What are Anti Lock Braking Systems? Will they help me brake faster or safer??PartsAvatar simplifies this for you!

Do you know what ABS stands for in a car? Take a look at some facts about ABS Brakes. –by Partsavatar Auto Parts.

Introduction of AntiLock Brake system of car was one of best decision taken by auto makers for driver’s safety. Though many of us think that ABS Is 21 century innovation, but no, they have been around since 1950s introduced in Europe. ABS was first developed for aircrafts in 1929. Jensen Ferguson Formula, a four wheel drive car unveiled ABS in 1966 as the first building step towards the evolution of ABS.

ABS is now fitted in every new car and is used to stabilize the car while cornering and as a crude aid to traction.Let us know some important facts and uses of ABS other than braking.

What is ABS?
The ABS is a four wheel system that prevents wheel lock up by automatically modulating the brake pressure during an emergency stop. Under most conditions, it enables the driver to maintain control of the steering wheel and maintain certain distance with its immediate vehicle by preventing the wheels from locking. During normal ride, when you apply brakes, you will feel no difference in ABS or Non ABS brakes. But during any condition that requires interference of ABS brakes, a certain pulsation can be felt in the brake pedal accompanied by fall and rise in the brake pedal along with clicking noise.
This advanced driving technique is useful on non ABS cars, as the driver exerts pressure on the brake pedal to regain steering control while providing maximum braking. Vehicles with ABS are equipped with dual brake system. The main components of ABS are:
·        Hydraulic control unit
·        Anti lock brake control module

How does ABS work?

ABS uses sensors which are connected via car's ABS connectors to detect when one wheel is rotating at different rate than other. If the sensor notices that wheel is turning more slowly while braking, then it’s a sign that the wheel is probably locked or is about to get locked. The system thus reduces the brake pressure accordingly by activating a relief valve, until that pressure is equal with the other wheels.

If the wheel begins to lock again, the process is repeated in the same way as pumping the brake pedal pad of car.
However if the brake pressure is momentarily released the brakes are freed and tires can revolve again.The intervention of ABS happens many times. By releasing and reapplying the brakes, the car’s ABS prevents it from going into a brake induced skid.

Does ABS help be Brake Faster?

It is not the job of ABS to make you stop faster. But ABS’s job is to allow the driver to maintain the control of car under hard braking conditions.
ABS will either lock the four wheels to prevent the car from skidding or it will allow you to continue to steer the car helping you to avoid the object that is causing you to apply brake so hard.

ABS as Traction Control
In most situations especially in a low friction environment we often use traction control feature in our car to gain easy traction. Traction control in cars monitor wheel speed using ABS wheel speed sensors.In severe cases traction control can also apply brakes to the slipping wheel. For example,Modern Range rover uses in built anti lock braking system to restore the traction and grip of the slipping wheel by applying brake.

ABS in Side winds
Most modern auto vehicles are immune to deceptive effects of cross winds on highways or fast roads. But, in windy conditions Lorries, vans and other high sided vehicles drive the best as the bulk sails effectively in winds.But in extreme circumstances like cyclonic winds, they can be blown over but even a moderate breeze can blow them over with major road hazards.

Mercedes Benz uses the ABS fitted to its vans to control this movement by impartially applying the brakes to wheel to help steady it and stop the lateral movements due to strong winds.
So ABS can be helpful in disastrous conditions.

ABS can help in quick cornering
Now you can take turn at corners more safely by using ABS. keeping in mind the safe cornering , car manufacturers advise using car’s ABS as Traction control and chassis stability aid in such situation.

The car gently applies brakes on one or more wheels when it detects the danger of losing control on the corner. This effect can be straightforward or dramatic.

For example if you want to take a left turn on a corner, you can feel the left hand rear brake grabbing to help you steer into the left hand turn more easily. Sports car like McLaren use this principle of lightly applying brake on inside rear wheel to help kill under steer and provide sharper turn in.

Self Braking Using ABS
The emergence of self braking system is increasing in modern cars. In terms of safety it is great.The system links radar or forward facing camera to the car’s braking system. This system will alert you in case its camera detects a stationary or slow moving object in front of your car. If you do not apply brakes, the ABS will take the charge and the brakes will be applied judicially before any collision can happen.

