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Tire Rotation
Looking after your tires
The front and the back tires of your car perform different jobs and that is the reason why both of them wear at different rates. To ensure maximum tire life and to get rid of irregular wear patterns, it is really important to have regular tire rotation done.
Earlier tire rotation was very straightforward. There were just two possible options- front to back or diagonally side to side. You must read the proper recommendations suggested in your vehicle’s manual or you can also take an advice from an experienced tire dealer. But if you don’t have all this information, then the information mentioned here would really assist you.
How frequently should tyres be rotated?
As per many manufactures, tyre rotation is recommended at least every 10,000km or more frequently if a lot of wear patterns are noticed. If a lot of wear patterns are recorded, then you must pay attention to wheel alignment, correct tyre pressure and should also revise your driving style. It can be very hard on front tires for the high powered front wheel drive. It could be necessary to rotate tires even more frequently to maximize their life.
Uni-directional and asymmetrical tires
The tires which are primarily designed to turn only in one direction are known as uni-directional tires.
  • There is an arrow marked at their sidewalls, which indicates the correct rotational direction.
  • They must be correctly oriented.
  • You cannot rotate them side to side because this would alter their direction of rotation.
The standard tires have a same pattern, while asymmetrical tires pattern differ from side to side.
  • Its advantage is that different parts of it are designed in such a manner that they perform different tasks. Let us understand this with the help of an example. One part can be utilized for wet conditions, while another provides good concerning behavior.
  • This type of tires should be fitted to the wheels in such a way that they produce the intended benefits. They will have sidewall markings.
  • Generally front to rear rotation is recommended by most of the manufactures and they are against rotating asymmetrical tires side to side.

Different diameter or width tires
There are a lot of vehicles which have different front and rear tires. They differ in diameter as well as in width. This means that it is only possible to rotate them side to side on the same axle, provided that they are not uni-directional or asymmetrical tires.
Adding the spare wheel into the mix
It is a good practice to include this car part in the rotation sequence if it is same as the road wheels. The advantage of this is that it spreads the wear over five tires rather than four. The spare tire is also used up or else it would have been deteriorated over with the passage of time.
Temporary use or space saver spare
The temporary use or the space saver spare wheels only have a limited use. You cannot include it in the rotation sequence. This is a suggested rotation pattern if your vehicle doesn’t have uni-directional, asymmetrical or different size tires to rear.
Some other maintenance requirements through which maximum tire life would be achieved are as follows:-
  • The car tires are regularly rotated
  • Properly inflated tires
  • The wheel alignment and balance are checked and corrected if necessary.

You should check the alignment annually or if any abnormal wear patterns appear. Make it a point to get your car tire pressures checked every week. It would be a wise idea to get your tire balancing done at regular intervals as it is inexpensive.

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How to take care of your Tools
You will have to invest a lot of money to buy good tools, but if you make sure to take proper care of them, they will return the favour. By keeping your tools and equipments stored, cleaned and properly maintained will save you a lot of time as well as money.
In this article, we are going to talk about the hand tools, power tools as well as garden tools. Don’t worry as much of the same advice would apply on kitchen knives, crafting tools or some other tools. Just store them properly, keep them clean and well maintained and then later on you won’t feel sorry.

Store all your tools properly
You will have to cooperate with the space which you have. You can hang them on the walls, store them in the boxes, bags or can even place them in the drawers or on the shelves of your shop. Do whatever works best for you.
Pegboards work really well when you want to store your tools. The benefit is that you will be able to see all the tools at a glance and all the wall space would be fully utilized. If you don’t have enough wall space, then don’t worry as you can also build a rolling pegboard, or even a portable pegboard storage system.
Toolboxes are also very useful for storing tools. They offer us the advantage of portability. Most of the people love to store all their valuable tools in toolboxes as it is an easy way to carry the most used tools while the bulk on the shelves or the drawers. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you can always build up a well equipped toolbox for every level of DIY needs.
When we are talking about tools, the most common enemy is rust. If you want to avoid rust while storing your tools, then follow the points mentioned below:-
  1. Place your tools in a dry place.
Humidity issues can arise if you will place your tools in the garages, basements or some other enclosed spaces if they are not properly air conditioned. If you no other option than to place them on the pegboards or the shelves, then just think of buying a dehumidifier as it would keep the dampness down. When you are investing so much on tools, and then spend a little amount on dehumidifier as well because it would protect your tools and is not much expensive. You will be able to set the humidity level and it would turn on only when it needs to.

