Keep your truck moving in hot summers with tips outlined by PartsAvatar Performance Car Parts online!!

Keep your truck cool in hot summers with the tips and maintain car parts online at PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts Canada.

Are you ready to unleash the beauty of summer with your truck? But for that, certain checks are needed to be done on your truck before you head out to ensure that you truck is working perfectly well. Enhance your truck by fixing scheduled maintenance.

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Help yourself drive comfortably in hot summer with these few ways that we suggest you.

Check the tires
Were you thinking of going out in hot summer without checking proper pressure of your truck tire? Underinflated tires burst in hot summer quickly making your journey more miserable on road. Make sure to check the tire pressure before getting on the road.

Under inflated tires not only make you stall at road but also they impact tire’s wear pattern. They make your truck’s tire wear inappropriately and you must remember how much fortune you are going to spend when we are talking about replacement tires.

Tinted windows
Although window shades are helpful when your truck is parked, they cannot be used while driving. They are a great solution for keeping your truck’s interior cool when the vehicle is in motion.

Tinted windows allow the light to pass through so that you can see, but it also bounces some off, which should help reduce temperature of your truck’s interior.

Car air conditioner
Without car a/c, were you trying to sneak off in summer? Believe me, truck driving wont be that good experience for you in such hot climate.

The owner’s manual will let you know how often you should replace your cabin air filter that cleans the air before it enters the air conditioning system.

Check the working of air conditioner. Is it working fine? Are the vents blowing cool air? The blower is working fine or not? You must check the overall condition of your truck’s air conditioner and get the related auto parts of truck’s cooling depot replaced before the summer arrives.

Truck battery
There is no convenient season for the truck batteries. They can go dead anytime depending upon the usage. You know truck batteries not only power engine but they also supply power for the electrical system of Truck.

You can help provide your truck battery some longevity by checking daily its condition by scraping away the corrosion, cleaning the surface, checking its placing and re tighten the connections.
Make sure to keep your truck from cold starts by placing a fully charged battery in it.

Automotive lighting

Mostly we have truckers who get on the road at night. They need to be extremely careful of the night time so for that the maintenance of the automotive lightings becomes way too necessary.
Truck headlights, hazard lights, tail lights, brake lights must be in good working condition because wherever and whenever you go, you will definitely need their help. In that case, you need to check your truck lights, clean them, check their working.

It becomes sometimes illegal to drive with inappropriately working automotive lightings. So, don’t welcome unwanted fines because of your little ignorance. PartsAvatar has wide range of automotive lightings; take a look at our comprehensive catalogue.

Top up the coolant
Never let the engine strive for coolant. Coolant plays important role in maintaining the overall temperature of the engine. It keeps your truck’s engine from running hotter than it should, and you could have problems like overheating of engine, engine misfiring or engine starting issues if the temperature rises beyond necessary.

Never let the coolant level go too low. When the truck’s air conditioning is also working in such hot weather, it is immensely pressurizing for the engine to work which definitely increases its temperature. Always top your truck’s coolant and never let it strive for it.

Keep your interior cool
In high temperature it is common for the truck’s window panes or windshield to crack. Crack your window an inch to let the hot air escape.

This is very much important if you plan to park your truck somewhere that provides very little shade. You might also want to tweak your vent settings. It is a good idea to set your climate control to push fresh air through the vents as the temperature rises.
You can also take help of ice packs to achieve cool air out of vents in case you have some!

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