It’s very good safety feature in cars as sometimes, we are so distracted on the road due to certain reasons that there are chances of head on collision with other immediate vehicle. Or even if you are conscious on road, you can’t guarantee if the other drivers are conscious as much as you are. So, you can ensure your safety even if you are spacing out while driving by deploying this collision avoidance system in car.

ABS Issues
If you are driving on loose surfaces like mud, dirt or snow ABS will become confused and the stopping distance will extend due to interference of ABS. that is why many off roaders prefer cars equipped with special off road mode so that effect of ABS can be reduced or in some cases eliminated.

Common problems with ABS can be damaged sensors and blocked released valves. The orange light on your dashboard will start illuminating if the ABS goes faulty.
In this situation don’t panic. You can still apply brakes normally. Check your brake fluid level in the reservoir. If still the light comes on, then for the sake of your safety, visit a professional.

Hope this article will help you give enough information about ABS and its benefits.

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Warning lights on your dashboard are usually the first sign of trouble with your car.check it out!

Don’t panic! Know what these car dash lights mean and what you need to do when they illuminate! – Partsavatar Performance Parts.

Dash lights are nothing new but the warning messages they give are. Not all warning lights are universal as they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is advised to always follow your car’s owner manual when you are unsure about warning light.
Still Parts Avatar explains the meaning behind most common dash warning symbols.

Coolant Temperature Light

This light indicates the temperature of the engine has exceeded its normal limits. Hot engine leads to overheating.
What you need to do is check the level of coolant of car or leaks if the coolant is dripping out. Also check the fan operation and automotive radiator caps. Loose radiator caps sometimes cause the coolant to leak and hence increases the temperature inside the engine.
If you still cannot figure out anything, call your mechanic!

TPMS Light
If the Tire pressure monitoring system detects that one of your car’s tire is under inflated, the system sends a warning message in the form of TPMS light.You definitely can’t ignore this! This is because under inflated tires often cause road hazards and accidents.  Get your tires inflated properly!
Sometimes bad sensor generates false warning message. In this case you will need to manually reset the TPMS light or replace car's TPMS sensor with the help of professionals.

Oil Pressure Warning
If this light comes on, it means your engine is low on oil or loss of oil pressure. Stop at the safe place and shut down the engine.
The first thing you need to check is the engine oil level. If it is low, then top it up. If the warning light still persists even after filling the oil up to level, then you may need to visit your mechanic.

Engine Warning light
Usually called check engine light. There are numerous reasons behind the occurrence of check engine light.You may need to check and replace certain parts like automotive oxygen sensor, automotive spark plugs and mass air flow sensors. These auto parts are still cheap to replace and easily available at aftermarket prices.
But, just pray that your mechanic doesn’t tell you that your catalytic converter is malfunctioning. Catalytic converters are very expensive exhaust system parts.
Just keep your car properly maintained and check for worn out parts regularly if you want to escape a huge repair bill.

ABS Warning light
ABS lights indicate that the Anti lock Brake Computer code needs to be reset.
Don’t worry you are not going to have brake failure in this case. As the brakes work normally as they do without ABS. but for the sake of your safety, do yourself a favor and visit a technician for resetting of ABS code. 


Traction Control or ESP
Whenever you use anti skid or electronic stability system, the traction control light illuminates. What it generally indicates is that the traction control system in car is engaged.

Battery Charge Warning light
It means that car’s charging system is out of power.The voltage level goes below normal level and the vehicle’s charging system starts malfunctioning.
If you encounter this light, the first thing to do is inspect the battery terminals, alternator belts of car and battery condition. Malfunctioning alternator, loose or broken alternator drive belt and a slack battery cause this problem.
Call your mechanic and check for the cracks and worn out parts. Many aftermarket stores offer car batteries and auto alternators at budgetary prices, so consider buying these from online stores like parts avatar.

Brake System Warning Light
Low brake fluid level often causes the brake system warning light to appear. Other issues associated with this warning light are; parking brake is on or ABS problem.
In this case, make sure that the parking brake is fully released and check the brake fluid level.You will need professional assistance if the problem is with ABS.
It is wise to check the brake fluid level every few weeks to avoid such brake related problems.

