Are you confused and don’t know what car you should buy this year? PartsAvatar presents Top 10 Best Cars of 2017!

2017 is the year of Jaw dropping Auto Innovations! Let’s take a sneak peek at Top 10 Cars of 2017! – By Partsavatar Car Parts.
2017 is becoming a fantastic year in terms of auto innovations. Based on consumer report survey, PartsAvatar confidently presents to you Top 10 best Cars of 2017 based on safety, reliability and luxury.

There are numerous models in the market ranging from standard family hatchbacks to brilliant sports cars, so many choices and action packed year ahead. So if you are an auto freak and wish to buy a new auto vehicle, then may be this guide can answer your doubts!

1. Honda Ridgeline- Truck of Innovations
Honda has introduced 2017 Honda Ridgeline as its redesigned compact pickup truck after year long hiatus. It places high in our rankings, outmatching both domestic and foreign competitors. Ridgeline makes an excellent daily driver with quality and comfortable interior and well balanced performance. The major advantage on ridgeline’s side is that it provides better fuel economy as compared to other diesel trucks in the market. It is much of a sophisticated urban vehicle than an off road beast. 
Take a look at its specifications.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 18-19 for city and 25-26 for highways
Drive train- FWD, AWD
Horsepower- 280
Engine- V6 3.5 L
Starting price- $36790
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2. Audi Q7- The Luxury SUV
Audi Q7 is German automaker’s only three row crossover. This popular luxury SUV falls between midsize Q5 and compact Q3 series. It gives you some off road abilities with its four wheel drive. This seven seater SUV gives you immense dose luxurious interior for your comfort ability and style. Its high-tech infotainment system provides excellent interaction with phone, audio and other functions.As most motorist choose diesel engine, but its new Q7- E Tron is also attracting the auto enthusiasts as it combines V6 engine with battery pack and electric motor to control exhaust emissions. Have a glance at its specs.

Seating- 7
Mileage- 20 city/ 25 Hwy
Drive train- AWD
Horsepower- 252 @5000
Engine- 4 cyl Turbo 2.0 L TFSL
Starting price- $68500

3. Toyota Highlander- Family Oriented Mid Size SUV
With advanced driving assistance features, Toyota has marked its position in the midsize SUV market by introducing Highlander. What makes it so special is its high end and comfortable interior along with wide space for cargo. Talking about its features Highlander throws in solid performance with excellent fuel economy. If you are an eco minded person then you don’t need to worry as Highlander also offers hybrid Power train for you. All in all, it spreads the message of Toyota- Don’t be flashy; just be good, be safe and be reliable.

Mileage- 27 City/28 Hwy
Drive train- FWD, AWD
Horsepower- 280
Engine- 2.5L V6
Starting Price- $41000
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4. Subaru Forester- The Uncommon Small SUV
The Subaru Forester is incredibly versatile, loaded with desirable features that wrap you in complete comfort armed with advanced safety technology and remarkable stability. It is just a perfect example of a compact SUV.

Mileage-26 miles per gallon
Drive train-AWD
Horsepower- 170@5800 rpm
Engine- H4 2.5 L
Starting Price- $25995

5. Chevrolet Impala- Full Size Sedan
The 2017 Chevy Impala has something for everyone. It has style, spacious interior, innovation and advanced Smartphone integration technology. Impala offers advanced safety features like Forward Collision alert, Lane departure Warning and available side Blind Zone alert along with 10 airbags and on star automatic crash response.

Seating- 5
Mileage-11 City/8 Hwy
Drive Train- FWD
Horsepower- 196@6300 rpm
Engine-L-4 2.5 L
Starting Price- $29295
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6. Kia Optima- Midsized Sedan
Kia Optima offers midsized sedan with European styling, couple like roofline and wide range of engine choices. It is available in LX, EX, SX, SXL trim levels. It is giving hard competition to Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Ford Fusion and Subaru legacy. Take a quick look at its specs.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 25 City/36 Hwy
Drive train- FWD
Engine- 2.4 L I-4 GDI
Horsepower- 185@6000 rpm
Starting price- $25800

7. Mazda Mx-5 Miata- The Sports Car
Mazda Miata retains its spirit of Sports car soul. The all new Mazda MX-RF was designed not only to advance the technology and updating previous Mazda auto parts in MX-5 but to reward passionate drivers everywhere. Complete with Nappa leather trimmed upholstery and spacious seating MX-5 is as sophisticated as it is exhilarating to its drivers. It provides more profound connection between its drivers and wheels with its improved suspension and electric power steering.

Seating- 2
Mileage- 34 miles per gallon
Drive train- RWD
Engine- SKYACTIV-G 2.0L
Horsepower- 155@6000 rpm
Starting Price- $38800

8. Toyota Prius- Efficient Car without a Plug
Toyota Prius is continuing to dominate the world of Hybrid Cars. This innovative green machine is giving tough competition to other hybrid manufacturer giants and still stands high. It takes serious smarts to design and manufacture a 3100 pound car that sips fuel so miserly that it can cover 54 miles on a single gallon of gasoline.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 52 City/ 54 Hwy
Drive train- FWD
Horsepower- 95hp
Engine- 1.8L Inline -4
Starting price-$28980

9. Chevrolet Cruze- the Compact package
Already known as a compact car,Chevrolet Cruze is also available as a hatchback. The Cruze is great for long distance trips with comfortable seats, quite interior and huge trunk.

It doesn’t stray far from the sedan in terms of its styling, powertrain and suspension. Chevy produced this car using the same technology it takes to larger vehicles as Impala. It is a budget friendly midsized car offering economic drive.

Seating- 5
Mileage-28 City/ 37 Hwy
Drive train-FWD
Horsepower-153@5600 rpm
Engine- Turbocharged DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4
Starting price- $23000

10. Toyota Yaris– the true subcompact car
Out last pick i.e. Toyota Yaris is the best of European styling combined with Toyota’s legendary quality, dependability and reliability.Good visibility and Toyota entune infotainment system are some of the yaris’s best features. Yaris iA though sold under Toyota brand, but it was actually made by Mazda.Yaris iA helps you stay safe on the road with its active safety system and low speed pre collision system.

Seating- 5
Mileage- 34 mpg combined
Horsepower- 106@6000 rpm
Drive train- FWD
Engine- 1.5L DOHC 16 V
Starting price- $17500

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