First time buying a car?? Watch out for these mistakes and replace car parts at PartsAvatar Ford Parts Canada.

Is it your first time buying a car? Then you must not do these mistakes!!- brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts.

You must not follow these mistakes before you are heading out to buy a new car. Investing in a bad car would lead to spend your cash on expensive replacement car parts and mostly you might have to compromise with fuel economy. Check out Parts Avatar’s wide range of auto body parts if you wish to replace car parts online.

Are you looking to get a car for the first time ever? Read along to ensure that you invest in something good!

Not doing your research
You should always do thorough research before making an investment in car. You must check the public review of that car, it matters. Many people post online complaints and solutions regarding damaged auto part of many brands like Mazda, Ford, and Mercedes etc.

If you want to buy a car, you should do research before you make a decision. There are number of websites that allow people to post reviews of dealership, but their coverage is spotty and incomplete. If you cant find online reviews of the dealer you are considering, just talk to people.

Gather your information about the car you are interested in. Many websites offer free online pricing quotes from your local dealers. Get quotes from multiple dealers before you ever visit any of them.

Proper test drive is important

Not test driving is a foolish thing. Test drives the car you want to buy. Once you have shopped around and determined what car you want, even narrowing down to a single year, make or model), don’t simply say you want to buy a certain year, make and model.

Take your time and be patient, and put the car through its paces on the road and presumably under various driving conditions. Two equivalent cars can vary in ride quality, performance, cabin noise, and options, even more so when considering two similar used cars.

Not understanding the contract
First time buyer? Understanding financial contract is very important? Financial contract is of the most important steps towards car shopping. Considering all the steps you have been through,  it can be easy to think that signing the bottom line is the easiest type.

After negotiating vehicle options, pricing and financing, be sure dealer covered items don’t show up on the final bill. For example, if you have negotiated a full size spare tire or roof rack, a line by line consideration should reveal this.

Taking advantage of used car dealers
The world of used car dealership has gotten is much more of bad reputation. Don’t ignore used car dealers. When considering a used car, make sure they are marked as certified pre owned vehicles.

This certification will let you know your vehicle has passed the necessary inspections and is safe and reliable.
Also, private party or used car dealer, anyone can shine up a piece of junk. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a car that looks good, even if you test drive it and it feels good. Unless you have mechanically savvy, take a mechanic friend with you or have it inspected by a professional.

Accepting long term financing
Are you paying long term finances for your new car? Many of the first time buyers go for long term financing for example 72 months or less than that period. This does lower your payments but with time the overall cost your car’s model decreases with each year.
To get the best deal, consider buying a less expensive car with more savings to your bigger down payments. Also make sure that your credit is all in order before you say yes.

You might be taking a loan from bank to get the new car. In that case, having someone you know act as a co signer can make the overall process much easier.
You must consider your monthly income too. Would you be able to survive by the money that you get after everything is deducted as monthly payment of your car? People often get attracted by zero down payment offers and longer financing terms but they forget how much they could afford.

You are not only making payment for car itself, how can you forget the costly insurances? Do you in Canada itself, the insurance rates of your car vary from state to state. For instance, people living in British Columbia and Ontario have to shed a big amount of their income to pay for car insurances only excluding other interest.
Less expensive cars are less expensive to finance, insure, maintain, and repair, fitting better in a tight budget.

So, make sure not to follow the salesman’s total lecture. You should run your mind too. Make a budget. You must know what you need is comfort ability. Focus less on style than mileage.
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Get ready to explore the snowy roads and winterize your truck at PartsAvatar Online Car Parts.

Follow these tips to winterize your truck at PartsAvatar online car parts and never skip its scheduled maintenance!!

Winter weather can be extremely challenging for our car or truck! For that you need to always be prepared and maintain car parts for better performance in harsh weather. Never go lazy with scheduled car maintenance and replace car body parts timely if you don’t want to compromise with the driveability of car.

