Maintain a decent distance from the vehicle which is in front of you. Many of the times accidents occur because of the mistakes of other people and you will have to suffer equally. So it is best to be a defensive driver than to be an aggressive one.

  1. Don’t over use the horn
Keep this thing is mind that horns are made to alert the driver which is around you and not made to take out your frustration. Many of the times people on the road can get irritated by the excessive usage of horns. This would lead to an unnecessary trouble on road.

  1. Keep calm
Don’t ever let your mood influence the way you drive. You must be calm enough while driving. There is no need to over speed when you are angry and at the same time driving extremely slowly can also be dangerous.
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