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Are you listening to the strange noises coming from your car? Check in here what they exactly mean and maintain your car by buying car parts at PartsAvatar auto body parts.

We visually inspect our car for any trouble. We can feel any abnormal activity or vibrations produced by our car. What about car noises? Can you decode them?
If you don’t know or never bothered to know about these sounds of your car, then spare sometime today on this article. This is necessary because you never know, when your car is warning you through these sounds!!

It’s very important to maintain auto body parts and when you need them for your car, don’t waste your time by going to a shop in person. Why? Because now a days, online auto parts stores are quite reliable. But for maintenance of auto parts, it’s very important to decipher the problems that your car is telling you through weird sounds.

Low pitched hum
Do you hear low humming sound on curves? The noise appears to become louder when taking turn but on other turn the sound disappears? Check car wheel bearings because you might need to replace them.

Sometimes, humming noise could be associated with worn tires. To determine the exact problem, while driving at constant speed, try moving the wheels back and forth. If the noise disappears on changing lanes or comes back when moving straight, then it is definite that your car demands wheel bearing up gradation.

Don’t confuse it with hissing of snake! Before the virtual snake freaks out, let’s discuss hissing sound of car in detail. Leaks also produce hissing sound especially when found near the cooling system or your car.

Leaks are not good for any machinery so is for the vehicle. The gravely impact the fuel economy and often result in engine overheating problems. Visit any trusted mechanic and get the leaks fixed in order to gain your car’s old performance.

When you accelerate on highways, do you hear something like droning? The more you increase the speed, the louder it becomes. But what is the reason behind this?
It sounds like tires are the culprit here. Car tires when over inflated drone for sure. Even the tread pattern impacts the performance of your car.

If your car tire’s tread is wearing, then you are likely to hear droning sound. In order to save tires from premature wear and tear, firstly it is important to buy good quality tires and secondly proper maintenance is required in gain optimum performance out of them.

High pitched squeals are heard? By time serpentine belts grow old and need replacement. In order for your car’s water pump, alternator, power steering pump and even car air conditioning to perform at their best, the serpentine belts have a pivotal role in that.

Extensive heat can damage serpentine belts. When do you listen squealing sound generally? When the air condition of your car has been activated and by any chance if the serpentine belts need to be tightened then you will probably hear squealing sound.
Some mechanics or professionals also suggest that squealing sound may be produced when brake pads go bad. So make sure you inspect first before making presumptions.

While driving over the potholes, do you feel clunking noise? The disconnected suspension component or damaged one might trigger the clunking noise. Car suspension components like control arm bushings, ball joint or stabilizer link pins can create such noise if they are malfunctioning and need immediate replacement.

Not only they disturb you with this weird noise but they also hamper the drivability of your car.

So, for safe and sound ride, upgrade car suspension parts.

While reducing speed or moving at slow speeds, does it sound like clicking? The component called CV Joint might be malfunctioning.

CV joints are needed to transfer torque from the transmission to the drive wheels at constant speed while accommodating up and down motion of the suspension. So they basically provide torque to front wheels while taking turns. So when they go bad, you will definitely hear clicking sound.
In Rear drive vehicles, the universal joints’ malfunctioning could result in similar noise.

Isn’t it annoying to hear something rattling? Rattling often signals toward the car exhaust system components. The tailpipe or exhaust pipe could be corroded or not in place, or damaged muffler too could cause such noise. They are easy to replace and quite affordable.

But if are unlucky enough to come across catalytic converter replacement, then get ready to shed huge cash because catalytic converters are one of the most expensive components of your car.


Is your engine making knocking or clattering noise with increased RPM? Such issue needs a qualified mechanic for remedy because it might be related to either car engine or it could be rather the power train.

Is the whining noise coming from the front of the engine? The power steering pump is making the noise so make sure you get it checked by a professional mechanic.
Steering wheel often get locked to such extent that it strains the power steering pump and holding in such position for a long time could lead to ultimate damage. So, make sure you don’t hang on to it if same situation happens.