As the weather starts to cool off, and everyone is about to be consumed with pumpkin spice flavoured everything, owner operators should have something else in their mind: winterize their truck. Maintain engine parts online and enhance its performance here at PartsAvatar replacement car parts!!

Check all fluids
Checking the fluids of your car is an easy job. Engine oil is one of the important tasks to do. If the oil is low, add more following recommendations in your owner’s manual.
Check the coolant and if the liquid is below the minimum line, fill with a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Don’t let the power steering fluid which is located near the firewall, level should be between maximum and minimum.

Fill in the brake fluid if it is low, but then have the system checked: there could be a leak or the brake pads may be wearing.

Prepare emergency kit
You must keep an adequate emergency kit which contains- canned food, gloves, snow shovel, radio, flares, first aid kit, gloves, scarves, hats, snow shovel, extra blankets etc.

Buy Snow tires
When it comes to driving in winter weather, having the right tire matters a lot. From heavy snowfall to black ice, winter roads are extremely unpredictable. These conditions challenge tires to provide traction like no other season of the year.

In extreme cold temperatures, the tread rubber of an all season or summer tires stiffens and becomes less able to provide sufficient traction. To combat this, tread rubber compounds of winter tires are designed to remain flexible, allowing the tire to grip the road better.

If you only see a few snow flurries each year and slick, icy roads are more of a fluke than an annual ordeal, all season tires are probably the way to go. But if you know there is a period when icy roads are always an issue, mounting winter tires isn’t an over the top precaution- its an essential safety measure that could save your life.

Check the battery
It is the best time to check the age and condition of your truck battery just before the winter arrives. The freezing temperatures makes the battery dead quickly. When the engines can be annoying when starting up the truck, they aren’t the only truck part that is suffering in cold and winter.

Low freezing temperature actually reduces the capacity of your battery, meaning you should keep a close eye on it. If you haven’t replaced battery for 3 years and never checked its condition, then it is time to check and get it replaced.

Inspect the battery terminals, they should be properly fitted and they must have corrosion free terminals. Check on the alternator and starter as well. Make sure that the wiring is not loose.

Check the fuel filter
Make sure the fuel filter is in good condition. Fuel filters screen out the substances like metal shavings, dirt way from the fuel before letting it flow inside the fuel lines. To reduce the risk of damage, check the water separator daily.

If a large amount of water has been collected, it should be drained. Most separators are not self cleaning, so you will need to locate the separator which is near the fuel filter and turn the drain valve to empty the water.

Keep the engine warm

Diesel engine requires a higher cylinder temperature than gasoline vehicles, which means that they are considerably more difficult to start. Install electric block heaters to keep the engine warm while it is turned off.

Also, you can invest in some remote starters. The remote starter not only helps in keyless entry but it also lets the engine get warm before you start to drive off.

Check the windshield wiper and windshield
It is important to drive with a clear and unobstructed view. When snow and ice accumulate on the windshield, they could make it cracked and dangerous to drive with.
Treat the cracks on windshield or get it treated by your mechanic. Also, make sure to check the wiper blades as in snow you will have to use them constantly. They should not be broken as broken wipers leave streaks on windshield, thus further damaging it.
Top up the washer fluid as you will need to clean your windshield more often.

Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall car is very important. If in case, some of your auto body parts are worn out already, there's no need to worry.
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Check out the risks of driving with worn or bald car tire tread at PartsAvatar Mazda Parts online.

Is it safe to drive with worn car tires? Check out the possible outcomes that you may face with damaged car tires- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts.

Is it extremely riskier for you to drive with even half worn tread of your car tire. Its a good idea to replace car tires for better drivability and traction on road. Also, keep your car maintained by replacing essential car parts such as car fuel parts; car fuel filters etc. so that you don’t have to go through the mess of visiting the mechanic.

The part of a tire that contacts the road is called the tread of the tire and this tread wears over time. When a tire’s tread is completely worn down to wear bars, you have a bald tire. Driving with worn tires can be risky.

