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 The auto steering allows you to point the car to where you want to go and suspension helps to get there without feeling any bump in the road. The main function of steering and suspension system is to allow wheels to move of the car independently. The steering andsuspension system of car closely controls the vehicle alignment.

Worn or loose components may result in loss of directional stability and accelerated tire wear. The main steering components are:

The steering gear converts the rotation from steering wheel into the right or left motion that steers the front wheel. There are two types of steering gear as: rack and pinion and recirculating ball. The rack and pinion gears are popular in small vehicles while recirculating balls are more popular in large vehicles. The rack and pinion gear has long bar with gear teeth while the recirculating ball has a round gear in it.

When the suspension moves up and down, lowerand upper ball joints of car and tie rods help the steering gear to move. This allows the suspension to move up and down and keep the tire flat to the ground. Tie rods connect the steering gears to drive wheel. Linkage is used as connecting bar to hold and tie rods together and connect them to steering gear.

Car's power steering uses hydraulic or electric power to assist in the turning of the wheels. Hydraulic systems are run by pump that is hooked to a belt that runs off the front of the engine.


The spindles hold the wheel and brakes in place and rotate on top and bottom mounts to turn the drive wheel. Spindle is for rear wheel drive car and the shaft in the middle is connected to bearing that allow the wheels to move freely. A front wheel drive spindle will have a hole through the drive spindle feeds and rotates the wheel.

Control arms enable the spindles or axle to rotate and give the surface to the road. To move the vehicle as needed mostly car's control arm with ball joint is needed. Depending on the suspension designs, there may be one or two control arms per wheel.

Springs help in smoothing the ride by enabling the wheels to move with road. They also help in turning. Springs absorb the impact from the road but they aren’t very good with dissipating energy. Springs may be coiled or arc shaped.

Shocks and struts dissipate energy. They convert the moving spring energy into heat and dissipate it. For dissipation they use gases, oil or valves. When the spring wants to return to its original position, it slows the process down. This reduces the bouncing effect of the springs.
Dampers work like mini shocks. They take out the vibrations of the moving parts of the car and dissipate the energy to smooth out the ride. Sway bars of car which are also called anti roll bars or stabilizer bars are used to stiffen the suspension when the car wants to roll. This enables car manufacturers to run softer springs and improve ride quality.


1.  If your car is pulling to one side then the front steering may need to be aligned. This may be because of damaged steering wheel components and blockage of power steering.

2. If there is leak in hydraulic system and broken belt in power steering pump then it would become difficult for the car to turn.

3. The worn out steering components like tie rods or internal gears may cause the steering system to hang up in certain places.

4.  If you hear whining sound by power steering then this may be due to air bubbles in the lines, power steering pump may be failing or bearing on the pulley may be failing.

1.  Anything that moves in the front end may wear out and cause vibrations. The ball joints cannot stand against the pressure exerted by the tires so the front begins to vibrate.

2.  Lack of enough greasing to the joints may cause squeaks and noises. Springs and shocks also contribute to noises.

3. If the car hits a large bump and the suspension bottoms out, the suspension may be wearing out.

If you suspect you have a problem with your suspension system then you can check for damage to specific parts.

 Suspensions are generally symmetrical side to side, so check the components against the other for damage.

Due to over greasing tie rod may get torn. It will fail soon if its grease gets pushed out whenever you break the seal. The cover may get torn apart whenever you break the seal. So check all the tie rods if they rotting.

Check all the rubber components for dry rot, splits or cracks.

Check the power steering connections for leaks and the grease fittings for grease coming out of the fittings.

 Pointing your toe towards each other is toe in and vice versa is toe out. On rear wheel drive cars, pointing the front wheel towards each other help keep the car stable. Front wheel drive cars are usually toe out because front wheels are pulling the car rather than pushing. The handle turns better and driving turns straighter if you give tires a slight in or out position.

Check your fluid level and fluid condition on regular basis. Fluid level should always be checked when the engine is running. If the fluid is black colored it means rubber from the seals and hoses is seeping into the system which could cause pump failure. In this case have a professional check it out. You need to fill required amount of fluid in the pump as overfill may cause hydraulic fluid to expand when heated.

Ball joints, tie rods and other metal parts need to be lubricated or they will grind against each other and fail. These have special grease fittings called zerk fittings that allow you to pump grease into the joints. Too much grease could break the rubber cover so be careful while filling it.

Monitoring your car when driving is the best way to examine shocks and struts. If the nose of your car dips towards the road under hard braking then there is some problem with shocks.
If the car is leaning towards the side when taking a turn, then the shocks are worn. If regular road grime is mixed with the oil from the shock, then you need to repair the shocks immediately. Inspect the exposed pistons for the signs of rust or scratches. If the shock is not working properly then it may cause tire to bounce up and down. If you keep in mind these points regarding shock damage then you may save your shocks from getting more damaged.
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