These are the most common wierd noises that your car might produce while driving indicating to take it to mechanic ASAP.

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Is your car’s A/C giving you trouble?? You must maintain your car’s cooling depot and visit PartsAvatar Replacement car parts store for more help!!

Though it’s early but it’s good to be prepared with your car parts beforehand. Though winters are extremely chilly but summers too can kill our energy and those who travel a day due to work or other fields, they need cars in good condition especially their air-conditioning systems.

For the better performance of your car, it becomes necessary to buy and replace car parts that are worn. Now a day’s it’s easier to visit online auto replacement parts store than going to a shop in person. PartsAvatar Canada offers great deal of auto parts and accessories that are manufactured by renowned auto product companies. So, you can shop with confidence in here!

The car air conditioning systems’ mechanism might not be that complex as it seems to be. The refrigerant, when inside, absorbs the heat and is compressed in compressor after which it enters the condensers where the condensation process takes place and the cold refrigerant then enters evaporator coils.

The blower then blows the cold air through the coil which is what you are getting on turning on car air conditioner.
Now let’s take a deep look at car air conditioning problems and maintenance.  We must be able to identify car problems than solving them in person. Let’s take a look.

Bad Car A/C?
How would you know that your car’s air conditioning system needs to be examined? Is your car’s a/c not blowing cold air anymore?

We often put the whole blame of a damage on the auto product related but sometimes we need to thoroughly check what is wrong exactly.
Automotive Cabin air filter that is clogged or dirty might be the one that is obstructing the cool air to flow through the vents. Check it out! If it looks smelly or dirty, replace it immediately.

There is no space for weak air flows in our cars, especially when we need it ASAP. Weak air flow not only causes discomfort but is also dangerous for car’s air conditioning system.

The sluggish performance could be due to corroded fan relay. Clean it and see if there is any improvement in air flow. Fan relay often need cleaning because they could get dirtied because of being exposed to outside particles.

There might be certain problems associated with weak air flow like loose blower hose and debris or dirt in evaporator core. All these problems need to be fixed if you don’t want the whole air conditioning system to get disturbed.

Is the A/C not as cool as it was last summer? The hoses might demand cleaning. Of course expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose may get dirtied or clogged up, so get it cleaned.

Failed condenser, evaporator or blower motor also doesn’t let the air conditioning system to perform that efficiently as they did before. So all in all, cooling problem of a/c could be associated with any component of cars’ cooling system. In such case, do keep a track of what you are getting out of those vents.

This is because, some cant even properly say that whether the cooling is ok or it has been decreased because in our fast moving life we don’t have that much time to feel or see each and everything. So, go to your mechanic and let him figure out and check the whole system.

Sometimes vents blow cool air initially but they start to blow warm air after a while. Why? Moisture can damage everything and can contaminate the air conditioner in such a way that it wont work at its best. The refrigerant is important to car’s air conditioning as oil is important to car engine.

If the passage through which refrigerant flows i.e. expansion valve is blocked, you will definitely be getting warm air. If the clutch is not working in sync with your car’s compressor then it wont be able to maintain proper pressure which will result in warm air.

Leaks are worst enemies of your car. Leaks would definitely destroy the a/c system when they let the moisture to get mixed with refrigerant.
Air conditioning system needs a little bit of your time when they are idle and not in use especially in season like winter. Germs often accumulate in the system in such seasons and of course this results in pungent smells. So, when its time to use your car a/c you can’t just drive off without checking whether everything is all right.

Activate car’s a/c and see if you smell something bad or pungent and change your destination towards the mechanic for further treatment.


Due to aging or extreme usage, the rubber seals or hoses break down thus creating leaks. These leaks make way for the Freon to escape out and the moisture to come in and mix with refrigerants to corrode whole system.

So make sure to replace hoses, seals and other vital components that make way for the leaks to be formed, timely. In this way, you can save your car’s air conditioning depot.

