Learn how to keep your car clean so that you can “See” in Winter !!

Learn how to keep your car clean so that you can “See” in Winter
Slush, ice, salt and melting snow! Winter driving is literally very difficult. The mornings in winters usually start with scraping the windshield and clearing up the snow, so that you are actually able to see enough to drive. But what about your car? There are many latest cars in which you actually have to “see” as well as all the ice and snow would get in your way.
By saying that latest cars can “see”, I actually mean that. As the numbers of modern cars are increasing, so are there specifications. Many of the cars have driver’s aids like lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control and even emergency brake. These main systems use cameras, sensors and many other combinations. During winters, these systems would be really very useful and would provide you with extra help, but just like your windshield, ice and snow can make these systems useless.
Most of you have experienced standing in cold weather outside and at that particular moment, all you need is the warmth of your car. But you should not think this way.  You have paid good amount money for these systems and this is the time when you need them the most. At this point, your visibility is already compromised and the rest of the people on road are driving like an idiot and have no idea how to actually drive in snow or ice. Just spend some time to clear off the sensors so that your car can do its job properly.
You must clear the ice and snow from the following auto parts:-
There are some sensors which are not much sensitive and won’t be easily blocked by ice and snow. Some sensors are more tolerant but ice and snow can lower down their effectiveness, so you must get them clear as soon as possible.
There are many other systems like the lane departure or emergency brake assist, they are totally camera dependent and the cameras are just like our eyes. If there would be ice and snow around, then they won’t be able to see. These cameras are generally located on the upper part of the windshield and that’s why most of the people don’t bother to clear it.
If the roads are full of snow, then the lane departure system won’t work properly, but the brake system would still be very beneficial.
Some of the side cameras are usually located under the side mirrors. There are some cars which have a front camera as well. Don’t forget to clean them as well. Forward cameras are generally hidden in the car grille. If you wish to buy car grille and other auto parts, then you can look up at online stores like Napa Canada.
It is very important to clean your car sensors as first of all they won’t work and secondly they would go nuts.
  1. Go for a snow foam
If you are washing your car, then make it a point that no layer of solid grime is on it. If you scrub the debris, then it would lead to microscopic scratches, which can even cause rust and corrosion. So just soak off the grime with a snow form before using a regular shampoo. This would keep your car clean for a longer period of time.

  1. Use rubber floor mats
You can replace your fabric floor mats with rubber mats. The salty water can harm the carpet and stains on it. This is really very important on the driver’s side as it is most use. You can also use steel or alloy wheels in the winter season.

  1. Parking location
You can always try to park your car in a heated garage as this is one smart preventative measure. The vehicles which are parked outside have a disadvantage that they would be exposed to many elements. The salt has a corrosive nature.

  1. Washing frequently
During winters, it is a good idea to wash your car once in a week. The best time to wash your car is when the temperature is above 40 degrees. You must prefer washing it in day because it would dry easily as the temperature drops during winters. You must use fresh water while washing your car. You can even add baking soda in the water as it would dissolve the dried salt which is on the surface of the vehicle.

Whenever you are driving, just try to avoid deep snow and salty puddles of water. Driving on roads full of snow can be really very challenging and can damage your car body parts. If you want to change your old and damaged auto parts like side mirrors, headlights or car grille, then you must visit https://partsavatar.ca/.  We will offer you the best aftermarket auto parts at economical prices.

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