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ATF as they are commonly known, are fluids used in vehicles with self shifting and automatic transmissions. of car Getting right oil or fluid is the key to ensuring your transmission operates as designed. These are typically green or red in color. It is very important to use a correct fluid as each fluid exhibits different properties. ATF also acts as hydraulic fluid lubricant for your car along with brake band friction, valve and coolant operations. ATFs also need to be replaced when they show the signs of slipping, overheating and shifting issues.

You can know about your car’s ATF by going through owner’s manual. Using wrong kind of transmission fluid may severely damage transmission. So it is very important to check whether the ATF is contaminated or needs to be changed for better performance.


It is very important to use only manufacturer’s recommended fluid as every fluid comes with different specifications. You should keep in mind the following properties while opting for a good transmission fluid.

1. It should provide anti rust, anti wear and anti corrosion properties.
2. Long lasting fluid life
3. Oxidation resistant properties
4. Reduce high temperatures and improve cooling
5. Increase temperature range and rotation speed
6. Protect the metal surface from rusting and cleaning them.
7. Providing Gasket conditioner

Specifications for ATFs include DEXRON and MERCON series which are commonly used today. Different kinds of transmission fluids are:


Most commonly used Automatic transmission fluids are DEXRON and MERCON. DEXRON is registered under general motors. MERCON is grouped with DEXRON because of similar standards. DEXRON and MERCON released various variants in market like DEXRON VI. The variants are backward compatible i.e. a vehicle requiring higher grade of MERCON/DEXRON can use its lower grade also but not vice versa. 


Synthetic fluid’s advantage is that better performance of fluid and its increased resistance to heat, shearing, oxidation, friction and cold. They are simply better and closely meet the specifications of DEXRON or MERCON. Though they are costly but also in demand now a days.


These are for the vehicles that need a lot of reduced friction.


It was developed by ford in 1960s. it is also used by Toyota.
So to choose a good transmission fluid, keep in mind the model and make of your car and follow owner’s manual recommendations. Automatic transmissions operate on high temperature and are prone to contamination. This is why Automatic transmission fluid breaks down with normal use.
Therefore the best ATF for your car is what your manufacturer recommends. You can go through owner’s manual or even contact a professional or manufacturer’s company to get information about your car’s compatible Automatic transmission fluid.


The traditional method for checking automatic transmission fluid is to pull out the dipstick when engine is running while being parked. You can check the color and fluid by dipping the finger into the fluid on the dipstick. If it smells burnt, have it flushed out.

Dipstick should be clear and pinkish. If it has discolored brown appearance with particles in it then it may no longer provide lubrication to transmission. The particles will wear out the gears, bearing and friction plates inside transmission.

You can check your car’s transmission fluid level if car hesitates to shift gear before handling it to some mechanic. Because adding transmission fluid is a lot cheaper than replacing whole transmission system. So beware.

You can also check for fluid oxidation by putting few drops of ATF on a paper towel. The fluid is in good condition if it spreads out and is pink in color but if it does not spread out and is brown in color then it indicates ATF is oxidized and needs replacement.

Milky brown color indicates coolant contamination in the ATF. There may be a leak in car's oil cooler inside the radiator that is mixing the coolant with the ATF.

You should also look for contaminants present in the fluid along with its color. You should immediately change your fluid whenever you notice debris or dirt particles in it. It is recommended to change your fuel every 30000 to 60000 miles.

You can provide your car with long lasting transmission by scheduling automatic transmission fluid change frequently. But make sure to always follow your manufacturer’s advice otherwise you would be damaging your car with your own hands.

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