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Are you suffering from dust, pollens and exhaust fumes from your car? It’s time to buy K&N Air Filters and get rid of impure air for your comfort ability inside and better performance of car engine.

Are you bound to travel in degraded air quality of your car? You might not notice but your car is also suffering with you. Is your car’s mileage decreasing rapidly or are you noticing bad engine performance prominently?

You may need to replace car air filters and visit an online car parts store might be a convenient option for you. You can rely on K&N auto parts as they are one of the leading manufacturers of washable performance air filters, filtration systems and air intake systems in over 30 countries.

We need to replace air filters at least once a year for better engine performance. Lets get started!

Car Air Filters

Car air filters are one of the vital components of our cars. Why? We need fresh air to breathe, and we get diagnosed with numerous diseases because of any pollutant present in the air. So in other words, polluted air disturbs our working.

In the same way, impure air also impacts the working of car mechanism and highly affects the car engine performance because air is needed to burn fuel in the combustion chamber which is needed to be in pure form.

Air filter not only impacts engine but also cause harm to vehicle’s emission system. So, all in all you will be in huge loss because the labour and repair cost of engine and exhaust components will sky rocket as compared to simple air filter replacement.

The air filter screens the damaging particles, dust, dirt or debris entering in the car through filter in the form of air. Dust or any foreign particle like pollen, debris etc. is strictly prohibited because it will cause huge loss to engine compartment and other associated auto parts.

As the engine draws so much air for its functioning from outside, so it becomes necessary for the air to be in pure form. So the first line of defence that is fighting the impurities present in the air is the air filter. Every single molecule entering the engine, have to must go through the filter for special checking in our words.

Also, air is also required to flow freely in the engine compartment. Whose job is it? Well, the air filter is such a gem as it not only ensures pure air but also allows the incoming air to flow freely. Air is needed to flow freely because any hindrance could hamper engine performance and efficiency.

Air filters are cost effective, so you can easily replace them anytime. At least this cheap replacement can save you from trashing away thousands of your dollars on other damages.
Even replacing an air filter yourself is not a big deal. If you cant find its location, don’t worry. What are owner’s manual for? Check out them, and follow their detailed instructions. These are often located atop the engine inside the hood.

Now that you have read enough about importance of car air filters, let’s check out how would you know if something’s’ wrong with air filter.

When to Replace Air Filters?
Degrading Gas mileage is the very first indicator that something is wrong with your car’s air filter. Dirty filter lets the impure air or restricted amount of air molecules to enter the engine compartment. So, it also impacts the exact proportion of air and fuel to be mixed in the engine in order to burn the fuel. Thus, more fuel is burned and mileage decreases rapidly.

Significant reduction in acceleration and power are evident when the air filters clog up. So, the better way to make things better is to replace them immediately.

The engine misfiring can also be initiated by dirty air filter because dirty air causes overly rich air fuel mixture which can disturb the spark plugs and thus ultimately leading to engine misfiring. You need a new air filter when your car runs rich with these symptoms.
So, due to one dirty air filter, couple of expensive components are getting damaged.

Clogged air filter will not only damage spark plug but it will also initiate rough idling type condition. You could feel your vehicle slipping or vibrating at that moment.

You can visually analyse whether your car’s air filter is dirty or not. If it is dirty, it will be covered with debris and dirt. This dirt wont let your car to properly accelerate at times.

So, we have seen that one dirty or clogged air filter can impact the performance of various vital components or auto parts resulting in expensive repairs.
Gasoline needs air to burn properly. You can smell unburned fuel when the enough oxygen is not supplied to the fuel injection system. Similarly unburned fuel can start exiting the exhaust pipes in the form of black smoke which is also damaging situation.

You are wise enough to know what you’ve got to do now. If you need your car to replace air filter then just go for it. Visit any online auto parts store and order air filter as per your manufacturer’s recommendation or as stated in your car’s manual.