  1. Hang your tools.
You can always hang your tools inside the garage so that they don’t have to rest on the floor. The reason behind it is that moisture can easily creep up from the concrete floors.

  1. Store power tools in the original cases.
If your workshop is not climate-controlled, then make it a point to store the power tools in the hard plastic cases in which they usually come with. It’s not that it protects your tools from humidity, but it also provides an overall protection.

  1. Use silica gel packs or rust collector.
You can use gel packs that would help in keeping the moisture away. All you have to do is to toss them in the drawers or the toolboxes and then they would keep the rust away. For more protection, you can always buy anti-rust liners or rust inhibitors.
Clean your tools after every usage
After a long hectic day of work, cleaning up all your tools would be the last thing which you want to do. But it is really very essential to keep all your tools in a good shape. If would just take a few seconds per tool unless you have a nasty tool in your hand. Don’t you think so that it is better to spend some time on cleaning up the tools, rather than spending your precious time as well as money on repairing or getting it replaced with a brand new one?

Now once you are done cleaning up your tools, then don’t forget that your toolboxes as well as the bags in which you have stored your tools need some care too. Empty all your toolboxes and wipe them out properly every once in a while.

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How to find the Best Creeper for you?
Most of the people buy things without thinking twice and then later they end up driving themselves nuts because of their wrong decision. If you are thinking of purchasing a mechanics creeper, then you are at the correct place as now you will be saved from getting frustrated.
The most important thing which your mechanic creeper should do is to allow you to get under your vehicle comfortably. While reading, it would appear as a simple task, but in the real world it would break down quickly. Here are some things which you should keep in mind:
Does it actually roll?
Now you must be thinking that it is a wrong question as it is designed around a set of wheels, but in reality a wrong creeper would not perform well. Generally there are three types of wheels with which creepers are made up of. The creepers of the old times were made up of steel. The steel disks are bolted onto the frame of the creeper with a small axle. No doubt that they are very durable, but they get struck in very small crack or if there is any pebble in the way. Now the recent creepers are made up of small urethane wheels with ball bearings. These are as durable as steel and are a lot more functional. But there are a little issues when it comes in contact with rough surfaces and large pebbles. The one which is on the top is the 4-5” large wheels.  The best part is that they easily roll over any obstructions that your garage is likely to have.
Will it break?
The creepers which are of low quality use pressed cardboard backing. You can check its reality by leaving it out in the rain and it would toast. A little bit of quality is improved when it gets into plywood backings. No doubt it is much more solid than cardboard, but it is easy to break with an accidental knee to an unsupported area. Hard plastic or plywood would hold up for a longer period of time.
Is it going to get Janky?
Yes sure! Janky is subjective. This thing is for sure that a creeper is going to take some wear as it rolls around on the ground. Most of the people adore the look of the antique wood creepers but of course there is some reason why they are not being used today. The reason behind this is that the wood absorbs oils, stains and even faces the occasional burn.
Is it going to eat my shirt?
You must be thinking that what kind of funny question it is. There are some creepers that would literally eat up your shirts. Your shirt would touch the wheel when you will lay down on the creeper. Slowly and gradually as you will slide under the vehicle, then the wheel would wrap your shirt around, binding it tightly. You will have cut shirts out of the creeper wheel. The result would be that you will have to walk around all day with a hole in your shirt. The creepers which have enclosed wheel would protect you from this pain.
A lot of creepers have bells and whistles. They have features like adjustable headrests, wheel locks and tool holders.
Comfort plays an important role when you are selecting a creeper. Yes people generally don’t want to get cozy with their creepers, but this does not mean that they want to be in pain either. That’s why the old wooden creepers are not given much preference. Today we have a lot many options depending upon the level of comfort we want. When we are talking about comfort, then you can go with hard plastic shell with no padding at all. On the other hand, you can choose a foam padded creeper that is covered with a vinyl sheet. Hard plastics are generally more durable, while creepers which are covered with form would get damaged more easily.

