Are you neglecting your car? PartsAvatar outlines the ways you might be ruining your car without even knowing it.

You may end up damaging you own car without realizing. Let’s take a look at these tips! – By Car Parts.

We as a typical driver want our car to undergo less maintenance and repair along with the long life of our car. But we do not give attention and care to our car as input. Unbeknownst to most of the motorists, there are various things that they do unintentionally to damage their vehicle. This way we our self are destroying the life span of our car.

In this article, the basic purpose of Parts avatar is to highlight certain ways by which you are yourself destroying your car and decreasing its life span.

Not using the Parking Brake
A study shows that most of the people in west do not prefer to use Parking brakes.Crowd thinks that Parking brakes of car come as an option even though it is designed to lock the wheels to prevent the car from rolling. So, your car is not meant to be held by the transmission only so that’s why parking brakes are used.

So, if you are not using parking brakes, do yourself a favor and start using it when you park your car and save your car’s transmission system. Failure to use the parking brake can strip the parking pawl in the transmission by time.

Ignoring Car noises
Never ignore sounds made by your car. Remember, every noise indicates any upcoming or ongoing problem with the auto part based on your inspection. If you ignore the grinding and hissing noises made by the car, you will end up paying more money for repairs coming in your way.

Grinding, roaring noises are surely a warning signal either it is coming from the rear of your car’s tire or under the hood. The best way is to take your car to your mechanic or yourself inspect it if you are a pro.

There is possibility based on your checking that you might need replacement of Car's brake rotors, brake pads or have to lubricate your car with high quality oil.

Ignoring Flashing Dashboard symbols

Most of us don’t even know what the symbols on the car's dashboard mean. We ignore these symbols in the hope that they will vanish by time on their own.

But these symbols let you know that there is something wrong with your car and you need to immediately check it out. For instance, there is this symbol called” Check engine light”. We often ignore it. Check engine light of car can be indicating to car’s engine or under the hood related issues that could get worse if ignored.

Auto repair shops don’t charge much for detecting the dashboard symbols. Take your car to professional, and take a good advice on what to do next.

Driving on low fuel
There are many folks who visit gas station when their car is running empty or too close to empty. Mind you, this way you are seriously damaging your car’s engine.

If you are constantly getting to your work and don’t have time to get a full tank of gas, then you are surely damaging your car by making it rely on the bottom of the tank which is where the sediments settle. This debris can clog up your car's engine fuel filter and can further slip into your engine. Fuel helps to cool down the fuel pump and engine in a vehicle. So keep at least half a tank full of gas to avoid fuel pump and engine issues.
Repairing and replacing car's fuel pump and car's engine components is quite expensive as compared to gas. Choice is yours!

Slamming on brakes and quick acceleration
You have got a jerk in a lane next to you that refuses to change speed so you can get around them. So when the lights turn green you hit the accelerator and zoom around them only to slam on brakes at the next light. Brake pads get prematurely damaged if you practice this driving on a daily basis.

Carelessly running a car on a pot hole and hitting a speed bump destroy a car’s suspension, wheels alignment and shocks. It is wise to avoid pot holes and approaching speed bumps, as the repairs for car's shocks, wheel alignment and auto suspension parts is quite expensive.

Neglecting to fix leaks
If you notice fluid pooling under your car, you should get your car checked for any possibility of leaks. Coolant keeps your car’s engine cool, so leaking of coolant can cause overheating which is quite disastrous. Never use water alone as a cooling agent for your car’s radiator. This is because untreated water can approach its boiling point and cause the radiator to blow.

Don’t be a dummy. Use 50-50 mixture of water and coolant and avoid overheating.
Not every time, there is coolant leak. You may find other fluids under your car due to leakage that can be determined from their color.automotive Coolant is usually green or orange colored, automatic transmission fluid is red colored and brake and power steering fluids are usually clear. Based on these, you can treat the leaks in your car’s auto parts.

Parking on a hill
If you are parking on a hill, with an automatic transmission of your car, you should shift into neutral after setting the parking brakes. Remove your foot slowly from the brake pedal and allow the car’s weight to settle against the parking brake and then shift the transmission into park.

This way you reduce the wear rate of auto brake pads.

Driving with one type of tires all year long
Seasonal tires like winter and summer tires are usually made according to the extreme weather conditions they can take and perform in. you are not supposed to be driving with winter tires in summer and vice versa.

Tires wear down super fast in summers. Treads of the tire begin to damage and you won’t get enough traction from them in the winters. In extreme temperatures like snow and ice, your vehicle will halt in between. So be wise, and choose the right tires according to the temperature you frequently drive in. moreover, tires are not cheap to replace. They are one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle to replace.

You can also go for all seasoned tires, if you don’t want to buy tires for two seasons.This is the best option for those who avoid owning two sets of tires.

Not coming to a stop before shifting into reverse
Most of us switch gears from forward to reverse without fully stopping. Every time you shift into the reverse while the vehicle is moving forward, you are actually putting immense pressure on transmission system and ruining a car’s transmission much faster.Car's Transmission and drive train component  repairs are quite expensive so avoid doing this at all costs.

So the bottom line is, making small changes in your driving habits and maintaining your vehicle each day can help you keep your car from unexpected breakdowns on the road.

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