Fog lamp Indicator
This indicates that the vehicle’s front fog lamps are illuminated. In the foggy regions it is essential to use fog lamps your and other motorist’s safety. But you need to be very careful with the usage of car lights as not every light is meant to be used in every weather condition.
If you don’t wish to get warning receipt from officer on the road, then read this article about correct usage of car lights.You can also Shop for good quality automotive Fog lamps at Parts Avatar with free shipping.

Security Light
It means that you may need a key with the proper transponder in order to trigger the ignition. Or worst, there is something wrong with car’s anti theft system.
You will need to take your car to a garage for professional diagnosis. 

Washer fluid reminder
auto Washer fluid level sensors send signal to the system indicating low washer fluid level in the washer reservoir.
In this case fill the washer reservoir with the fluid. Some cars have separate reservoirs for front and rear window washers.

 Traction control Malfunction
This light indicates that there is a problem with vehicle’s traction control/ anti skid or electronic stability system or it may have been totally shut off.
You will need to have professional diagnosis in this case.

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Are you confused and don’t know what car you should buy this year? PartsAvatar presents Top 10 Best Cars of 2017!

2017 is the year of Jaw dropping Auto Innovations! Let’s take a sneak peek at Top 10 Cars of 2017! – By Partsavatar Car Parts.
2017 is becoming a fantastic year in terms of auto innovations. Based on consumer report survey, PartsAvatar confidently presents to you Top 10 best Cars of 2017 based on safety, reliability and luxury.

There are numerous models in the market ranging from standard family hatchbacks to brilliant sports cars, so many choices and action packed year ahead. So if you are an auto freak and wish to buy a new auto vehicle, then may be this guide can answer your doubts!

1. Honda Ridgeline- Truck of Innovations
Honda has introduced 2017 Honda Ridgeline as its redesigned compact pickup truck after year long hiatus. It places high in our rankings, outmatching both domestic and foreign competitors. Ridgeline makes an excellent daily driver with quality and comfortable interior and well balanced performance. The major advantage on ridgeline’s side is that it provides better fuel economy as compared to other diesel trucks in the market. It is much of a sophisticated urban vehicle than an off road beast. 
Take a look at its specifications.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 18-19 for city and 25-26 for highways
Drive train- FWD, AWD
Horsepower- 280
Engine- V6 3.5 L
Starting price- $36790
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2. Audi Q7- The Luxury SUV
Audi Q7 is German automaker’s only three row crossover. This popular luxury SUV falls between midsize Q5 and compact Q3 series. It gives you some off road abilities with its four wheel drive. This seven seater SUV gives you immense dose luxurious interior for your comfort ability and style. Its high-tech infotainment system provides excellent interaction with phone, audio and other functions.As most motorist choose diesel engine, but its new Q7- E Tron is also attracting the auto enthusiasts as it combines V6 engine with battery pack and electric motor to control exhaust emissions. Have a glance at its specs.

Seating- 7
Mileage- 20 city/ 25 Hwy
Drive train- AWD
Horsepower- 252 @5000
Engine- 4 cyl Turbo 2.0 L TFSL
Starting price- $68500

3. Toyota Highlander- Family Oriented Mid Size SUV
With advanced driving assistance features, Toyota has marked its position in the midsize SUV market by introducing Highlander. What makes it so special is its high end and comfortable interior along with wide space for cargo. Talking about its features Highlander throws in solid performance with excellent fuel economy. If you are an eco minded person then you don’t need to worry as Highlander also offers hybrid Power train for you. All in all, it spreads the message of Toyota- Don’t be flashy; just be good, be safe and be reliable.

Mileage- 27 City/28 Hwy
Drive train- FWD, AWD
Horsepower- 280
Engine- 2.5L V6
Starting Price- $41000
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4. Subaru Forester- The Uncommon Small SUV
The Subaru Forester is incredibly versatile, loaded with desirable features that wrap you in complete comfort armed with advanced safety technology and remarkable stability. It is just a perfect example of a compact SUV.

Mileage-26 miles per gallon
Drive train-AWD
Horsepower- 170@5800 rpm
Engine- H4 2.5 L
Starting Price- $25995

5. Chevrolet Impala- Full Size Sedan
The 2017 Chevy Impala has something for everyone. It has style, spacious interior, innovation and advanced Smartphone integration technology. Impala offers advanced safety features like Forward Collision alert, Lane departure Warning and available side Blind Zone alert along with 10 airbags and on star automatic crash response.