As it costs nothing to look and check yourself, so you can inspect the clogged air filter visually and can make necessary amendments. Its not a bad idea to check air filters every 10000 km.
If you know these symptoms, then waste no time in replacing the air filter.

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Buy Anco Wiper Blades here at PartsAvatar and Check out how to choose the right one for your windshield!

Don’t know how to choose right car windshield wiper blades? Check out this guide and rely on Anco Wiper Blades for best performance in extreme weathers.

It is really dangerous and uncomfortable to drive with worn or cracked wiper blades especially in rains or snowy weather. But what to choose is the first question. Well, you can visit online auto parts store where you will find hundreds and thousands of products been arranged for you.

Now all you need to know is your car’s model and design or your wiper blades’ make and model. Anco auto parts have been one of the leading auto parts manufacturers especially in the field of wiper blades and windshield. You can rely on Anco for sure.

Wiper Blades
To ensure a clear view in front of you especially in downpours or rainy season, you need wiper blades that won’t leave any smear or streak while cleaning the windshield. In other words a best quality and durable wiper blades’ job is to provide crystal clear view in front of you.

Wiper blades often get affected due to extreme heat or cold. The cracks might develop on blades or worn blades would leave streaks on the windshield. On the worst note, they could also damage your windshield.

Hardened or broken rubber causes streaks when the blade is being activated. Oil or debris might also accumulate on the blade surface which leaves its trace on the windshield. Look for scruffy edges or blemishes on the rubber.

Here in this guide we will discuss how to get better quality and durable wiper blades for your vehicle. If you are living in extreme weather, then you must replace your car’s wiper blades timely.

But before buying one, make sure you know your wiper blades’ make, model and year number. You can fill these information on any auto parts online store and definitely you will get the right product.
There are several blades available in the market.

Winter wiper blades
You will definitely want to have durable, sturdy wiper blades to tackle extreme winter or snow. Winter wiper blades have the ability to clear heavy residue or snow from the windshield.

These are made of more flexible and durable material in order to get the best in such extreme temperature. Of course you will have to invest more than normal blades.

Beam Wiper Blades
The beam blades’ structure is in such a way that the blades are of rubber and spring steel but they do not have any external frame that puts intermittent pressure to remove debris or dirt from windshield.

Beam wipers work best in winters and its lightweight design also don’t leave any trace of streaks on windshield. So, people living in winters can also consider beam blades if they want something convenient.

Conventional or standard wiper blades
Conventional wiper blades are made of rubber inside a metal frame. These wipers are most cost effective and usually used by everyone.
They are best to remove dirt, water from the windshield. They are not that aerodynamic as the other wiper blades are so they don’t apply much pressure to the windshield as a result.

Hybrid wiper blades are also available in the market which is actually fusion of beam blades and conventional blades.
The good thing is, almost every kind of wiper blade is available on Parts Avatar’s online portal. So, all you have to do is to browse it.

What to Buy

Windshield wipers come with different sizes, material etc. So, the vital thing that we often forget to match is the car’s connecter. Check the style of your car’s connectors because this is where you will be fitting the wiper blade.

You must consider something that is durable and withstands the harshness and wreath of extreme temperatures. Broken blades often leave scratches on the windshield. They get broken due to sunlight, debris or moisture or even excessive working can lead to premature wear and tear.

If you live in area where rain is prominent, you can consider silicon blades or rubber-silicon waterproof blades that shed water more efficiently without leaving traces of it or scratching the windshield.
Always buy wiper of right size. You can either measure the size of your old wiper blade or you can consider going through car’s manual for exact measurements. But make sure you buy the exact length wiper blade for your car’s windshield.

Maintaining Wiper Blades
To extend the life of wiper blades it is pivotal to clean them every day. This is because the dirt or dust not only damages the efficiency of wiper blades but it also damages the windshield.

Always avoid building up of ice on to the wiper blades especially in snow or freezing rain because it will not only damage wiper blades but will also damage the motor that operates wiper blades. These are the seasons where you need wiper blades the most and if the motor burns, you won’t be able to activate the wiper blades and your view would be obstructed.