That’s particularly worrisome when you realize that you are driving with worn tires. Worn tires can be deadly on wet roads where the grooves aren’t deeper enough to channel water out from the beneath the tread. The result is hydroplaning, where the tread skims the water’s surface and the vehicle no longer responds to the steering wheel. Wet weather braking and snow traction also decrease as tires wear.

Your tire has tread for winter?
If you have been driving with all season tires, then in winter season where the temperature drops beyond zero, all season tires begin to loose traction long before they appear worn out.

Adequate tread depth is pivotal for tires to grip the rain and snow covered roads. The all season tires perform well for more modest snow conditions. But if the tires are more than half worn, you may want to wait out the snow storm until the roads have been cleared.

So in winters, it becomes necessary to keep a keen eye on the tread of your tire. Don’t go out without checking the tread as you never know when this ignorance of yours is going to betray your side on the road while driving.

Dangerous to drive
When it rains, the grooves in a tire help channel the water away so that the tire don’t lose contact with the road. Bald tires’ tread is too shallow to effectively evacuate water from beneath the tire. Driving on bald tires in rain can result in anything from difficulty stopping to a complete loss of vehicle control.

A tire’s tread pattern includes sipes that gives a bunch of biting edges that help it dig into snow. A bald tire loses these edges and makes it harder to both start and stop your vehicle. Even on dry roads, bald tires are more prone to tire failure and more easily punctured. Its not hard to see why a bald tire is literally thinner at the tread than a new tire, so its easier for a nail or other object to cause a flat tire.

At those situations, you never know where you could end up. You could also lose control of your car at worst which could lead to a fatal accident.

The term hydroplaning is commonly used to refer to the skidding or sliding of a cars tires across a wet surface. Hydroplaning occurs when a tire encounters more water than it can scatter. Water pressure in the front of the wheel pushes water under the tire, and the tire is then separated from the road surface by a thin film of water and loses traction.

This results in loss of braking, steering, power control. Rubber tires have tread that are designed to channel water from beneath the tire. This creates higher friction with road surface and can help prevent or minimize instances of hydroplaning.

When light rain mixes with oil residue on the road surface, it creates slippery conditions that can cause vehicles, especially those travelling speeds in excess of 35mph, to hydroplane. This can be a deadly combination of drive!

You can avoid hydroplaning with several ways. Keep your tires properly inflated. Rotate and replace tires when necessary. Always slow down when roads are wet, the faster you drive the harder it is for your tires to scatter the water.

Try to stay away from the puddles and standing water. Avoid driving in outer lanes and try to drive in the tire tracks left by the cars in front of you. Never drive with cruise control engaged and try not to make sharp or quick turns.

Loss of tire pressure

Bald tires lose air faster than tires with good tread depth. Even if you check your tire pressure on a regular basis, low tread tires can lose their air sooner than you think. Once your car tires become underinflated, the risk factor increases. Improperly inflated tires cant grip the road properly, even in dry conditions, which can make it harder to steer your car.

They can also impact braking by causing the car to skid during sudden stops. This not only is a red flag that you need new set of tires but also reduces gas mileage.
So, the bottom line? You know what the first thing is to do today, if you are driving with worn car tires.

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Check out why is the noise coming out of wheel bearing and replace car parts online at PartsAvatar.

Do you hear some noise that gets louder with the increasing speed of your car? Check out the importance of wheel bearings here!! -Brought to you by PartsAvatar car replacement parts Canada!

do you know that our car’s wheel bearing also produce weird noise indicating that something is wrong with it?
Have you been avoiding car servicing schedules recently? This problem of wheel bearing noise could be the output of your delay!! But how will you check where this wheel bearing noise is coming from? Check out the symptoms and replace wheel bearings timely.

Wheel bearing
No matter if you’re headed down a bumpy country trail or up a twisted mountain road, your wheels wouldn’t spin very well if they didn’t have high quality wheel bearings to decrease friction.
A wheel bearing is a set of steel balls held together by a metal ring called a race. They help wheels spin fast with little friction as possible.

