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Brakes are very important when it comes to car’s safety. A lot of mishaps happen on road due to brake failure. Some parts of braking system wear out regularly. Sooner or later, you will have to decide what level of repair does your car need especially Brake pads of car and automotive brake Shoes. Basically the function of the brake pads is to convert the kinetic energy of the moving car into thermal energy by friction. When the brakes are applied, the automotive brake caliper clamps the two brake pads together into the rotor to stop or slow down the speed.

Due to this friction and thermal energy, brake pads are highly susceptible to wear and tear. Luckily there are incredible amount of choices available at Partsavatar when it comes to Braking system auto parts especially Brake pads and brake shoes. So it would be easy to find brake pads according to your car’s design and pattern.

First in this article we would read about different types of brake pads available in the market.


Opposite of Asbestos pads NAO brake pads as they are generally known, use combination of fibers and materials such as Kevlar, Fibers, glass, rubber and carbon. They are less abrasive on brake discs and most aftermarket Brake rotors of car or brake discs are compatible with them. Materials used are quite affordable so automobile industries often produce cars with NAO brake pads.

NAO brake pads made with Aramid fibers and Kevlar provide high friction level and ability to handle high temperature to sports or race Brake pads. So NAO with aramid fiber of Kevlar would be a right choice if you are looking for sports brake pads that would last long and can handle heat and grips well.

NAO brake pad’s one disadvantage is that they wear out and loss their coefficient of friction quickly. Simple NAO brake pads are suitable for everyday vehicles but not performance driving. These produce a fair amount of dust.


These are composed of porcelain and clay bonded to copper flakes and filaments. These brake pads were introduced as replacement for metallic and semi metallic brake pads. They are exceptionally quite as the material used elevates the sound coming from brakes.  These have longer life span and are also easier on rotors. They produce very light dust that does not stick to wheels. They are quite expensive and sometimes increase brake system temperature as they do not dissipate heat well. This can cause the pads and other components to warp. These pads offer quite drive, clean wheels and long pad life due to its hard composition. Ceramic and semi metallic car brake padscan be compared on the basis of their benefits. Ceramic brake pads have lower coefficient of friction than the other two brake pads.


These are long lasting brake pads and harder than non metallic pads. Its mixture is made of metal flakes of copper, iron or steel with fillers. They have higher thermal threshold and aid in efficient brake cooling. The car's front semi metallic pads and rear semi metallic pads provide fade resistance and number of compounds suitable from daily driving to extreme driving. These are effective on wider range of temperatures and are more versatile than the other two types.

You will have to compromise with noise and dust if you are planning to buy semi metallic brake pads. It causes brake rotor to wear easily and they need replacement sooner. These are expensive than metallic brake pads and need to be carefully bend in for good results.


Racing vehicles require hard brake pads contain large amount of steel which could be very damaging to the rotor. Fully metallic brake pads are made of sintered steel with synthetic additives. These are long lasting, handle high temperature and provide higher friction level but also at the same time produce loud noise. These are made for racing vehicles.

Hybrid brake pads have been an evolution in the world of brakes. Raybestos named auto parts manufacturing company has introduced world’s first enhanced hybrid front and rear car brake pads . As they state, hybrid brake pad’s new friction combines best characteristics of both semi metallic brake pads and ceramic brake pads. It combines the braking performance and control/stopping power of semi metallic with low noise, reduced dust and durability characteristics of ceramic brake pads. Raybestos hybrid brake pads are also available at


Bonded brakes ruin the rotor and drums if not changed promptly. All brakes need soft friction material. Choose between bonded and riveted friction material.

It is important to consider advantages as well disadvantages of all the brake pads. Organic pads loose braking capacity when they get wet. Semi metallic wears the rotor faster than organic materials. Fully metallic provide great friction level but rotor or drums do wear's Front Ceramic pads and rear ceramic pads tolerate high temperatures and come with best warranty. But they are expensive than other three options. Hybrid brake pads also offer the functionality of both ceramic and semi metallic. Though they are expensive as compared to other, but its cost is also providing benefits of two braking pads. If you are a regular driver then you may consider semi metallic brake pads provided the weight you carry is not heavy duty. For mountains you can consider fully metallic, ceramic or hybrid brake pads as they provide high friction and low noises.

The bottom line is so as to get right brake pads for your vehicle you need to seriously consider your driving conditions.
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