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Save your atmosphere from pollution of car’s harmful gases and Go Green with your Car.

The emergence of cars is both wonder as well as threat to existence on earth. There is hardly a day when you find a road, vehicle free. We must be saving a lot of time with the help of cars but at same time we are creating problems for our environment too. In big cities, air is way too polluted that sometimes it is hard enough to breathe. For instance in Beijing due to high traffic, sometimes smog covers the whole city and even people are advised to avoid getting out of their places. We can contribute to save our environment in many ways without going for a smart car option. In this article some tips will be shared to go green with your car and make your driving life greener.


There is variety of electric vehicles in the market. Some solely depend on electric charge given to battery. There are a lot of benefits with EV. There is no need for oil changes, fuel system service, muffler replacement, ignition system maintenance. If you are hoping to choose an EV then Chevrolet, Toyota and Nissan are producing high quality EVs in the market.   
 Plugin Hybrid vehicle uses both electric and gas/diesel. These cars use a rechargeable battery pack that runs the car up to 35 miles before the gasoline engine takes charge. In some cars, gasoline not only runs the engine but at the same time charging the battery. A plug in hybrid is only limited by its range of Gas tank. The Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Volt are good examples of plug ins today along with Nissan Leaf as a whole electric running vehicle. 


Periodically checking engine performance, changing oil regularly, replacing air filters, checking gas caps and keeping tires inflated help reduce pollution, fuel consumption ,emissions and burn less gas. Regular auto maintenance may be a bit of bother but will definitely pay off in long run. Keeping proper level routine maintenance not only saves your bucks at garage but also saves money for gasoline. 


Driving techniques contribute a lot in fuel economy of your car. A rash driving not only kills your MPG or fuel efficiency but may also get you in danger. Drive wise, void sudden starts and stops and go within the speed limits. You can also reduce your driving distance by running errands in one ride or meeting at mid distance. These techniques are called” hypermiling”. Proper driving practices can improve the eco friendliness of your car. Let’s have a look at some smart driving practices.

1. Speeding is not only dangerous but also increases carbon footprint of your car. Slowing down the speed by 10 mph increase fuel efficiency and decrease carbon dioxide output.  Ensure you drive within speed limits all the time.

2.  Keeping your car in idle state even for a minute can produce toxic emissions. For example in traffics, it is advisable to turn off the engine rather letting it stay idle.

3.  Accelerating more and then slamming the brakes to halt the car not only damages the engine but also causes brakes to wear quickly. It is advisable to anticipate the traffic pattern and to decelerate to a stop gradually.

4. You can use your car’s ECO features to optimize transmission shift points and decrease AC’s impact on the engine.


Use windows than car's air conditioning system to keep your car cool. You can also use solar fan or electric fan as substitute. Alternatively, you can switch on the AC for short period and keep the fan on for air circulation.  Air conditioning system is powered by gas, so it may affect fuel efficiency considerably thus affecting the environment adversely. Moreover it is wise to park your car in a shaded area to keep your car cool.

Car running on CNG reduces tailpipe emissions hence increasing the efficiency of the vehicle. CNG vehicles use standard piston engine. Latest generation diesel vehicles produce fewer tailpipe emissions and significantly reduce carbon dioxide output. Automobile giants are also working on making gasoline run engines more environmental friendly. For example ford’s EcoBoost engines use turbo charging technology. It uses more fuel efficient engines to provide good level of acceleration and efficiency.


Recycle motor oil, fluids, batteries and other components when they are no longer in use. Take extra care while recycling to help protect the environment. You can give your vehicle a new life by rebuilding the engine. This will save your money and time for repair and make it more fuel efficient.


Added weight and air resistance causes more fuel to burn. Keeping the luggage on the roof could make your car less aerodynamic. So it is crucial to keep the load in the trunk. It is advisable to keep the load in the back and remove it as soon as the journey is complete to increase fuel efficiency.


Less air pressure than specified, in your car’s tires may increase rolling resistance. Therefore the work of the engine increases as the tire goes flat. Before driving always check your tire’s pressure. Adequately inflated tires ensure road as well as environment safety.


Emission system should be checked periodically in order to ensure that the car is not polluting. A bad exhaust system often emits harmful gases as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Exhaust system components like vacuums, oxygen sensors and hoses should be properly examined so as to reduce the emission of harmful gases in the air.


Though it is easy to say but very hard to do, but we can reduce need of the car by walking, biking, public transport, car sharing and teleconferencing. For short distances take public transit, bikes or even use electric scooters.

These practices will not only increase your car’s eco friendliness but also improve fuel efficiency. These few steps can make a bigger impact on environment. Your little efforts will contribute vastly to this global cause. 

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