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Car’s alternator charges the battery and supplies the power to the electrical system when the engine is running. It is an important auto part component of your vehicle’s charging system as it generates electric power in your car. Alternator is attached to the engine and is driven by car serpentine belts.
It may be a simple auto part but it plays a pivotal role in vehicle’s operations. It provides the power it needs to start a car by keeping the battery fully charged. If the alternator fails, your car may still run on battery power but for a short time. You will be stranded on the road as soon as the charge depletes.  Replacing an alternator is quite expensive.

Let’s have a look at some symptoms of failed alternator.
The warning light is generally shaped as battery. The light is linked to the computer systems within the car monitoring voltage output of the alternator. Normally this warning light should come one when you turn on the ignition and should disappear as soon as the engine is started. The flickering of light sometimes does not direct to the failed alternator. You should take an expert’s or mechanic’s advice if you encounter such situation.  Sometimes when the alternator becomes weak, the headlights become dim at idle. The alternator needs to work to maintain proper voltage to fulfill the power demands of your vehicle’s headlights, windshield wipers, rear window defrosters, heated seats and radio. So if the demands are not met, the voltage may fluctuate and cause flickering of the warning light.


The alternator fulfills the electric demand of almost every part of a car. So sometimes it may lose its potential to do so and driver may experience dimming of head lights or dash lights and speedometer and tachometer would stop working for no reason. It depends on how the alternator is producing the power and what is the priority of components receiving this power. Priority should be programmed in such a way that when the alternator goes weak, the radio and heated seat switch off automatically to save more power for headlights.


Bad outer and inner alternator bearings can produce a whining noise. The burning odor of rubber and hot wires often accompany alternator failure. A pulley that is not turning freely may cause friction on the belt which creates heat and causes burning smell of rubber to occur. An overheated alternator can cause hot wire scent.

A quick visual check of the belt for cracking, excessive wear and other age issues can give an indication of a future problem. To run the alternator correctly belt should have proper tension. Too much tension can cause issues.

You can notice that there something wrong with the starting system if the car does not start. When an alternator begins to fail, car’s battery begins receiving constant infusion of electric power from the alternator. Even the best car battery will run down eventually leaving the driver stranded in the driveway. Batteries are not designed for long term power use.

You can test the battery by connecting the positive side of your voltage meter to positive terminal of the battery and negative side of voltage meter to negative terminal of battery, with the engine off. The reading of the voltage meter should be about 12.7 V. your battery may need replacing if the reading is below 12.4 V.

You can also check the voltage of alternator. Turn on your engine but do not press the gas. When the engine is on, alternator is supposed to send the power to the battery. Check the readings of voltmeter. Your alternator is fine if the voltmeter readings are between 13.8 V to 14.2 V.


Sometimes the alternator is producing the electricity but it is either not going anywhere or it is not the right type. Alternator electricity is circulated through large cables and smaller wires. Any problem within the cables or wires can also stop electricity from getting through. The smell of hot wire created by high resistance within wire can also cause this issue.


Alternator can fail prematurely if the engine’s undercover or shield is damaged. As the shield damages, sand or water can get inside and cause it to wear faster. Engine compartment should be clean and dry. Coolant or oil leak can also create problems for alternator.


Replacing an alternator could be costly. It generally costs $450-$900 for a new alternator. An aftermarket or remanufactured alternator is a good option. car Alternator repair kits are also available online for $30- $60. it is difficult to remanufacture an alternator at home.
So, if you are looking for an affordable aftermarket remanufactured car alternator the parts avatar is a very good option.

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