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You can ignore some issues, but car's brakes are not one of them. Learn to diagnose faulty brake system.

car Brakes are very important part of an automotive system but still people take it for granted. But not to forget, it may take your life if you keep it away from maintenance. This article prioritizes in giving information about brake and bearing repair and to spot trouble before it occurs.  Braking system is quite complex. It needs proper maintenance over the lifetime of your car. Brake system should be kept in good condition because it is very important for your safety.

Bearing hold important place in breaking system. loose bearing will cause the wheel to run in negative camber. Uneven wear of brake lining would not prevent your car from stopping. brake boosters, drum brakes, disc brakes, brake pedal, car brake shoes and anti lock braking system of car make a braking system.
its best to check each part of your brake system for wear and proper performance. you should have enough knowledge so that do not have to pay much expense for the repair to the mechanic.

There are several braking issues that can indicate your brakes need repair. Some of the symptoms are:

1. Strange noises and vibrations during braking.

2.  Brake pedal presses farther than usual.

3. When you apply brakes, vehicle pulls to other directions.

4. Squeaking, grinding or increased stopping distance.

5. When applying brakes, warped rotor will give pulsing feeling.


Check your brakes every 10000 to 20000 miles. If it is taking longer, your vehicle pulls to one side and brakes squeal when you try to stop, check them immediately. Next, we would discuss the checking and repairing of parts of brake system.


When you step on the pedal and press it down, you can easily feel and evaluate the sensation you feel.                                                                                                                                                             Start the engine.  Apply steady pressure to the brake pedal. If you feel spongy, then you may be having air in your car’s brake lines. When you apply pressure on the pedal, if it seems to be sinking slowly to the floor, your master cylinder may be defective this time. You need more brake fluid if pumping the pedal makes the car stop when the pedal is higher up.    

If the inner surfaces of your tire are wet, it could be a leak in the brake lines. Put the vehicle up on a hydraulic hoist, raise it over your head, walk under it and examine the lines.  Feel the rubber parts for the signs that rubber is becoming sticky, soft or worn. If brake lines look bad, have a professional take a look at them.


car's Brake drum may contain dust in it. Brake drums are classified as hubbed or floating. You can see grooves on inner walls from wear. If the grooves look deep, have them checked by professional. For even braking performance, brake drums must be replaced with the drums of same size.


Most vehicles have four wheel auto disc brake. You should check disc brakes and disc brake linings every 10000 miles.  If the lining is down to the thickness of the steel braking plate, the pads should be replaced. If your disc is badly worn, then let the professional decide whether to replace or reground it. If the brake pads inside the disc look much thinner then have them replaced.


car Wheel bearings usually come in pairs of outer and inner wheel bearing. They allow the wheels to turn thousands of miles by cushioning the contact between wheel and the spindle. It is important to check the bearings when you check the drum brakes to make sure that the grease hasn’t become fouled. If the bearings look cruddy, repack them. You must replace the bearings if the grease has sparkling silver particles on it. If you can almost slip rollers out of their place then replace the bearing. If your vehicle is quite old and you hear grinding noise from vicinity of your rear wheels, then get the bearings checked and replaced.


Brake fluid should be restored to its proper level. Always use top quality brake fluid from a good manufacturer. Brake fluid has an affinity for moisture and air. Adding fluid contaminated with water vapor to your brake system can rust the system. It may cause the brakes to work either poorly or not at all. Keep the fluid away from painted surfaces. Use plastic turkey baster to remove old dirty fluid.


If the warning light installed in the anti lock brake system, still goes on while you are on the road then your vehicle seems to be using only normal braking system. Get the ABS repaired as soon as you can. if you hear some clicking and feel some pulsing when pressing the pedal, get it checked.
These techniques not only help your brakes live longer but you too. If you keep in mind even the basic knowledge about braking system you could save a lot of money by getting your vehicle checked before things go out of your hands.
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