Wheel bearings are a part of every type of vehicle be it a car, truck or a bicycle. On a car, a wheel bearing rides on a metal axel shaft and fits tightly inside the hub and this hub holds the lug bolts that you use to bolt the tire onto the wheel. The wheel bearing is pressed into the hub from the back.

Poor installation, damaged seal or an accident could damage the wheel bearing. Moreover it is possible to replace the wheel bearing yourself if and only if you have the right tool and time to perform the job.

How do wheel bearings work?
A bearing is a machine component which performs the function of constraining the relative motion between moving parts of the machine. The act of constraining the relative motion is aimed at facilitating only a certain kind of motion. They can permit different types of motion such as- linear, axial rotation, hinge and spherical rotation.

Most wheel bearings that are properly installed and cared for can last around 100000 miles. But it’s wise to replace them if damage is suffered by them due to an accident or even a broken seal can cause a lot of damage.

Why do wheel bearings make noise?
Diagnosing wheel bearing noise is not that easy. It is often mistaken for the tire’s noise and you might get confused in deciding which tire it is referring to!

Wheel bearings are made of hardened steel. Heat and water are its worst enemies. Lack of lubrication will result in heat that can destroy a wheel bearing. Water penetrating on a sealed bearing also destroys it.

Most factory manufactured wheel bearings come sealed. The seals on both front and rear protect the bearings from outer elements like debris, water etc. Broken or damaged seal results in malfunctioning wheel bearing and start making noise.

But noise can be of different types. For instance, if you hear rhythmic, rotating noise that gets louder with speed, it may be car tires that are primarily at fault. Check your car’s wheels for patches if you do hear a rhythmic noise that increases in volume the faster you go.

Does the noise changes from louder to softer when the weight of your car shifts? You can test this by gently swaying your car while driving slowly. If the noise persists but lessens when you sway right, then the damaged bearing is likely on the left wheel bearing.
If it lessens when you sway left, a right wheel bearing is likely broken and needs replacement.

Another symptom can be vibrating or wobbling wheel while driving. When wheel bearings start to wear down they loosen inside the wheel, which can cause the looseness while driving.

Finding the origin of noise? At first, the noise originating from wheels might sound like a whistle. If ignored, the noise could grow louder.
You can use various tricks to identify the noise. One of the first tricks can be checking the noise at the time of acceleration and deceleration. One should drive the vehicle along a circular path, both clockwise and anti clockwise, in order to find out which of the wheels emit the sound caused by damaged wheel bearing.

The noise originating from a wheel bearing doesn’t change with changing speed but it might increase or decrease on turning. So, it can be concluded that the noise heard at regular intervals, while driving at a steady speed, is a sign of problem associated with bearings.

Sometimes, CV joints and damaged wheel bearing noises can be similar. But both problems are different, so better take a professional assistance.

You can check damaged wheel bearing by using mechanic jacks for lifting a car. While spinning the wheel with one hand, one should place the other hand on the strut assembly. Noise can be heard if there is any issue with its functionality.

Front wheel bearing noise
The front wheel should be checked for noise and lubrication. It is strictly advised to service the front wheel every 30000 miles. At the time of driving, do not ignore any sound coming from the front wheel of your car.

Noise originating from floorboard indicates that the problem is not related to wheel bearing and it could originate in any other vital auto part.

Rear wheel bearing noise
Noise produced by the rear and front wheel bearings is almost the same. In such cases, diagnosing the problem associated with bearing noise can be difficult.

In one of the methods to diagnose such kind of noise, the vehicle is driven at constant speed while making occasional slight changes in the speed.

It is important that you vary the speed because there are certain cars that make noise only at certain speeds. This way, you can detect and repair bad wheel bearing.

