Warning lights on your dashboard are usually the first sign of trouble with your car.check it out!

Don’t panic! Know what these car dash lights mean and what you need to do when they illuminate! – Partsavatar Performance Parts.

Dash lights are nothing new but the warning messages they give are. Not all warning lights are universal as they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is advised to always follow your car’s owner manual when you are unsure about warning light.
Still Parts Avatar explains the meaning behind most common dash warning symbols.

Coolant Temperature Light

This light indicates the temperature of the engine has exceeded its normal limits. Hot engine leads to overheating.
What you need to do is check the level of coolant of car or leaks if the coolant is dripping out. Also check the fan operation and automotive radiator caps. Loose radiator caps sometimes cause the coolant to leak and hence increases the temperature inside the engine.
If you still cannot figure out anything, call your mechanic!

TPMS Light
If the Tire pressure monitoring system detects that one of your car’s tire is under inflated, the system sends a warning message in the form of TPMS light.You definitely can’t ignore this! This is because under inflated tires often cause road hazards and accidents.  Get your tires inflated properly!
Sometimes bad sensor generates false warning message. In this case you will need to manually reset the TPMS light or replace car's TPMS sensor with the help of professionals.

Oil Pressure Warning
If this light comes on, it means your engine is low on oil or loss of oil pressure. Stop at the safe place and shut down the engine.
The first thing you need to check is the engine oil level. If it is low, then top it up. If the warning light still persists even after filling the oil up to level, then you may need to visit your mechanic.

Engine Warning light
Usually called check engine light. There are numerous reasons behind the occurrence of check engine light.You may need to check and replace certain parts like automotive oxygen sensor, automotive spark plugs and mass air flow sensors. These auto parts are still cheap to replace and easily available at aftermarket prices.
But, just pray that your mechanic doesn’t tell you that your catalytic converter is malfunctioning. Catalytic converters are very expensive exhaust system parts.
Just keep your car properly maintained and check for worn out parts regularly if you want to escape a huge repair bill.

ABS Warning light
ABS lights indicate that the Anti lock Brake Computer code needs to be reset.
Don’t worry you are not going to have brake failure in this case. As the brakes work normally as they do without ABS. but for the sake of your safety, do yourself a favor and visit a technician for resetting of ABS code. 


Traction Control or ESP
Whenever you use anti skid or electronic stability system, the traction control light illuminates. What it generally indicates is that the traction control system in car is engaged.

Battery Charge Warning light
It means that car’s charging system is out of power.The voltage level goes below normal level and the vehicle’s charging system starts malfunctioning.
If you encounter this light, the first thing to do is inspect the battery terminals, alternator belts of car and battery condition. Malfunctioning alternator, loose or broken alternator drive belt and a slack battery cause this problem.
Call your mechanic and check for the cracks and worn out parts. Many aftermarket stores offer car batteries and auto alternators at budgetary prices, so consider buying these from online stores like parts avatar.

Brake System Warning Light
Low brake fluid level often causes the brake system warning light to appear. Other issues associated with this warning light are; parking brake is on or ABS problem.
In this case, make sure that the parking brake is fully released and check the brake fluid level.You will need professional assistance if the problem is with ABS.
It is wise to check the brake fluid level every few weeks to avoid such brake related problems.

Fog lamp Indicator
This indicates that the vehicle’s front fog lamps are illuminated. In the foggy regions it is essential to use fog lamps your and other motorist’s safety. But you need to be very careful with the usage of car lights as not every light is meant to be used in every weather condition.
If you don’t wish to get warning receipt from officer on the road, then read this article about correct usage of car lights.You can also Shop for good quality automotive Fog lamps at Parts Avatar with free shipping.

Security Light
It means that you may need a key with the proper transponder in order to trigger the ignition. Or worst, there is something wrong with car’s anti theft system.
You will need to take your car to a garage for professional diagnosis. 

Washer fluid reminder
auto Washer fluid level sensors send signal to the system indicating low washer fluid level in the washer reservoir.
In this case fill the washer reservoir with the fluid. Some cars have separate reservoirs for front and rear window washers.

 Traction control Malfunction
This light indicates that there is a problem with vehicle’s traction control/ anti skid or electronic stability system or it may have been totally shut off.
You will need to have professional diagnosis in this case.

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