How to clean your car interior? Follow these tips and tricks

How to clean your car interior? Follow these tips and tricks
Here we will cover some of the best methods which would help you to keep your cars interior clean. You are aware that regular vacuuming and dusting is really important to keep your interior car parts look great. Just cleaning up the surface is not enough. You must detail the upholstery after every two to three years to maintain its new appearance.
Whenever you buy products like car’s fabric, carpet, leather or any other product which would help to keep your auto parts clean, then you must test for color fading by cleaning a small portion. If the product changes fabric’s texture or color, then you must not buy it.
Car Interior Detailing
Your car interior suffers a lot. Whenever you get in car, you obviously drag in more dirt. The more you eat and drink in car, the more would be the crumbs and spills. You drop your hair, dead skin and makeup while you are sitting in your car. Slowly and gradually this junk adds up.
It is not important to detail the inside of your car every time you wash it. But if you have been to the beach, somewhere out in the mud or if you have been tracking in the grass and leaves, then you must do vacuuming and a fast wipe-down after couple of weeks.
Do a weekly Car Interior Cleanup
Use a damp cloth to wipe down all the vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces. The cloth which you would be using should be a dust free cloth.  Gently pull out your floor mats and then you can shake or brush off the dirt from the mats. Pick up all the trash and then you can empty it in storage bins nearby. Use a damp towel to wipe down your door jambs and door sills. A lot of dust is accumulated on the interior glass, rear view mirror and other auto parts, which should be cleaned with a towel.
Monthly Car Interior Detailing
Quick wipe down is nice, but once in a month your car’s interior will need a little more than that. When one month has passed, then your interior glass with have some film build up and the carpet would need to be vacuumed. Some other auto body parts will need to have their protection renewed.
Quarterly Interior Detailing
The steps which are mentioned above should all must be followed. Make it a point to clean and protect all the leather. Protect all rubber door and the hood seals. If you want to buy car doors and other body parts, then you can visit Napa Canada.
Proper Interior Detailing
There are a number of materials which are used in the automotive interior. That’s why it is not easy to do it in a straightforward manner. There are some specific materials and areas of interior detailing. Read them and try to apply them to your automobile.
Car Vacuuming done the Right Way
You are all aware about car vacuuming. For this you will need a good vacuum, a few attachments and few minutes to get in there and then your job would be successfully completed. The two most important accessories which you would need are the crevice attachment and dust brush attachment. The crevice attachment should be of plastic and not metal. If it is in poor condition, then it can scratch or can even damage the leather. Use a crevice tool to reach in between the seats, nooks and around seat beads. Vigorous movement on the carpet would help you to bring up sand and grit.
Some steps for proper vacuuming
  • The first thing which you should do is to pull out the floor mats to start vacuuming. Many of the times dirt is collected on the mats and that’s why one should shake out the dust.

  • Then after that work upon the rear upholstery and carpet. Push all the front seats all the way forward. To vacuum of in between the seats and carpeted area, you must use a crevice tool.
  • The rear carpet should then be vacuumed. Use crevice tool so that you can vacuum around the seats and the front seats. For the door panels, you can use a round dust brush.
Cleaning up the car’s interior should not be a hard work if it is done on a regular basis as mentioned above. Always maintain your car properly because it can prevent problems like staining and smelling. There is no specific time or day for cleaning up your car; you can clean it as often as necessary. If there is any spill, then it should be dealt immediately. You can clean your car surfaces and vacuum it once in a week and this would reduce your work. It’s totally up to you as to when you want to clean it.
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