Creepers are really very versatile and help you to slide in and out under the car. They make it possible for you to slide right back under the frame. A perfect creeper should be sturdy and wide enough, so that it can accommodate a person’s body weight easily. They are available in variety of shapes, styles and colours. There are some creepers which have adjustable, padded or unpadded backs. You will be able to maintain your auto parts easily while using a creeper.
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Choosing a Car Battery
Your car battery is present under the car hood. All the electricity which you use for locking your car doors, sliding the windows up and down, car lights come from your car battery. Your car would be totally dead if your battery dies. You have to dispose off your old battery very carefully.
You must dispose the old car battery very carefully:
  1. You can always deposit your old car battery in the recycling stations.
  2. Visit automotive supply stores as they would pay you cash or can also offer you discounts in exchange to your old car battery.
There are some important factors which are responsible in choosing the correct car battery. They are as follows:-
  1. Size
  2. Brand
  3. Reserve Capacity
  4. Age
  5. Cold-cranking amps
When we are talking about the size, it means that we are referring to the height, width and even the length of your car battery. It comes in different groups and sizes so that the car’s battery tray is fitted. It is really very important that your car battery fits in fully and snugly. To know your car specific battery group size, all you have to do is to refer to the manufacture’s manual. You can always refer to the retailers to find out the appropriate battery size for your car. The basic reason behind this is that if you will purchase a wrong sized battery, then it would just be a waste of money and would only damage your car.
A trademark which is given to a particular product is known as brand. Sometimes the manufactures keep the brand name same as theirs. The brand of your battery would be specified in your owner’s manual and you should go with it without giving a second thought. At times the customers feel that the specified brand is too expensive and they want to do some cost cutting, then you can follow the specification requirement which is also mentioned in the owner’s manual. Do not get temped when you find a cheap battery as it can also turn into the most expensive one. The batteries which are cheap are loaded with defects and can thus be poor performers. Then you will have to get the cheap battery changed and it would ultimately suck up the money which you have saved earlier.
Reserve Capacity
RC or the reserve capacity rating is the battery’s standing power. It is the amount of minutes the car battery can run non- stop supplying the minimum voltage needed to run a car. If you have an excellent reserve capacity rating, then your car can run smoothly even when your alternator stops working. This rating is mentioned in minutes. This RC rating is not usually printed on the label. You can always visit a store and ask their assistant to help you out find the true RC rating of a specific battery. The longer the operating time of your RC, the better it is. This great quality of the battery would save you from getting stranded. Think of it as your car’s emergency kit. If you are stuck around somewhere, even then you can still run around safely without any major problem.
Please note this thing that you cannot just simply pick any battery which you find has the longest reserve capacity. Every car has a particular RC rating, so you must read your owner’s manual before buying one. The best thing would be to choose the exact RC rating that your vehicle can handle.
You will get an idea as to how long your car battery would be able to perform by knowing its age. Your car battery would be considered fresh if it is less than 6 months old. You can find it out by looking at its manufacturing date. The date code would be present on the battery label. The battery information would include letters as well as digits.
Cold - Cranking Amps
The role of the Cold cranking amps or CCA is to measure the battery’s ability to start the car even when the weather outside is extremely cold. During the winter season, your car would not ignite properly as the car engine oil would become thick and many chemical reactions would take place, which would slow down the car. if you drive your vehicle a lot during the cold climate, then it would be nice if you choose a battery with high number of CCA. This would assure you that your car would start obediently even on snowy mornings. If you are living in a warm climate, then there is no need to bother much about CCA.
A few more tips on Car Batteries
  • Warranty - You can claim some discounts if your car battery is covered by your vehicle warranty. You should also check properly that everything is in order before buying it. Otherwise, the discount which you got earlier is of no use.
  • Never ever install the batteries which are used as this could be very dangerous.
  • One should get its car battery changed after every 3 years.
  • If your car battery is of the unsealed type, then you must add water to avoid drying up. Open up the cap by twisting it and then add distilled water to it. It would increase the life of your battery.
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Here are some tips with which you will be able to park your car efficiently.!!

