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You must know how to prepare your truck for winter!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts.

If you think, it isn’t the right time to prepare for winter, and then you are wrong. You must be prepared for winters because they not only slow down the pace of humans but also impact the pace of cars and trucks. So, in that case, it becomes necessary to buy replacement car parts to enhance its performance and keep it going in such chilly weather.

Remote starter
Who wants to enter a chilling car and sit on cold seats when you are coming after grocery shopping in such a cold weather? One way you can use your remote starter- if you set the thermostat and defroster before turning off your car the night before, you can start it remotely in the morning to have it warmed up before it is time to go.

Its not bad to invest in a good quality remote starter. Remote starters play vital role in not only making your interior warm before you enter in such an extremely cold weather but they also enhance engine’s performance by letting it warm for sometime.
This will also help in clearing the ice away from your windshield.

Fog lights
It is very important for the fog lights of your truck to work in good condition before the winter arrives. This is because in case you are passing through, dense fog, you might need to turn them on to let the other drivers know about your presence on road.
Fog lights should not be used otherwise and you might be fined for using them inappropriately. They are useful in winter storms.

 We often cant see what is in front of us in such dense weather and its extremely dangerous to roam around with heavy cargo at our back. Turn on your truck’s fog lights in order to get clear view of the road.

Tow straps
When it comes to getting a truck unstuck, the best way is to invest in good quality tow straps, cables and hooks.

A tow strap is a strong nylon strap with hooks hard sewn into each end. Because of their small, lightweight size, these are ideal for keeping on hand in any vehicle that’s prone to getting stuck.
A tow strap can be a life saver if used correctly. A tow strap will help you get out of the stressful situation.

Winches are lifesaver for your truck. Whether you are stalled mid way or the UTV has fallen upside down on a ditch, the winches are always a friend.

Now that we are talking about getting the truck out of the sticky situation, winches do wonders in getting out of the snow bank. For everyone who is an off roader or someone who has to traverse through rough areas, winches are a must have truck accessory.

Snow Plough
as it continues to get colder out this fall, its time to start making preparations for winter weather. It becomes difficult to move around in snowy weather without clearing the snow out of driveway.

You must buy a snow plough keeping in mind what type of truck you are using. Any truck smaller than ¾ ton is not a snow plough truck, but many manufacturer still make plough that can fit SUVs, Quarter ton and Half ton trucks.

Expandable ploughs are great for clearing lots of varying sizes because of the flexibility and ploughing capacity they can provide. While choosing material, you should be careful. Stainless steel has more visual appeal than poly and is also corrosion resistant. But stainless steel is prone to denting and dings. Mild steel remains a snow plough workhorse with great durability, rigidity and excellent value.

Floor mats
Winter weather always gets messy. Between salt, ice, snow and slush there’s a lot of gunk you don’t want puddling on the floor of your truck. Avoid this problem by getting some fresh floor mats.
This will help you protect your truck’s floor as your boots track in winter grime.

Emergency gear

During an emergency is a lousy time to think of all the things you should have been carrying. The important thing is not to wait until the last minute to prepare.

Make a vehicle checklist of these things- heater and defroster, emergency flashers, brakes and brake fluid level, antifreeze and radiator, windshield wiper operation, tire pressure and tread depth, fuel level, oil level, batteries etc.

Also keep an emergency kit that contains- a good set of jumper cables, flashlight, a jack and a lug wrench, spare tire (if possible), emergency signalling devices, food, water, sleeping bag, knife and a mobile charger( in case you need to ask for help).
Never forget to follow this checklist if you want a hassle free ride in winter. Here, we sell only the most durable original equipment and aftermarket auto accessories and parts in the auto parts industry.

Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall car is very important. If in case, some of your auto body parts are worn out already, there's no need to worry.
PartsAvatar online car parts ships auto parts and body parts from renowned manufacturers to its customer's door, at warehouse prices!

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