Lastly, it is suggested to replace wiper blades every 6 months depending upon the condition of your wiper blades and the temperature you live in. The more you use them, the more they will get worn.

If you hear screeching sound, scratches on your windshield or broken or incomplete cleaning of windshield, then waste no time in replacing them with a new one.

Make sure to get something that exactly fits your car. If you cant figure out anything, read car’s manual and follow its choice.

So, make sure to have a clear view for your and other motorists’ safety on the road in especially in extreme weather conditions.

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Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. A very Happy Valentine's Day to all the love birds from Parts Avatar !!

Valentine’s Day
On every 14th of February, all the people around the world exchange gifts, flowers, and candies between their loved ones, in the name of St. Valentine. Now you must be thinking that who is this mysterious saint and from where all these traditions come from? Here is the history of thus centuries old holiday.
The Legend of St. Valentine
The history of Valentine’s Day and the story of its patron are shrouded in mystery. The month of February is celebrated as the month of romance. St. Valentine’s Day contains the vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. Now the question which might be arising in your mind is who was Saint Valentine and how is he associated with all this?
There were three different saints who were recognized by the Catholic Church named Valentine or Valentinus. All of them were brutally martyred. It is believed that Valentine was a priest who was served during the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II believed that single men are better soldiers than those who are married and have families. That’s why he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine realized the injustice of Claudius and he continued to perform the marriages for young lovers in secret.
When Claudius found about these secret activities performed by Valentine, then it was ordered to put him to death. According to one legend, it is believed that Valentine was imprisoned and from there he sent his first “valentine” greeting to the girl whom he loved truly. The girl for whom he fell was his jailor’s daughter. Before his death, he wrote a beautiful letter for her and signed it as “From your Valentine”. This expression is still used by everyone on Valentine’s Day. All of his stories emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and most important of all is his romantic figure.
Origins of Valentine’s Day
Some of the people think that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or his burial. On the other hand some believe that Christians might have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in middle of February.
Modern Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day gained popularity in England in the 1700’s. People began to send cards and flowers to their loved ones and this tradition is still continued today. It was Hallmark who printed the first Valentine’s Day card commercially in the year 1913. Today every year more than a billion of Valentine’s Day cards are sold. It is the second busiest greeting card period of the year, in the line behind Christmas.
At present more than 36 million hearts shaped boxes of chocolates and more than 50 million roses are sold every year on Valentine’s Day.
Fun Valentine’s Facts
  • You should not sign a Valentine’s Card as it is considered bad luck. It is believed that it should be given anonymously.
  • In the middle ages, the young men and women used to draw the names of their Valentines. They used to pin the name to their sleeve. It was done to inspire the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”
  • It is great to know that around 3% of the pet owners give a Valentine’s Day gift to their pets.
  • February 14th is also Single Awareness Day.
  • More than 50 percent of Valentine’s Day cards are purchased in six days before the holiday by the customers.
  • 73% flowers are purchased by men on Valentine’s Day and only 27% by the women.

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Loss of power. Difficulty starting the car! Buy Denso Spark Plugs at PartsAvatar Online Car Parts.

Is your car experiencing loss of power, poor fuel economy and your cars’ engine does not start?? Buy Denso Spark Plugs today and regain your car’s performance.

We often get late when our car does not start or undergoes slow acceleration. But what was the last time you checked your car? Did you just skip a regular car maintenance schedule?

We often take our beloved car maintenances for granted but replacement of auto parts is pivotal to a car’s performance. So, if you have been saving money to buy something new, better use them to treat your car or by replacing car body parts that are wearing out.

But there might be several causes behind loss of power or other above stated problems. One of those might be broken or bad spark plugs. We just forget to replace them because they don’t need replacement actually too often.

But when they do, they mean it! If you want replace car ignition parts, you can rely on Denso car parts as they are known for the trust they have built through their marvellous product range.

