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Is your car releasing white smoke? Is the engine overheating? If you have begun to notice that your vehicle has a blown head gasket, then confirm your suspicion with this article. Here we will discuss what actually the head gasket is? And what are its symptoms if something goes wrong with it.

What an irony it is, inexpensive head gasket costs lots of dollars when replacing. So, if you are in dilemma of having to spend your hard earned money, first take a look here and confirm your suspicions before following your mechanic’s advice.

Head gasket of car's engine is an important component of internal combustion engine and it is located between engine block and automotive cylinder heads. It is considered as most critical sealing application in the engine, as its job is to seal the cylinders ensuring maximum compression and avoiding leakage of coolant and oil on the cylinders. It also keeps coolant and oil from mixing as the two fluids travel from engine block to cylinder head. Head gasket also works to seal hot combustion gases and coolant which can be anywhere from cold temperatures to normal operating temperatures of your engine. It is quite unusual for the head gaskets to develop leaks because of large surface area and range of temperatures of engine block.

A vehicle’s engine is made to work in extreme conditions with intense heat. This heat may cause the cylinder head or engine block to expand which in turn will result in a blown head gasket.

There replacement is costly because repairing of head gasket means doing operations of removing engine’s head. You cannot see much of the head gasket on the vehicle without disassembling engine.

Symptoms of blown Head Gasket

There are many factors that could cause a blown head gasket. Visual inspection cannot accurately detect the problem with blown head gasket. You can read the following symptoms that most likely occur during this situation.

Tinted Spark Plugs

The vehicles that use green coolant may get the problem of tinted spark plugs. A bad or failing head gasket may cause the greenish substance to deposit on the spark plugs. More importantly if you notice coolant spraying out of your spark plugs, then unfortunately the time has come to shed some dollars on head gasket replacement. You should also check your spark plugs along with head gasket for any sign of wear or tear.
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Bad Exhaust System or water leaking from tailpipe

Various issues with the exhaust system may cause blown head gasket. Water leaking from your car’s exhaust pipe can indicate to a faulty head gasket. If the exhaust emits sweet smell or white smoke is coming out of vehicle’s tailpipe, then your head gasket may need replacement.

If you are inspecting your car’s exhaust pipes for signs of white smoke, make sure your car is fully warmed up during warm part of the day. A cold engine will produce small amount of vapor which will look like white smoke coming out of exhaust pipe.

Bubbling in the Radiator

High pressure built during combustion process in the cylinder can push the exhaust gases past the head gasket into the engine cooling system. The trapped exhaust gases will be circulated to the car’s radiator via engine. If the head gasket is having a leak, there is a high possibility of emission of air bubbles out of the radiator.

In this situation it is not wise to remove the radiator cap immediately as the engine cooling system is still under pressure. You can also check the presence of air bubbles in coolant overflow tank or you can rev your engine many times. If air bubbles are found, then no time should be wasted on thinking for replacement, just do it.

Overheating of the Engine

Engine overheating is one of the first common sign pointing towards a blown head gasket. During overheating, metal of the engine block and head expands beyond limits. Any damage to head gasket will lead to loss of compression by the engine eventually causing the engine to overheat. If you experience overheating, it is advised to shut the engine down and call for the professionals before damaging other engine components along with the gasket. It is advised to stop the car when car's engine overheats.

Milky White coloration in the oil

After the engine is turned off, the coolant that is still left inside enters engine oil through piston rings. You can check the vehicle’s oil cap to detect this issue. A white milky substance is formed when the coolant mixes with the oil. If the milky ring is found around the cap, then the oil is probably contaminated by the coolant. In this situation you may have to flushout the contaminated automotive oil along with the replacement of head gasket.

These are some of the common symptoms though there are various causes of a blown head gasket. It is advised not to keep your vehicle running if any of these symptoms is detected. This is because driving further with damaged head gasket may erode metal head or engine block or even you may have to replace engine itself. Relax on the roadside and wait for mechanic to examine things other than increasing your repair bill.

How to prevent the head gasket failure

The best way to prevent head gasket failure is to keep the cooling system in the top working order. Engine should be checked periodically for any sign of leaks or other damaging symptoms.

 Thermostat or coolant hose failure may fuel up the engine damage. It is also important to keep the coolant at proper level and correct mixture should be used especially manufacturers recommended are advised. Partsavatar offers good quality thermostats of car and automotive coolant, check it out.

It is also advised to watch the temperature gauge, as rising temperature may cause problems for the gasket.

Do not replace the head gasket by yourself as it not a beginner’s job to do so. It is wise to take help of a professional.
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