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Muffler or silencer is basically designed to reduce the noise coming from exhaust system of your automobile. These are generally installed within the exhaust system of your vehicle. The muffler is designed to reduce the loudness of the sound created by the engine.
It uses acoustic quieting technique to quiet the sound. That means the muffler dampens the vibrations to prevent them from reaching the passengers.


There are different types of high performance muffler as:
1. Turbo muffler
2. Bullet muffler
3. Cherry bomb muffler
4. Full case muffler
5. Perforated bullet mufflers
6. Chambered bullet mufflers

Exhaust systems of different types are:
1. Vector muffler
2. Spiral baffle muffler
3. Aero turbine muffler
4. Single exhaust
5. Dual exhaust


When the vehicle is louder than usual while running that means the muffler is undergoing some problems. It should be taken to mechanic right away, before further damage could be done to other parts. Here are some useful things to know if you find your vehicle may need muffler or exhaust pipe repair.

Car's Catalytic converter is very expensive part of exhaust system. It is widely used in SUV’s and trucks. Muffler damage if ignored, can damage catalytic converter as well, and you may have to spend a lot of dollars in its repairing.
Its being costly is also a reason of being prone to theft. If you notice loud sounds and strange performance of your car upon startup, then it may not be good news for you.
If the catalytic converter is failing in its performance, it may sound as if someone is shaking a box of pebbles while your car is in rest or stopped in traffic. It is advised to make your muffler and catalytic converter checked immediately.


While driving your car, if you notice strange vibrations and loss of power then get the exhaust system checked by the mechanic. This unusual vibration could be felt while touching the steering and foot pedals. A rock hitting underneath your vehicle could cause crack in the muffler which will result in loose parts of the exhaust system.

You may hear rumbling sound depending on the amount of damage done. The holes and exhaust leak could degrade engine’s performance. It may be needed to replace the exhaust pipe or muffler in this situation.


Rusting could also damage a muffler. Mufflers do rust by the passage of time. The water collected in the exhaust system causes rusting of muffler. This water condenses because it does not get enough heat to burn off. Some natural factors like Snow, rain and salt can also cause rusting of muffler.


If you fill your gas tank more often than normal then get your car’s exhaust system checked. Leaks in exhaust cause the engine to work harder thus increasing the fuel usage. It is a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle.
When your engine works harder it requires more fuel.
If you are looking for an aftermarket car muffler or need a replacement then Parts avatar has a lot of options for you.


Getting your muffler changed can run into quite an expense. With a few tools and right replacement parts you can save a lot of money. You will need ratchet wrench, socket, hacksaw or reciprocating saw, hammer and assorted wrench to change the muffler. You need to investigate whether you will need to cut the old muffler free or if it set up with a bolt off and replace model.


1. The first thing you need to do is to find a flat surface to park the vehicle. Put the transmission in park and apply emergency brakes. Jack up the front end of your car and put a jack stand on each side to rest it securely. Dirt, grass, gravel are not acceptable surfaces.

2. Disconnect the battery before starting the process. Disconnecting the battery will ensure that vehicle cannot be started in this process.

3. Secure a badly welded muffler with muffler clamps. Spray rust penetrators like WD-40 on bolts. This is done because mufflers are exposed to road, heat and water and have good deal of rust on its surface.

4. Loosen the nuts on the car exhaust clamps with the help of socket or hand wrench. If you want to reuse the muffler clamp then spray it with good amount of rust penetrators.   
5. After removing exhaust clamp, respray the area of muffler pipe with rust penetrator and let it rest for few minutes. Pull the muffler towards the back of the car and slip the pipes apart.


1. Take the hacksaw or reciprocating saw or exhaust cutter and cut the exhaust pipe of car directly in front and behind the muffler. Wrap the cutter around the pipe and move the handle back and forth until the pipe is cut. Be careful not to saw through any of the lines underside of the vehicle. Those may be lines connecting to your fuels and brakes.

2. Now you want a fresh connection for new mufflers. Take a pair of pliers and put a few splits in the end of the metal on exhaust pipe at the back end where the muffler will rest. Place the new muffler into available hangers.     


1. Spread a fair amount of muffler sealant on both front and back exhaust pipes. Put the clamps on the pipes and shove them out of your way temporarily.   

2.  Slide the muffler over exhaust piping. Push the ends of muffler into each end of exhaust pipes and put the clamps in place. Make sure there are centered over where the muffler pipe and exhaust pipes meet. Use the socket to tighten them.

3. Raise the vehicle with the jack and remove the jack stands. Un-chock the wheels and take it for a test drive. Make sure there are no leaks in the exhaust pipe and loud noises. An exhaust leak would likely be visible if there is any.
Therefore in this way you have manually replaced your muffler in easy manner. You can explore more after market mufflers or related accessories on

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