How to Park a Car Tips
Here are some tips which you can refer to while parking your car. These tips would surely make your task much easier than ever before. Have a look at them.
  1. SPEED
Always try to keep your car at a slow speed. Just imagine that you are walking slowly. This should be your ideal speed while parking your car. If you will keep the speed of your car slow, then you will be more accurate with your reference points and would be able to look around more often.

While parking the car, the need of reversing arises. It becomes very difficult to see while reversing.  Keep on looking around 360 degrees. This is because you never know when small kids come out of nowhere.

If you see any vehicle approaching near to you, then don’t take any risk. Just stop for a while and let it pass. By doing this you will get an idea on what they are planning to do. If you feel that they are going to wait and would allow you to continue, then you should proceed without any hesitation. And if it appears that they want to get round, then the best thing is to let them get out the way before continuing.

This task of parking can be very stressful if you are not very confident in your ability and the major problem arises when the other vehicles are waiting. Just try to find calm and a quiet place where there are not much vehicles so that you can practice well. This would boost up your confidence.

Most of the people are not aware of this fact that it is legal to remove your car seat belt while reversing the car. Wearing a seat belt while reversing the car can be really very irritating as it would restrict you from looking around efficiently.

You must get additional mirrors fitted to your side mirrors as they are not much expensive. It would enhance your safety and would help you to see the areas that your standard side mirrors cannot see. Now you won’t struggle with parking, be it a parallel parking or bay parking. These mirrors would help you to understand the distance of obstacles such as curbs and bay lines.

While you are reversing the car, it can be a little difficult to know when to stop reversing. You will be able to see the cars headlights in the rear view mirror. So now when you are able to see them while reversing, you will not hit the car behind. As the cars headlights just disappear from your rear view mirror, you will still have a good metre or so distance from them. This is just a basic and rough estimate and yes it does not go for large or the taller vehicles that you are reversing towards.
The process of parking is really very painful. Even if you have just parked a car once, then you can totally feel the pain as well as irritation involved. There are three specific aspects which you should know to understand the importance of car parking.
Why is Car Parking Important to the Single Driver?
The most valuable asset which every individual has in his or her life is time and car parking literally steals it. Few researches have been made, which tell the estimated time a person takes to park his or her car. It totally depends upon the place where you are. The people of France spend around 10 to 12 minutes searching for a parking space. The average time people spend in UK is 7 minutes. The wasted time in London is 20 minutes. On an average if we take around 10 minutes by putting this in perspective, then if a driver parks his or her car around 5 times in a month then it means he is wasting 600 minutes in a year. It means that around 10 hours are wasted every year looking for a car parking space.
Why Car Parking is is important to the Communities?
Around 30% of the traffic in the cities is due to cars looking for perfect parking spaces. More the traffic more will be the pollution in the atmosphere. If you will just circle around while searching for the parking spot, then your car would release more amount of CO2. The environment would have been much cleaner if you got your spot instantly without wasting any time.
Why Car Parking is important to Parking Owners?
Parking a car is highly inefficient and the people who own the parking spaces have a negative impact of it. Just imagine that you are the owner of a parking space. How long are you using it during the day? Or the year? What would you do with it when you are not using it? When you go to work then your car parking spaces is fully available and then just think about the people who are spending around 20 minutes every time they want to park their car. Feel lucky if you own a car parking.
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