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Are you preparing for winter tour? Don’t forget to get scheduled maintenance before heading on!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar online car Muffler.

In the chilling Winter of Canada, if you want to unleash the inner explorer in you, then don’t hold yourself back because PartsAvatar Replacement Car Parts is here for you! We present the essential maintenance that you MUST do so that your car rolls smoothly throughout the harsh winter!

Check out these tips and don’t postpone your plans!

Battery Shouldn’t Die!
You shouldn’t be unlucky enough to tackle such situation where you are cursing your dead car battery and calling for help on a lonely road!

Replace car batteries if they demand to because a dead battery is just end for your vehicle. You can also keep jump starting cables to restart the dead battery but won’t it be better to have it in good working condition in first place.

Battery cables should be rust free. When we use headlights, fog lights or heaters in winters, batteries are made to work extensively. So it is obvious that they would go bad or require adequate charge level. So, take your car battery to a trusted mechanic, and make suitable amendments as suggested!

Check your Tires
We all know that there are different options available for car tires in the market. We often get confused when we have to choose one. This is because we have to make choice between all season tires or winter tires. So, which one is the best?

If you live in extreme winter condition especially if you face harsh weather of Canada, then don’t give a second thought while buying winter tires. This is because winter tires have best snow handling capabilities, maintain grip on ice and the narrow tread pattern is meant to disperse the water off the tires for better winter performance.

All season tires are meant for moderate climates. So they give up their snow and ice tackling capabilities in order to run whole year. So, you know what to choose!

Wiper Blades need Attention
Whole year our car tackles different kind of temperatures. It encounters ice, snow, rain and hot climate. So, with usage, the wiper blades often go bad and need replacement.

In case you are living or visiting a snowy region, then make sure it is first in your To Do list. It will not only obstruct you from having a clear vision of road but will also damage the windshield which will further add more expensive replacements.

While checking wiper blades, don’t forget to check the windshield water reservoir. Make sure the defroster of your car is working fine because otherwise you will have trouble looking on the road.

Top Up the Fluids
Thinking of going without appropriate amount of antifreeze in your car? You might end up getting stranded absolutely.
Fluids like car washer fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant and antifreezes are quite pivotal for a car’s performance regardless of the weather you are driving in.

Top up your car with appropriate 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water for better engine performance. It is very important for the mixture to include level of water otherwise things could take drastic turn in winters.

Lubrication is also one of the important factor in optimized performance of your car especially engine. We often forget to get our car’s oil changed or do lots of delays in getting the oil change done.

Lubrication is very important especially when your car’s engine compartment is working like crazy. Engine goes through hell load in extreme weather conditions so it is very important to keep it lubricated. Delays in proper oil change or lubrication ultimately lead to premature wear and tear of engine auto parts. Don’t forget that engine of your car is one of the expensive auto replacement parts!

Check your Car Lights
We often ignore car lights. But if you are driving in snowy or foggy region, you will have to use headlights or fog lights even in the day time.

In some regions of Canada it is strictly advised as per traffic laws to operate specified car lights during certain time in winter to avoid road accidents. So make sure to check the working of your car lights. If found broken, don’t forget to replace them immediately as they won’t cost you a fortune!

Leaks are car’s enemy
As per the heading, leaks are in fact car’s worst enemies. This is because, you will only know about their existence once they have done damage to your car. So, its better to look for leaks under the hood of your car.

Leaks or cracks could easily accumulate in certain cooling system regions. So, while refilling the fluid, make sure to check for leaks.
Noises, just like leaks are actually warning sounds that we have to decipher. If you hear any weird noise coming from certain car region like from engine compartment, then don’t waste any time in getting your car checked by a professional mechanic.

We have a lot of responsibility while we own a car. It’s not all about driving or having fun, but this fun could only be achieved if we take good care of our car.

Car Servicing is Very Important
Has your car missed a service that was recently scheduled? Car servicing is very important because we come across a lot of car problems just with servicing.

Moreover, car servicing helps in maintaining proper fluid level, oil lubrication, identifying proper tire pressure, leak treatment, loose hoses or belt’s treatment etc.

To summarise, the regular maintenance is very important. If and only if you want to reduce car breakdown, you must follow these tips. These tips would make your car drive in winters pleasant.
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