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Is starting your car becoming difficult?Need a Re-manufactured or a New Starter? Learn about the difference between them here – Vehicle Parts.

Car starter is a pivotal component of starting process of your vehicle. It is generally located at the rear of the motor. The gear on the starter is responsible for the ignition process to give life to the engine. Thus any damage to starter may just cost the life of engine and eventually your car won’t move. So, when it comes to replacement options, there is variety of choices before the customer in the form of New, Re-manufactured or Rebuilt starters. Opinions over the choice vary from customer to customer. So, in this article, Parts avatar tries to differentiate between New and Re-manufactured starters in this article along with the symptoms of a bad starter.

It should be noted that auto parts whether brought aftermarket or from original dealer that are up to the standards and specifications of your vehicle will give you proper performance otherwise you are just dumping your money if you do not consider the standards carefully.
Let us read about starter’s failing symptoms.

What are failing symptoms of Starters?
When the starter begins to wear out it will directly impact your ability to drive the car. The main components that are majorly damaged inside the starter are it solenoid and starter motor. Though, the parts can be repaired or fixed individually but it is advised to replace the whole starter to prevent future breakdown.
Noted below are the symptoms of a failing starter.

1. Grinding noise when starting the motor
The noise is often produced when the gears that connect the starter to the flywheel are worn out. If you hear grinding noise, you should call your mechanic immediately as if the problem is with starter motor then it could spread to automotive flywheel hence damaging it. The repairing cost of flywheel along with starter would be quite expensive. Call the mechanic as soon as you notice the sound and get your starter motor of car and flywheel replaced.

2. Smoke when starting the motor
Sometimes you may notice smell or smoke coming from underneath the engine. This problem may have been caused by short circuit or blown fuse in ignition system or even overheating of car's engine. Basically, the starter needs electricity for its operation. Sometimes, it gets overheated because of continuous power supply to the starter.In this case, along with the starter, the engine and ignition system parts also get damaged. So switch off the engine and call the mechanic immediately.

3. Starter activates but does not spin the motor
Sometimes when you turn the ignition switch, the motor does not spin.There may be problem with the gears. Either the gear has been stripped or has been dislodged against the flywheel. You may need starter replacement either way. Contact your mechanic to inspect the problem for you.

4. When you turn your key and nothing happens
It is the most common symptom. There are many causes behind this issue. Some are bad battery, electrical problems or worn solenoid or starter motor. Call your mechanic and let him decide what the real issue is without wasting the time.
So when your car shows signs of problems when starting, there may be issues with battery or ignition systems. It is better to have them replaced or checked if necessary. You can get aftermarket car battery and auto ignition system parts at budgetary prices.

Remanufactured VS New Starter

Re manufactured starters are virtually indistinguishable from new ones. Rebuilt ones generally have high degree of reused components.As we have choice, we are often confused. The major thing is make and model of your car. If the product is not up to your car’s specifications, then it is just waste of money. Lets us read about pros and cons of re-manufactured and new starters.

We are often suggested by our mechanic to buy a new starter. But remanufactured starter motors are built for extreme heat and cold. Remanufactured starter manufacturers often say that remanufactured products are indistinguishable from the new ones.
Basically when the remanufactured, the worn out internal components are replaced.Auto parts companies remanufacture the starters keeping in mind that the end product of this remanufacturing process should meet all the specifications of new unit. Many aftermarket auto part stores offer car's remanufactured starters at lucrative prices. So based on your vehicle’s specification, you can replace them with remanufactured starters.

1. As it has undergone major replacement and teardown of damaged components with the new ones, they offer same warranty as the new starters.
2. Even though remanufacturing is the job of third party companies, but some OE suppliers have also stepped in this process.
3. As they meet the standards and specifications of the new one, so they can be expected to last as long as the new starter.
4. Remanufactured starters provide optimum starting performance of the engine.
5. Each unit is remanufactured using the highest quality material and advanced technology.
6. Every component is 100% factory tested prior to remanufacturing to ensure that it meets the standards of the new one.
7. Their cost is quite cheap as compared to the original or new starter.
8. Sometimes for old cars or trucks, the remanufactured parts are the only option as the new products are not available of that standard. So in this case, remanufactured starters can be used easily.

1. One of the major cons of the remanufactured starters is its warranty. The warranty will not be as good as the new one offer. But, warranty is not an issue if you buy the remanufactured starter from a trusted store and it works properly.
2. You may not know if the product is tested according to original specifications. It is advised to make sure the manufacturer had tested the product before shipping.

New Starters
Mostly, when there is any issue with our car’s starter we often think to replace it with the new car starter.Though the end result of both new and remanufactured starter is the same,but the thing matters is the trusted brand and warranty they offer.So, there are some pros and cons of the new starters.

1.The major benefit of buying a new starter is the warranty and guarantee offered by the manufacturer. New starters often exceed the OE part installed by the vehicle manufacturer.
2. The specifications perfectly match with the make, model and design of your vehicle, so you need not worry about the standards.

The major con of new starters is there price is high as compared to the re-manufactured starters.

Ending note
Rebuilt starters may or may not meet the standards of original ones. So, it should be checked if they are properly tested before installing rebuilt starters.
Between Re-manufactured and New starter, the choice is yours. You can buy new starter because you see the trust and warranty of their product or you can opt for re-manufactured one if you prefer product reliability and value.As long as the starter fits your vehicle’s specifications and performs properly, cost does not matter. But the choice can be made wisely, as there is not much difference between both.

Partsavatar hopes that this guide will help of choose the starter easily. You can shop for other aftermarket or replacement auto products or accessories here at cheap prices. Get the benefit of free shipping for shopping over $99. 

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