Check for cracks while diagnosing wheel bearings. Even small cracks can cause big problems. To detect minute cracks, checking should be done in bright light.
Cracked, pitted or worn out bearings should be replaced. Hub bores and spindles shouldn’t be ignored. If the bearing hub doesn’t fit properly, it calls for the replacement of the drum or rotor.

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Save your engine from misfiring by upgrading to Dayco's Timing Belts at PartsAvatar Auto Parts Canada!!

Is the engine misfiring? Did you check the timing belt of your car? If not, check out here!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar K&N parts.

Have you been dealing with several car engine related issues. Did you check your car’s timing belt? The timing belt’s lifespan is limited so if it gets broken you must replace them for the upgraded performance of your engine.

We recommend Dayco timing belts but if you trust your manufacturer’s recommendations, you can go with it! Buy car parts online for enhancing car performance at cheaper rates.
If you don’t know much about car timing belts and their malfunctioning symptoms, then it is a good idea to go through this article.

Why is Timing belt important?
The timing belt is essential to the operation of your car’s engine. There are two main shafts in your engine, crankshaft and camshaft. The timing belt connects these two shafts and makes them turn together at right time.

Your car’s degrading mileage is the first indicator a new timing belt is needed. Most of us don’t even think and keep on driving with broken timing belts. The timing belt is made up of strong rubber material which includes cords that are nylon reinforced.
That way, its life span can be preserved. While the timing belt is moving inside the motor, it is placed under lots of pressure and so it tends to wear out quickly.

Timing belt is made of rubber that keeps your camshaft and your crankshaft synchronized so that your valve timing is always right. Some vehicles have a timing chain instead of a belt, but it serves the same purpose. If your valve timing is off, your engine wont run properly.

It works to turn the camshaft pulley in conjunction with the crankshaft pulley. A bad timing belt could be catastrophic for the car’s engine. It throws the valve timing off, and you can end up with bent valves, bent piston rods or completely destroyed pistons.

Symptoms of bad timing belt

The timing belt is made of rubber and when it rots, the car stops. you might have to tow your car in case the engine wont start until the engine is re timed and get the belt replaced.

Is the engine misfiring? The fire rate of the engine could be jeopardized from the timing belt being worn out. If the timing belt were to slip away from the gears and fall onto the cam shaft, one of the cylinders will open and close too soon. If that happens, an engine misfire could occur which means the belt needs to be replaced right away.

When it is cold outside, it might be hard to tell if the vast amount of smoke coming from your tailpipe is from anything bad or not. But if you see too much smoke that looks unusual even for the winter, then it probably has to do with a timing belt problem. The top of every cylinder has two holes which are responsible for letting out the exhaust and letting in air.

The opening and closing of these holes are synchronized with how the cylinders move and how the camshaft rotates. If you have a worn out timing belt then this will become unsynchronized, which means that exhaust will be let out and air will be let in at inappropriate times.

Timing belt spins the gears of the camshaft. If the timing belt is off, it can skip and break off pieces of the camshaft. Some of these pieces might fall into the vehicle’s oil pan, resulting in the oil pressure to drop in the bottom of the engine. This will cause the engine to fail altogether. The only way to recover from this is to rebuild the entire motor.

The worst case scenario where the car stops abruptly that can leave you stranded with major engine damage because it is demanding the full inspection of timing belt. An engine that starts acting up when you reach between 2000-4000 rpm could be failing to function normally because the timing belt has broken.

The broken timing belt would let the crankshaft turning on and off on its own, and not in the sync with the motion of the camshaft. Once this happens, the piston will come in contact with the valves as they open. This could end up bending the valves or damaging the piston.

Replace the oil seals behind the crankshaft and camshaft gears as if they leak oil it deteriorates the timing belt prematurely.
Have you been hearing a high pitched screeching sound when you first start your car? These are the indicators that the timing belt is malfunctioning.

