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5 Tips for Starting an Old Engine
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If you have ever had an old car which was sitting around in your garage for a while, then you will be aware that it is really very difficult to get it started. Running it in normal condition is not at all easy. The engines were made to run and to be run regularly. If you will let them sit idle, then later on you will have to face a lot of problems.
Compare an old engine with your body. The less exercise you will do, your body would get more used to not working out and thus it would be harder for you to start working out. Your body can also face an injury because the muscles are not used to that level of physical activity. Your car works exactly in this manner. When the parts of the engine which are moving, they sit for too long and they are not used or no lubrication is done, then they would ultimately get struck and would resist movement.

There are many more things that would go bad other than the mechanical parts if your car sits around. Antifreeze, oils and petrol won’t hold up well sitting in an engine for longer period of time. The fluids would break down, seals would start leaking and various parts of the engine would corrode. Fluids like the fuel, oil pumps, hoses and filters can all be moved by the delivery systems and would cause problems while starting an old engine. If your automobile has been sitting around unused, then all of the fluids once helped the vehicle to run, would now work hard against to prevent it from starting.
It would be difficult to start on old engine, but not impossible. Every auto part is different, but there are some techniques with the help of which you can get an old engine back in the running condition once again. Just keep this thing in mind that you will have to use more than one technique to get it started.
5. Lubricate the Engine
If your engine is really old and is being left unused for a long period of time, then its internal components would start working less. You can compare it with Newton’s First Law which states that an object at rest would remain at rest. It means that your car engine requires some coaxing.
Since your car engine was not provided any oil, it needs proper lubrication. You should use oil to lubricate the cylinders, pistons and rings. This can be done by taking out the spark plugs and pouring out some oil directly into the cylinders.
4. Replace the Fluids and Filters
One another way to start up the old engine is to make sure that the fuel, oil and the engine coolant are flowing properly. We have already talked about the importance of lubricating the engine before you turn it over, but one another factor which causes the old engines not to start is old gas. Gas is a highly refined product which would vaporize and combust easily. When the chemicals in the gas would mix up with oxygen, then that process would be known as oxidation.
You will require an external source to pump the fresh gas into the system so that you can start an engine. Remove the old gas completely from the tank before you try to start the engine.
3. Inspect the Electrical System
The newer your car more would be the electrical components which you will find under the hood, but even the old engines can have electrical problems. If you find that all the auto components are working properly and still you are not able to start your old engine, then you may have an electrical problem.
The easiest problem which you can diagnose and fix is the car battery. When a battery is not being used, then the chemical reaction in the battery would break down and it would lose its energy. You can also add a little bit of water to check if you can generate the charge. After checking the car battery, you should also inspect the ignition coil as well as the coil wire.
2. Check for Vacuum Leaks
A vacuum is created by your engine when the intake valve is partially closed in the intake manifold. The vacuum is then used to help power other components on the car. If a lot of vacuum hoses have leaks, or if you have a one big leak, it may protect your old engine from starting. Sometimes vacuum leaks can cause engine sensors to report incorrect readings.
1. Check the Timing
Timing belt is the part of the engine that would keep the camshaft, crankshaft and pistons in sync. If the timing belt breaks, it would restrict the engine from starting up. Most of the timing belts last about 60,000 miles.
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