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A faulty EGR valve can cause your car to stall in between. Take a look! –by Partsavatar Automotive Parts.

EGR valves or Exhaust Gas recirculation valve is an important component of exhaust system that is responsible for expelling the exhaust emissions from the exhaust tailpipe of car into the atmosphere.

EGR valves burn the car’s fuel more efficiently by recirculation and burning a portion of exhaust through the combustion process again. In other words the spent exhaust gases are recirculated back into the inlet manifold to be used in the combustion again.These re circulated exhaust gases cool down the temperature of combustion as the nitrogen is produced at high temperatures.It not only decreases the emission but at the same time also prevents the formation of harmful gases.

 This technique is employed by all most every vehicle to control the pollutants in exhaust.A faulty EGR valve could cause rough idling and poor acceleration along with poor fuel economy of your car. It is better to judge your requirements- replacement or repair. You can buy and replace Aftermarket EGR valve of car at budgetary prices also to gain back your car’s mileage.

Let us take a look at some symptoms and other necessary information regarding EGR valves. You can visit Partsavatar website or can take advice regarding EGR valves by sending message or whatever method you choose.

Symptoms of Bad EGR valve
Emissions and performance of engine is gravely effected if the EGR valve goes bad. There are various signs to watch out for. Let us have a look.

Loss of power and acceleration
The very first victim of a failing EGR valve is engine. The performance of Engine decreases drastically if the EGR valve fails. You will start to notice sudden loss of power, acceleration. This is more dangerous if you are in middle of driving and you notice these symptoms.

Fuel efficiency is also effected due to bad EGR valve.

Rough Idle
EGR valves could start to malfunction and stuck in a position in the case of rough idling. Car will not run smoothly and you will notice sudden shakes and stalls while driving.

Check engine light comes on
Check engine light of car is another warning signal that may come on if the engine is not working properly. Though, check engine light may illuminate due to several other reasons. But if the EGR valve fails, the computer detects and sends the signal to check engine light that something is wrong with the valve.

You can confirm your suspicion by calling a professional to know the exact reason behind check engine light.

Testing an EGR valve
You can also run simple test to save time and money. There is a simple process to troubleshoot a bad EGR valve. You will need a vacuum pump of car for testing, which you can buy at any online store. There are certain steps to test an EGR valve.

Locate the EGR valve
Locate your vehicle’s EGR valve by going through the owner’s manual. It is generally located at the side of the engine like a round, thick metal disc.You can also search for particular model EGR valve on the internet or any online store to get the exact picture of your item. Our major goal is to get to the EGR valve.

Testing the valve stem
After locating the valve, our next mission is to open the valve by using vacuum pulls. By increasing the vacuum pulls on the diaphragm of the valve we can easily access the inside of the valve.

Try to move the diaphragm with your fingers. If you are unable to do so by using finger pressure then there might be carbon deposits that are possibly restricting the plunger movement in the valve.

Testing Diaphragm
By time, diaphragm show signs of aging and can cause leakage of exhaust gases. To inspect the condition of valve’s diaphragm, you will need to do the following test.
Apply the parking brake, block the wheels and start the engine.

Carefully spray the auto carburetor cleaner through the underside openings and towards the diaphragm. If the engine’s rpm increases when you spray, it indicated that there is probably a leak in the diaphragm and you need a new EGR valve.

Testing stem movement
Start the engine and let it idle for 15 minutes. Increase the speed of engine to about 2500 rpm by pressing and releasing the accelerator pedal. Notice the diaphragm movement while doing so. You can also take assistance.

If the stem or diaphragm doesn’t move disconnect the thin vacuum hose from the valve. Place the finger on the vacuum hose opening. Again increase the rpm and feel the pressure from your finger tip. If you can’t feel the pressure then there might be something wrong with the circuit that provides vacuum to the valve.

Replacing and cleaning EGR valve
You are just adding green house gases in the atmosphere if the EGR has failed. This is because malfunctioning EGR valve makes passage for harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

It is very easy to clean the EGR assembly and to replace the system as a DIY project. If still unsure about your capability, feel free to ask your mechanic.

1. Check the auto vacuum lines for cracks, leaks or dryness. Remove and replace the hose if needed.

2. Remove the bolts attached to the EGR valve and then remove the valve. Disconnect any electric wiring carefully typically going from the EGR valve to the EGR solenoid of car.

3. Remove the back pressure transducer.

4. After removing the valve, use the EGR valve cleaner or carburetor cleaner to clean the area around it. Don’t use hard cleaners as they may destroy the area.
Apply the cleaner to the exhaust passages and intake passages.

5. Remove the carbon deposits from the bottom of valve, plunger using a wire brush. Scrape away the old gasket as you will be installing a new one.

6.Once you have cleaned the valve and the passages, reinstall the EGR valve.

7. Reinstall the transducer and reconnect all the disconnected electric wiring. Lastly install the vacuum line. And done!

Hope with this guide you can save your engine and fuel economy effectively. For more assistance and purchase guide for Aftermarket auto parts visit Partsavatar.

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