Many of you might be wondering, why spark plugs? Why are they so important and pivotal to car’s ignition system? Well, you should scroll down to know more! Don’t forget to visit our online portal where you will find numerous auto parts. Just select your car’s make and model or part number and here we go! Happy Shopping!

Spark Plugs

As we all know that the air fuel mixture is burnt inside the combustion chamber of the car engine in order to move the car. But what is used to ignite this mixture? These are the spark plugs whose job is to ignite the air fuel mixture in the internal combustion engine. Every vehicle has its specific spark plug made of different material.

So, when you buy spark plug, you cant just choose any one from the product catalogue. For the best you will have to choose the part according to your car’s make or model or it would be better if you have product number available with you.

Spark plugs in good condition burn fuel efficiently but if they are worn you will feel difficulty in starting your vehicle or at worst your engine won’t turn on at all.

But how does it work to create ignition? There is a small gap through which spark of electricity is emitted which in turn triggers the ignition for the further combustion process. So, now you know how important they are for our vehicles. Without properly working spark plug your car won’t move at all, fuel economy will decrease rapidly and misfiring could be experienced.

As spark plugs are made of the metal or materials to withstand extreme heat and pressure, so its likely they undergo wear and tear issues. But this too depends upon their material’s durability. So, make sure you buy something durable than cheap material.

You might need to replace spark plugs after 30000 miles that too can’t be necessary unless you get into some problem related to spark plugs. Want to know what will happen if spark plugs go bad?

Symptoms of bad spark plugs
By time, the foreign particles or deposits start to accumulate on the spark plug which interferes in the ignition process and ultimately leads jerks.

The gap should not widen between spark plugs as if it does, then the combustion process won’t be that effective.
With the reduced effectiveness of spark plugs the acceleration of vehicle also slows down. Why does the effectiveness reduce? Of course because the spark plug is demanding replacement. With its age, the spark plug’s tendency to ignite the air fuel mixture inside the chamber also degrades due to reasons stated above. So, get the replaced before your car becomes a statue in your garage!

Due to too wide electrode gap or too close gap, the adequate spark is not produced to ignite the air fuel mixture. Thus, the fuel economy of your car plunges as an effect.

If the engine is misfiring, you might need to check your car’s spark plugs. This is because either the spark plug wire or the tip might be damaged that is initiating the engine misfiring. Though there are various other reasons associated with engine misfiring.

So, you need to contact a professional mechanic to know the exact cause and do the appropriate replacements and repairs to the damaged car parts.
The most prominent and first sign that recognizes spark plug damage is your car wont start when you will try to turn on the engine. This is definitely because they spark plugs have either worked past their age or they have been worn because of either deposits or high pressure and heat.

So, all these symptoms indicate how useful and pivotal spark plugs are in a car’s working and locomotion. Whenever you get any problem regarding starting up of your vehicle, don’t waste any time in contacting your trusted mechanic.

Replacing Spark Plugs
Though spark plugs are not one of those auto parts that require frequent replacement but that doesn’t mean that you are dumping your money.

If your car was taking too long to start before, it won’t after you have replaced old spark plugs. A lot of performance issues of car’s engine eliminate after replacing damaged spark plugs.

If the spark plugs are successfully burning the air fuel mixture, it definitely boosts your car’s fuel economy. Old sparks plug were resulting in jerky starts. But after replacing them with new spark plugs, you won’t experience that lethargic car anymore.

So, all in all it’s a good investment. Last but not the least, you also contribute to protecting the environment by reducing amount of emissions because the great the ignition is, the adequate the fuel will burn. So, every auto part has contribution in emission control no matter how much they contribute, they are pivotal.

Bottom-line? Find a good mechanic first to do right diagnosis for you! Always try to recognise the symptoms so that it does not spread its impact to other parts because the more its impact is, the more would be the cost of repair.

So, check when was the last time you repaired or checked your car’s spark plugs. If you are experiencing above stated symptoms, you know fair enough!

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