5 wacky car spots to hide easter eggs

It’s that time of the year again. Easter egg annual hunt brings all ages to race their minds into cocking OTT ideas to sheepishly hide eggs. We hoard all sorts of places with colourful and wickedly painted eggs. Of course we can hide them in your car too. Let’s find out where.

1.       Boot

Good ol’ boot space has plenty of space and subspaces where we can hide Easter eggs. Put them in baskets, under that rug, just any nook and corner.

2.       Dashboard

Now here’s some space where major hiding can take place.  Glove box is a sweet spot. We can try even the nooks for those tiny hands.

3.       Spare tire

Oh this place is so underestimated. Spare tires make a good place to hide Easter eggs. So much room with so much to hide.

4.       Ash tray

Ash trays in the car are an obvious spot to hide eggs but kids wouldn’t come near it. All the way more reason to hide in them.

5.       The garage

Oh how did this sweet spot earn the last place? Well, I guess it has loads of nooks and corners where a lot of hiding can happen.

Now next time when kids whimper about not having enough spots to hide eggs, you might want to hold onto this list. Happy Easter to you guys!

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