Dont worry if you are not regular behind the wheels, Check out some driving tips here by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts.

Driving is not an easy thing, so if you are a newbie in driving world, Have a look at some driving skills here!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar ford parts.

if you are new to roads especially when you are first time sitting behind the wheels, then make sure to be prepared with driving skills before you head out. It is necessary to have knowledge of the automobile you are driving, because if you cant figure out what has gone wrong, you wont be able to save your vehicle from other expensive damages.
Make sure to read owner’s manual and follow scheduled maintenance.

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But if you haven’t been able to drive the car for years due to several personal reasons, then you could be a danger to everyone on the road because you still need to brush up your skills. Here are some tips for you to follow before confidently exploring the roads and terrains!!

Try to focus!
When we are looking at the road ahead of us, it not only the eyes who are in operation but our brain is also engaged in it. Try to focus on the cars ahead of you and analyse the potential possible threats by looking as far as you can.

By potential threats we suppose some object that is stationary which you need to dodge, or traffic, or pedestrians, or a car suddenly slamming on brakes, or even a rashly moving car. You need to analyse the road in order to adjust your driving speed and skills accordingly, which is called defensive driving.

Improving rain driving skills
The driving skills become essential in rain to learn. Driving in wet conditions such as rain, storms become very dangerous, so you must know how to drive in those.
It is always a risk of hydroplaning where there is so much water that the tires don’t come in contact with the pavement. The car tires loose traction by which they often loose control and car starts skidding. Skidding could lead to fatal accidents so it is important to drive slowly.

Always maintain some distance between your car and other car because the braking distance increases in rainy situation.

Learn to drive in snow
Drive with plenty of caution in snow. Just like rain, you must know how to drive in snow because snow could halt our driving if multiple auto parts fail and refuse to respond.

In that case, it becomes necessary to make an essential pre check up on your car parts before heading out. Some of the important car parts that need to be looked at should be car battery, car engine oil level, fluids, heating devices, inflation of tire, fog lights and head lights etc.

Also make sure to have an emergency kit that has everything that you need in winter like jump cables, flash lights, charger for mobile , blankets, spare tire, wrench, food etc.

Also, you must choose good set of tires. Make sure to know what you want i.e. either snow tires or all season tire. All season tires are good where the snow level is not that high but for extreme snowy regions, snow tires are of great help. Moreover, you can also follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Practise defensive driving!

Be a defensive driver. This is because if we practise defensive driving we can actually save everyone on the road. Be aware of your surroundings and be alert on road.
Never distract yourself and never let the objects that drive your focus away from the road, in your car with you. Read the traffic rules and laws before entering the road and never follow over speeding or rash driving.

Texting, calling, browsing music playlist or other radio stations must be prohibited.

Try to drive often
Taking the car down to a local shop once in a while will help you keep familiar with your car and you wont easily loose your driving skills. So, try to make short trips whenever possible.

Practise braking
Braking in emergency is not that difficult. The ABS in your car, is a feature that alerts a driver to an imminent crash and helps them use the maximum braking capacity of the car.

Using emergency brake to stop a moving vehicle outside of a total brake failure is not recommended and can damage your brake system. This is why, its not good idea to pretend you are a race car driver and slam on brakes to spin in a circle.

Driving with your emergency brake engaged can also cause damage to emergency brake cable and the service brakes. if this happens to you, have your car brake shoes and brake rotors checked to ensure if everything is working fine.

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