Have a dog? Want to travel with him? So learn how to keep your dog safe in the car

Have a dog? Want to travel with him? So learn how to keep your dog safe in the car
If you own a dog, then at some point or the other you will have to transport it in your car. If doesn’t matter if it is limited to once a year or if you take your dog everywhere with you, you must keep your dog safe. Whenever you are travelling in a car, you always put your seat belt and at the same time you make sure that your kids are strapped in and secured. But have you ever thought about your pet in a similar way? How can you keep your dog safe when you are driving and when you have to get in and out of your car? If you want to learn how to keep your dog safe and secured during the journey, then you must read on further.
The significance of controlling your dog when in car
Some dogs would seat quietly on the backseat during the entire journey, while some would leap about, move here and there, touching various car parts and this would cause a great distraction to the driver. This is one major thing which should be prevented. It is nice if your dog is well trained and behaves properly in car, but at the same time it is really very important to restrain them in case of a bump or an accident. If your dog is not restrained properly, then it can cause serious injuries during an accident.  During a collision, your dog can be potentially thrown forward and it can get hurt by the walls and seats within the car, or can even be thrown through the windows. One more thing which you should note here is that if you come across a bump or some unharmed accident, even then your dog would be stressed and upset. It can even damage your vehicle and can cause injuries to the other. When you will open the car doors, then your dog may even potentially run away in fear.
Different ways in which you can keep your dog restrained
The first thing which should be considered to be safe is that your dog should be in the back seat of your car. The main reason behind this is that the dog would be safer there and the driver would not get distracted while driving. Never ever drive car while allowing your dog to sit on your lap and at the same time no other passenger should travel with the dog on their lap. The main reason behind this is that it can cause great distraction to the driver and the dog as well as the person carrying can get injured during an accident. There are many other ways with which you can restrain your dog in the car. Your final decision would be all based upon the size and shape of your car and the temperament of your dog. Choose whatever works the best for you.
Dog crates
If your pet is crate trained and would happily sit in a cage, then this is one of the best option for restraining your dog in the car. There should be enough space for the dog in the crate. Your crate should be big enough to house your pet comfortably and one which allows them to sit up and stretch. But one thing should be kept in mind is that it should not be so large that the dog would be thrown around in case of an accident.
Dog guards
You can fit the dog guards in the boot area of your car and between the back of the seats. This would provide a restricted area to your dog. It works in a similar manner like creates, but it provides slightly less protection as this would not provide protection to your dog against side or rear windows.
Dog harnesses and booster seats
Dog harness is very effective as people wear them around the neck and chest of their dog. It is then fastened to the car’s existing seat belt fittings. If you have a small dog, then you can even buy a special doggy booster seat and it would provide a comfortable seating position and at the same time safe attachment. There are various kinds of dog harnesses available in different shapes and sizes to fit all dogs and would fit them comfortably. The harness would do its job correctly whenever it’s needed. The harness should be fully padded to provide a cushion to protect the dog in the event of an accident. Your dog should wear the harness happily as this is the safest choice of restraint.
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