First time buying a car?? Watch out for these mistakes and replace car parts at PartsAvatar Ford Parts Canada.

Is it your first time buying a car? Then you must not do these mistakes!!- brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts.

You must not follow these mistakes before you are heading out to buy a new car. Investing in a bad car would lead to spend your cash on expensive replacement car parts and mostly you might have to compromise with fuel economy. Check out Parts Avatar’s wide range of auto body parts if you wish to replace car parts online.

Are you looking to get a car for the first time ever? Read along to ensure that you invest in something good!

Not doing your research
You should always do thorough research before making an investment in car. You must check the public review of that car, it matters. Many people post online complaints and solutions regarding damaged auto part of many brands like Mazda, Ford, and Mercedes etc.

If you want to buy a car, you should do research before you make a decision. There are number of websites that allow people to post reviews of dealership, but their coverage is spotty and incomplete. If you cant find online reviews of the dealer you are considering, just talk to people.

Gather your information about the car you are interested in. Many websites offer free online pricing quotes from your local dealers. Get quotes from multiple dealers before you ever visit any of them.

Proper test drive is important

Not test driving is a foolish thing. Test drives the car you want to buy. Once you have shopped around and determined what car you want, even narrowing down to a single year, make or model), don’t simply say you want to buy a certain year, make and model.

Take your time and be patient, and put the car through its paces on the road and presumably under various driving conditions. Two equivalent cars can vary in ride quality, performance, cabin noise, and options, even more so when considering two similar used cars.

Not understanding the contract
First time buyer? Understanding financial contract is very important? Financial contract is of the most important steps towards car shopping. Considering all the steps you have been through,  it can be easy to think that signing the bottom line is the easiest type.

After negotiating vehicle options, pricing and financing, be sure dealer covered items don’t show up on the final bill. For example, if you have negotiated a full size spare tire or roof rack, a line by line consideration should reveal this.

Taking advantage of used car dealers
The world of used car dealership has gotten is much more of bad reputation. Don’t ignore used car dealers. When considering a used car, make sure they are marked as certified pre owned vehicles.

This certification will let you know your vehicle has passed the necessary inspections and is safe and reliable.
Also, private party or used car dealer, anyone can shine up a piece of junk. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a car that looks good, even if you test drive it and it feels good. Unless you have mechanically savvy, take a mechanic friend with you or have it inspected by a professional.

Accepting long term financing
Are you paying long term finances for your new car? Many of the first time buyers go for long term financing for example 72 months or less than that period. This does lower your payments but with time the overall cost your car’s model decreases with each year.
To get the best deal, consider buying a less expensive car with more savings to your bigger down payments. Also make sure that your credit is all in order before you say yes.

You might be taking a loan from bank to get the new car. In that case, having someone you know act as a co signer can make the overall process much easier.
You must consider your monthly income too. Would you be able to survive by the money that you get after everything is deducted as monthly payment of your car? People often get attracted by zero down payment offers and longer financing terms but they forget how much they could afford.

You are not only making payment for car itself, how can you forget the costly insurances? Do you in Canada itself, the insurance rates of your car vary from state to state. For instance, people living in British Columbia and Ontario have to shed a big amount of their income to pay for car insurances only excluding other interest.
Less expensive cars are less expensive to finance, insure, maintain, and repair, fitting better in a tight budget.

So, make sure not to follow the salesman’s total lecture. You should run your mind too. Make a budget. You must know what you need is comfort ability. Focus less on style than mileage.
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