Toronto, Get Ready with a Red Nose and a Warm coat!! Your favourite Santa Claus Parade is back again!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Are you ready to have your best time at Toronto Santa Claus parade? Here, we’ve pulled together some interesting tidbits about the parade’s 113 year old history! So don’t miss it. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts!!

Every age group eagerly wait for this parade in Toronto. So, are you also one of them? Before participating, why not brush up your knowledge? Here, we will suggest you how to have best time in Snowy parade!!

Toronto has been hosting this parade for about 113 years. Santa Claus parade is regarded as one of the oldest and largest parade of its type on earth.

The very first parade of Santa Claus was held in Toronto in 1905 which was an idea of Timothy Eaton, the founder of Canada’s famous retail chain. He arranged for Santa to arrive at the old union station on Front Street. He was collected at the union station and was delivered to downtown’s eaten store.  Along the way, he tossed small bags of candy, nuts and trinkets to children lining the route. Hence the parade grew in size each year and attracted large crowds.

Enough with the history! It’s time for some interesting tidbits about this parade.

Real Reindeer pulled Santa’s sleigh!

In 1913, live reindeer was imported from Labrador to pull Santa’s sleigh. The reindeer had their own veterinarian and were fed reindeer moss- their favourite food. There were special baskets on poles carried around where children could drop their letters and each one received personal letter back from him!
It is said that the reindeer was adopted by Eaton’s executive and he retired to his estate outside the city.

Original floats were used!
Unlike today where we have floats by toy companies, the original floats were nursery rhyme characters.

Lions are banned from the parade!
Riders dressed like lions were meant to help pull the horses on Santa’s sleigh. But their costume spooked the horses, and they had to be banned from the parade to avoid commotion.

 Never missed a year!
Despite bad weather, world wars, and even Eaton Company pulling its sponsorship, there had not been a single year that Santa hasn’t made his way down the Toronto Streets and delighted every age group by cheerfully saying “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Aired live from Toronto!!
Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the parade. You can watch it live, thanks to CBC. The parade was first broadcast on the radio in the 1930s and was aired live on the CBC starting in 1952.
With TVs becoming a big part of people’s home, Santa Claus parade went from being just a holiday parade to being seen in dozens of countries throughout the world and Santa became a television star.

Prime minister can’t send or accept gifts!
According to the federal accountability act of 2009, the Canada’s Prime Minister and his family members are not allowed to accept or send Christmas gift cards, monetary gifts or perishable food items like cookies or cakes.

Canada post help Santa answer every letter!
Canada post volunteers donate 200000 hours annually to assist Santa answer every letter that he receives.

Santa’s parade had a big hand in ending Cold War!
In 1989, the Santa Claus parade was broadcast live by the Russian broadcasters in Soviet Union. It helped change, Russia’s opinion about the west and aired for next three years.

Costumes were made of paper!!
During World War II, there was shortage of materials like metal and cotton. So at that time organizers used paper to create costumes for the parade.

Santa’s Secret workshop!
Many of us think that Santa has his secret toy workshop in the North Pole, but his parade float workshop is located in north York.

Its route has grown by time!
Santa clause parade’s route was so brief in the beginning that it used to cover union station to Eaton centre in just 10 minutes. But, now it has grown to 5.6 km so that kids can have interaction with Santa without any hustle.

Enjoy the parade with Santa’s App!
Two free apps have been created with the organizers so that the mass can enjoy the classic tradition. The App Track Santa shows the location of Santa along the parade and Shake the bells let everyone join in on Santa’s ride with the shake of a phone.

Tips for attendees to enjoy the parade!

Arrive early at the venue. Want to claim a good spot for yourself and your friends? Make your way soon.

Find a good place to stand. Organizers recommend standing near Christie pits, as this way you are exposed to cold weather for less time. It’s not that cold in the beginning of parade, so you can thoroughly enjoy it.

Snacks or meal stores get crowded nearby the parade. It is recommended to bring your own snack. You can bring along cookies and hot chocolate and can enjoy it with your friends and family.

Exiting is quite dangerous. Sometimes, it’s just like a stampede is occurring. So, take your time, wait for five minutes or more till the exit is clear. This way you can get out safely. Sometimes, due to heavy rush while exiting, people lose track of their children, so it will be wise to wait rather than rush.
Don’t forget to bring a blanket!

You can enjoy more if you bring along your friends, family. This way you can hang around with them and can spend quality time chatting, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate. It’s really pleasant.

Santa’s parade of lights is a spectacular night time parade with colourful and brightly lit floats, dancers and marching bands winding their way through the streets of Oshawa much to the delight of little boys, girls and the young at heart.

Plan a Santa Claus Parade themed day trip or a Christmas lights family evening out and explore the beauty of Toronto! Don’t forget all the delicious eateries to enjoy while you are downtown!!

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