For a smooth ride it is very important to choose right set of tires.

Clueless about car’s tires? Learn important things while choosing set of tires for your auto mobile.

Tires are the most overlooked part of a vehicle. They make the main contact between the road and the vehicle. During summers and winters many people face problems especially regarding tires because of lack of proper knowledge about them. An inadequate set of tires cause issues like frequent wearing of tires, flat tires due to inadequate pressure in them and steering problems.

This article will help you know the conditions and essentials for choosing the right set of tires. A good set of tires will improve handling, steering and suspension of car, acceleration and braking system auto parts of a car.

While choosing right set of tires, one must keep the following elements in consideration:

Tubeless tires should be preferred over tube type. They are safer than the tuber ones and are more advanced. Allow wheels are not needed if you are using tubeless tires.

Size is most important factor of a tire. Tire sizes are represented in a standard format.
Three deciding factors of choosing right size are:

You have to choose the tire size designed for exactly the size of the rim you plan to mount the tire on. Larger rims will reduce the sidewall height and minimize sidewall flex.

0 mm-20 mm increase in width is considered generally. Tire compound plays a large role in its gripping. If you increase the tire width then make sure that they do not touch wheel wells of the car on turning the steering wheel all the way.
Use calculator to judge basic changes in size. Generally 3-4 % change is acceptable.

The tread of a tire refers to the rubber on its circumference that makes contact with the road or the ground. The pattern of grooves into the rubber are called tread pattern. The tread pattern has a major effect on wet weather performance of a tire. Tread pattern also calculates the road noise generated by the tire due to trapping and expulsion of air from channels. Re treaded tires should be avoided. They are highly dangerous. Following are some common tread pattern used:
Conventional treads are most commonly used treads. These are neither unidirectional nor asymmetric. These can be run either in direction or mounted on the rim.                     

These are basically designed for rotation in a specified direction. The marking on the sidewalls of the tires states the direction of rotation with arrow. Their usual pattern is either in ‘A’ or ‘V’. These are beneficial for water channeling and tire noise controlling.

These tires have outside sidewall and inside sidewall. There will always be a notation stating the side to be faced by road. Outside shoulder of tire tread can be designed with different pattern and compound to aid high speed cornering.  

It features V shaped pattern of directional tread and dry weather traction of asymmetrical tread. Tires with this pattern should be treated as directional tires for tire rotation.

The tread wear grading indicates the tire’s relative wear rate as tested against an industry standard which is 100. Higher the tread wear number, longer it is for the tread to wear down. Consumers are advised to choose tire brand with high tread wear rating. It should be kept in mind that driving conditions and environment may affect actual tire wear.

This specifies the tire’s ability to stop on wet pavement as tested under controlled conditions and test surfaces. The traction rating from highest to lowest is as “AA”,”A”,”B” and “C” based on braking tests. Tire with high traction rate is advised to be chosen. Note that traction rating does not include cornering or turning performance of a tire.

It points out a tire’s ability to withstand heat. Temperature grading from highest to lowest is as “A”, “B”, and “C”. If the tire is unable to endure the detrimental effects of heat, its ability to run at high speed decreases. Blowouts and tread separations may occur while going on a long distance drive in high temperature. Purchasing tire of high temperature grade would be a nice decision.

Rubber compound is the most decisive factor in determining tire’s traction and tread wear characteristics.  The quality of rubber is proportional to amount of traction you get and speed rating of the tire, and inversely proportional to tread life off tire.  So, the higher the speed rating of tire, better the grip of the tire. Compound also determines the behavior of the tire, for example, while approaching traction, some tires screech and wail but some let out the faintest chirp.

Overall quality of the tire can be determined by keeping in mind the following.

A good manufacture should possess modern facilities, better quality standards and newer equipment at their manufacturing units. Doing research and reading reviews on the manufacturer may help in getting an idea about how reliable the manufacturing company is.

The fine print shall be read.

Every tire is stamped with a four digit DOT code on its sidewalls. The fresher the tire, the better it is. Try to buy a tire not older than 6 months.

Each manufacturer has a different technology they add to their tire mechanism. We must go for something revolutionary rather going for its unique name.

If you are looking for long lasting set of tires, then above mentioned factors would be helpful. For aftermarket products do not forget to visit which offers best deal in auto parts across Canada.

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