Seating- 5
Mileage-11 City/8 Hwy
Drive Train- FWD
Horsepower- 196@6300 rpm
Engine-L-4 2.5 L
Starting Price- $29295
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6. Kia Optima- Midsized Sedan
Kia Optima offers midsized sedan with European styling, couple like roofline and wide range of engine choices. It is available in LX, EX, SX, SXL trim levels. It is giving hard competition to Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Ford Fusion and Subaru legacy. Take a quick look at its specs.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 25 City/36 Hwy
Drive train- FWD
Engine- 2.4 L I-4 GDI
Horsepower- 185@6000 rpm
Starting price- $25800

7. Mazda Mx-5 Miata- The Sports Car
Mazda Miata retains its spirit of Sports car soul. The all new Mazda MX-RF was designed not only to advance the technology and updating previous Mazda auto parts in MX-5 but to reward passionate drivers everywhere. Complete with Nappa leather trimmed upholstery and spacious seating MX-5 is as sophisticated as it is exhilarating to its drivers. It provides more profound connection between its drivers and wheels with its improved suspension and electric power steering.

Seating- 2
Mileage- 34 miles per gallon
Drive train- RWD
Engine- SKYACTIV-G 2.0L
Horsepower- 155@6000 rpm
Starting Price- $38800

8. Toyota Prius- Efficient Car without a Plug
Toyota Prius is continuing to dominate the world of Hybrid Cars. This innovative green machine is giving tough competition to other hybrid manufacturer giants and still stands high. It takes serious smarts to design and manufacture a 3100 pound car that sips fuel so miserly that it can cover 54 miles on a single gallon of gasoline.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 52 City/ 54 Hwy
Drive train- FWD
Horsepower- 95hp
Engine- 1.8L Inline -4
Starting price-$28980

9. Chevrolet Cruze- the Compact package
Already known as a compact car,Chevrolet Cruze is also available as a hatchback. The Cruze is great for long distance trips with comfortable seats, quite interior and huge trunk.

It doesn’t stray far from the sedan in terms of its styling, powertrain and suspension. Chevy produced this car using the same technology it takes to larger vehicles as Impala. It is a budget friendly midsized car offering economic drive.

Seating- 5
Mileage-28 City/ 37 Hwy
Drive train-FWD
Horsepower-153@5600 rpm
Engine- Turbocharged DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4
Starting price- $23000

10. Toyota Yaris– the true subcompact car
Out last pick i.e. Toyota Yaris is the best of European styling combined with Toyota’s legendary quality, dependability and reliability.Good visibility and Toyota entune infotainment system are some of the yaris’s best features. Yaris iA though sold under Toyota brand, but it was actually made by Mazda.Yaris iA helps you stay safe on the road with its active safety system and low speed pre collision system.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 34 mpg combined
Horsepower- 106@6000 rpm
Drive train- FWD
Engine- 1.5L DOHC 16 V
Starting price- $17500

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Check out the interesting facts and significance of The Discovery Day- The day, an unknown world came into being! @PartsAvatar Car Parts!

Do you know discovery day is celebrated twice in a year on different dates and in different provinces? Why? Check out the significance of the discovery day which is celebrated in Newfoundland and Labrador here. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto parts.

Well, Discovery day is celebrated by different provinces in Canada twice on different dates. Those provinces are newfound land, Labrador and Yukon. But most of us, don’t know the difference between them.
In this article, my purpose is to highlight the major facts about newfound land and Labrador’s discovery day which is celebrated on June 26. Also covered in this article are some facts about discovery day celebrated in Yukon. So, Take a look.

A look at the past!
New found land and Labrador distinguish itself from other Canadian provinces by celebrating discovery day on a different calendar date. Discovery day also known as Cabot Day commemorates John Cabot’s arrival to Newfoundland which marked the first discovery of the Canadian province in 1497.

Cabot left Europe on May 20, 1497, aboard his vessel, The Matthew, and landed in present day Bonavista on June 24, 1497. He sailed from England in hopes of reaching Asian continent but instead he reached present day Newfoundland.
Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador celebrate this day each year near June 24 to commemorate John Cabot’s first expedition.

