Is your car making wierd noise? Decipher those noises and know what they exactly mean!

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Car is usually made noise free so that we could experience a smooth drive. Mostly you can judge that your car is in good condition when there is no weird noise coming from the car. But if you hear your car making some unexpected noise – either under the hood or in the rear of the vehicle, this probably means that your car is trying to express you its problems through these noises.

Know when your car needs maintenance by troubleshooting the noises and save your cash from expensive repairs if you ignore these noises. These noises are the first signal that some malfunctioning is going on inside. Here is a list of sounds cars make and what those mean. Let us take a look!

Screeching Brakes
Problems with brakes top my list. And why not? Safety is priority.Sometimes you may hear screeching sound when you press the brake pedal.Squealing or screeching can be heard when you have worn brake pads.Screech can also be heard if the tires are wet and they also disappear once the surface dries.However, if the screeching noise persists, that means it is time to replace brake pads of your car. Grinding noises also indicate worn brake pads but sometimes it is the sound of metal scraping against metal which means brake calipers of car have gone wrong.

Thumping sounds can be heard when you have rusted brake rotors. So it is better to visit a certified professional and get auto brake rotors replaced if necessary. Brakes need attention. If they fail to work properly, your safety is at risk on road.
So, keep them in better condition by providing them with proper maintenance and replacement timely.

Car jerking and Popping sound in engine

Faulty spark plugs often cause popping sounds in engine.Worn, dirty spark plugs can cause the car to jerk at certain intervals along with the noise.Spark plugs are directly related to the ignition system of your car. You can buy spark plugs of car at affordable prices from any online aftermarket auto store and the good news is it is also a DIY thing to do. So, you can save the money you had to pay as labor cost.

You may notice that if there was probably a problem with spark plugs, then there would be no popping sound after replacing them. But if the sound can still be heard, then visit your mechanic.

Don’t worry! Replacing spark plugs is not a bad thing to do.

Whirring sound under the car
There are several causes that can cause whirring noise. If the vehicle is pulling to one side while drive along with the sound, there are chances that the wheel bearing of car is shot in one or more tires. Another causes include- need of lubrication, automotive U joints replacement and faulty transmission.

So, as soon as you hear this noise, take your car to your mechanic and let him decipher the noise for you by doing thorough inspection underneath.

Rattling beneath the car
It is quite hard to tell what a sound coming from underneath of a car means. Underneath of a car is quite complex system and may have different causes. But rattling is not hard to decipher. Generally, in each case, rattling means that there is something loose beneath the vehicle- exhaust pipe of car.

Anything that is hanging beneath your car can be easily identified. If you find exhaust pipes loosened then you can easily tighten them using screw drivers. Do not ignore this sound further, as the exhaust pipe may get damaged by getting scraped along the ground or in the worst case it may just fall off. Exhaust pipe repairs are quite expensive so watch out.

Flapping Noise
Broken fan belt in the car engine may produce these noises. Pay attention to the flapping sound and get the fan belts repaired and replaced immediately as any delay can cause the engine to overheat. This is because the fan belt help keep the engine cool.Engine Overheating will result in expensive repairs. So avoid overheating and follow preventive measures to be taken when the engine overheats.

Comparing the repairs, fan belts are quite inexpensive as compared to other parts. So do not ignore them and get them replaced timely.

Hissing sound under the hood
Don’t get scared when you hear hissing sound. There is no snake nearby. Hissing indicates that there is some leakage in the engine and liquid is falling on engine parts, thus creating hissing sound. There might be leakage of fluids like Automatic transmission fluids and automotive coolant. Loss of cooling agents would definitely cause overheating and ultimately damage to the engine.

Alternatively, you can check underneath your car for black, red or green fluid pooling on the ground. Get your driveway checked immediately by a certified mechanic.

Loud Banging Noise
If you notice black smoke coming from exhaust pipes and hear a banging noise like that of a gunshot when you start your car, then there might be chances of car's engine backfiring and malfunctioning catalytic converter.

Auto Catalytic converters are quite expensiveto repair and replace.It’s not a good sign though. So, if you notice any problem with catalytic converters, then get them repaired from very start as future repairs are quite expensive.

Knocking in the engine
Always use high quality gasoline in your car. Knocking sound is often produced when there is low quality gasoline used in the car. Low grade gasoline ruins the spark plug which leads to piston moving erratically and ultimately a knocking sound is produced.

Don’t worry. Once you fill your vehicle with high quality or manufacturer recommended gasoline, the knocking sound would disappear. Just go through your car’s owner’s manual and buy the gasoline that is equivalent to those standards.
There is also no need to waste your money on mechanic for inspection. Just do it yourself and the problem is solved.

Clicking sound beneath the hood
Clicking sound is often caused due to low oil level of engine. Add the oil and keep the engine properly lubricated for better performance.

If still the clicking sound persists, there may be chances that oil pressure is less somewhere and something is hindering the circulation of oil properly. Lastly, inspect the valve train and adjust it accordingly.

Roaring sound at high speeds
Sometimes roaring sounds can be heard when you press on the pedal and accelerate. There could be many faulty components like faulty exhaust system or transmission problems. Transmission problems are very expensive to repair.

In case manual transmission, there could be problems while switching gears as the clutch or the gear could be slipping. So whether it is exhaust or transmission problem, both are expensive to repair.

You can shop for aftermarket car's transmission parts and exhaust auto parts at Parts Avatar online parts store for cheap prices. On the ending note, just watch out for the noises and get your car repaired whenever you hear them accordingly.

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