All you have to do is replace the timing belt when its due, instead of waiting until its dead. The cost may be high, but its a whole lot cheaper than waiting for it to break.
The standard interval for the replacement of timing belt is 60000 miles. But if you don’t drive much, you should replace it every 6 to 8 years and dry rot will weaken it just as much as mileage and use.

Timing belt problem is a red flag and should never be ignored. For this reason, car manufacturers will have recommendations as to how often your timing belt should be replaced.
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Do you know how to winterize your Truck?? Buy Truck parts here at PartsAvatar online car parts.

You must know how to prepare your truck for winter!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts.

If you think, it isn’t the right time to prepare for winter, and then you are wrong. You must be prepared for winters because they not only slow down the pace of humans but also impact the pace of cars and trucks. So, in that case, it becomes necessary to buy replacement car parts to enhance its performance and keep it going in such chilly weather.

Remote starter
Who wants to enter a chilling car and sit on cold seats when you are coming after grocery shopping in such a cold weather? One way you can use your remote starter- if you set the thermostat and defroster before turning off your car the night before, you can start it remotely in the morning to have it warmed up before it is time to go.

Its not bad to invest in a good quality remote starter. Remote starters play vital role in not only making your interior warm before you enter in such an extremely cold weather but they also enhance engine’s performance by letting it warm for sometime.
This will also help in clearing the ice away from your windshield.

Fog lights
It is very important for the fog lights of your truck to work in good condition before the winter arrives. This is because in case you are passing through, dense fog, you might need to turn them on to let the other drivers know about your presence on road.
Fog lights should not be used otherwise and you might be fined for using them inappropriately. They are useful in winter storms.

 We often cant see what is in front of us in such dense weather and its extremely dangerous to roam around with heavy cargo at our back. Turn on your truck’s fog lights in order to get clear view of the road.

Tow straps
When it comes to getting a truck unstuck, the best way is to invest in good quality tow straps, cables and hooks.

A tow strap is a strong nylon strap with hooks hard sewn into each end. Because of their small, lightweight size, these are ideal for keeping on hand in any vehicle that’s prone to getting stuck.
A tow strap can be a life saver if used correctly. A tow strap will help you get out of the stressful situation.

Winches are lifesaver for your truck. Whether you are stalled mid way or the UTV has fallen upside down on a ditch, the winches are always a friend.

Now that we are talking about getting the truck out of the sticky situation, winches do wonders in getting out of the snow bank. For everyone who is an off roader or someone who has to traverse through rough areas, winches are a must have truck accessory.

Snow Plough
as it continues to get colder out this fall, its time to start making preparations for winter weather. It becomes difficult to move around in snowy weather without clearing the snow out of driveway.

You must buy a snow plough keeping in mind what type of truck you are using. Any truck smaller than ¾ ton is not a snow plough truck, but many manufacturer still make plough that can fit SUVs, Quarter ton and Half ton trucks.

Expandable ploughs are great for clearing lots of varying sizes because of the flexibility and ploughing capacity they can provide. While choosing material, you should be careful. Stainless steel has more visual appeal than poly and is also corrosion resistant. But stainless steel is prone to denting and dings. Mild steel remains a snow plough workhorse with great durability, rigidity and excellent value.

Floor mats
Winter weather always gets messy. Between salt, ice, snow and slush there’s a lot of gunk you don’t want puddling on the floor of your truck. Avoid this problem by getting some fresh floor mats.
This will help you protect your truck’s floor as your boots track in winter grime.

Emergency gear

During an emergency is a lousy time to think of all the things you should have been carrying. The important thing is not to wait until the last minute to prepare.

Make a vehicle checklist of these things- heater and defroster, emergency flashers, brakes and brake fluid level, antifreeze and radiator, windshield wiper operation, tire pressure and tread depth, fuel level, oil level, batteries etc.

Also keep an emergency kit that contains- a good set of jumper cables, flashlight, a jack and a lug wrench, spare tire (if possible), emergency signalling devices, food, water, sleeping bag, knife and a mobile charger( in case you need to ask for help).
Never forget to follow this checklist if you want a hassle free ride in winter. Here, we sell only the most durable original equipment and aftermarket auto accessories and parts in the auto parts industry.

Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall car is very important. If in case, some of your auto body parts are worn out already, there's no need to worry.
PartsAvatar online car parts ships auto parts and body parts from renowned manufacturers to its customer's door, at warehouse prices!

Dont worry if you are not regular behind the wheels, Check out some driving tips here by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts.

Driving is not an easy thing, so if you are a newbie in driving world, Have a look at some driving skills here!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar ford parts.

if you are new to roads especially when you are first time sitting behind the wheels, then make sure to be prepared with driving skills before you head out. It is necessary to have knowledge of the automobile you are driving, because if you cant figure out what has gone wrong, you wont be able to save your vehicle from other expensive damages.
Make sure to read owner’s manual and follow scheduled maintenance.

Replace car parts for better performance and up gradation. If you are looking for Mazda parts or other auto manufacturer’s car parts, then look no further than PartsAvatar Canada car parts.

But if you haven’t been able to drive the car for years due to several personal reasons, then you could be a danger to everyone on the road because you still need to brush up your skills. Here are some tips for you to follow before confidently exploring the roads and terrains!!

Try to focus!
When we are looking at the road ahead of us, it not only the eyes who are in operation but our brain is also engaged in it. Try to focus on the cars ahead of you and analyse the potential possible threats by looking as far as you can.

By potential threats we suppose some object that is stationary which you need to dodge, or traffic, or pedestrians, or a car suddenly slamming on brakes, or even a rashly moving car. You need to analyse the road in order to adjust your driving speed and skills accordingly, which is called defensive driving.

Improving rain driving skills
The driving skills become essential in rain to learn. Driving in wet conditions such as rain, storms become very dangerous, so you must know how to drive in those.
It is always a risk of hydroplaning where there is so much water that the tires don’t come in contact with the pavement. The car tires loose traction by which they often loose control and car starts skidding. Skidding could lead to fatal accidents so it is important to drive slowly.

Always maintain some distance between your car and other car because the braking distance increases in rainy situation.

Learn to drive in snow
Drive with plenty of caution in snow. Just like rain, you must know how to drive in snow because snow could halt our driving if multiple auto parts fail and refuse to respond.

In that case, it becomes necessary to make an essential pre check up on your car parts before heading out. Some of the important car parts that need to be looked at should be car battery, car engine oil level, fluids, heating devices, inflation of tire, fog lights and head lights etc.

Also make sure to have an emergency kit that has everything that you need in winter like jump cables, flash lights, charger for mobile , blankets, spare tire, wrench, food etc.

Also, you must choose good set of tires. Make sure to know what you want i.e. either snow tires or all season tire. All season tires are good where the snow level is not that high but for extreme snowy regions, snow tires are of great help. Moreover, you can also follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Practise defensive driving!

Be a defensive driver. This is because if we practise defensive driving we can actually save everyone on the road. Be aware of your surroundings and be alert on road.
Never distract yourself and never let the objects that drive your focus away from the road, in your car with you. Read the traffic rules and laws before entering the road and never follow over speeding or rash driving.

Texting, calling, browsing music playlist or other radio stations must be prohibited.

Try to drive often
Taking the car down to a local shop once in a while will help you keep familiar with your car and you wont easily loose your driving skills. So, try to make short trips whenever possible.

Practise braking
Braking in emergency is not that difficult. The ABS in your car, is a feature that alerts a driver to an imminent crash and helps them use the maximum braking capacity of the car.

Using emergency brake to stop a moving vehicle outside of a total brake failure is not recommended and can damage your brake system. This is why, its not good idea to pretend you are a race car driver and slam on brakes to spin in a circle.

Driving with your emergency brake engaged can also cause damage to emergency brake cable and the service brakes. if this happens to you, have your car brake shoes and brake rotors checked to ensure if everything is working fine.

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