Discovery day is a provincial holiday in Canada and is a paid holiday for government employees in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a good opportunity for those who want to explore the beauty of Newfoundland.
Take a look at some compelling facts about this day and Newfoundland.

Discovered by John Cabot
As read above Newfoundland was discovered by John Cabot on June 24, 1497. So, it is also called Cabot day. Although john Cabot claimed the land for England, his name was actually Giovanni Cabotto and he was born in Italy.

Different date in Newfoundland and Labrador
Discovery day is also celebrated in Yukon on every Monday in August. But in Newfoundland and Labrador, it is observed every year near June 24. It commemorates Giovanni Cabotto also known as John Cabot and its history is entirely different from Yukon.

Discovery day in Yukon
In Yukon, discovery day goes back into the era when George Washington Carmack learnt about the presence of Gold at Bonanza Creek in Yukon on 17 august, 1896.
This discovery prompted traders and miners in North America to get interested in gold.  However, the boom was brief with the introduction of power driven mining methods which replaced miners.

Do you know why Cabot named it Newfoundland?
John Cabot was certain that he is heading over to Asia. In fact, in sailed in hopes of reaching Asian continent. Upon discovery of the land, Cabot named it Newfoundland after realizing that he had not reached Asia. Hope he found Asia afterwards!

Residents speak unique English dialect
John Cabot not only discovered Newfoundland but also influenced its language. Even today, the natives of Newfoundland and Labrador speak a unique dialect of English called Newfinese. This dialect stems from island isolation and the interaction between French, Irish and English that was brought with European settlers.

Friendly and approachable people say hello in their distinctive accents which is a treasure from their irish and english forefathers. At christmas time its not uncommon to bump into traditional mummers, locals dressed in outlandish disguises visiting from houses to houses laughing, singing and dancing!

Read the Race to the new world to learn more!
If you are interested in John Cabot and his discoveries, then you should read “The race to the new world” by Douglas Hunter.

Visit Bonavista, where Cabot landed
John Cabot landed in Bonavista on his ship called “the Matthew”. The present day town has a full size floating replica of the Matthew which attracts loads of tourists.
The picturesque coastal town of Bonavista is surrounded by cliffs, icebergs, scenery and a light house. Unleash your inner explorer and visit Bonavista for some great adventure just like John Cabot. Imagine how the explorer might have felt on his epic voyage to North America. 

Catch a glimpse of 10000 year old icebergs from the top of the Cape Bonavista light house historic site, and look out over the horizon where our light keepers have stood since 1840s. 
Whales, seabirds and icebergs are usual guests along the amazing shorelines surrounded by dense trees.

Dance to Irish- French tunes!                                
Popular artists from Newfoundland and Labrador including Great Big Sea, Shanneyganock and the Irish descendants mesmerize the crowd with the music which is mixture of Irish, English and Cornish traditions.

Don’t forget to try Newfoundland culinary dishes such as Tinned cream, fish ‘n’ brewis or corned beef and cabbage with a twist.

Learn culture and sports!
It has been a good opportunity for artists, athletes and organizations to get a chance to present their ideas on this day. Additionally, this day provides an opportunity to learn history and culture of Canada. Celebratory events include outdoor concerts, historical characters and various art and cultural activities.
Other attractions include the kids walking parade, talent shows and motorcade involving 100 cars.

Discovery day symbol in Yukon
In Newfoundland and Labrador, the Matthews is the major symbol of discovery day. But in Yukon, discovery day is symbolized by a flag consisting three vertical sections. The green section represents forest; white section represents snow and deep blue section represents rivers and lakes in Yukon.
The section on the center signifies the coat of arms and floral emblem represents the fireweed.

Activities that mark Discovery day in Yukon
On discovery day in Yukon, several family friendly activities, tournaments and festivals are organized. People, specially visit Dawson city to view historic street theatre and watch photo Mounties also known as the royal Canadian mounted police in full uniform.

Dawson city is the center of Klondike gold rush and Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon.
So, if you want some different experience this summer, then why not try Newfoundland! Its beauty and picturesque landscape won’t disappoint and it has a lot to offer!

In the end, Enjoy Discovery day and discover your inner explorer!!

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