So, you hear weird noise coming out of your car while driving? Diagnose Symptoms of a failing wheel bearing

It is not safe to drive with bad or missing wheel bearing. So, check out the symptoms and other measures @PartsAvatar Canada.

Wheel bearing is an important component of vehicle’s suspension system. It helps the car roll smoothly. A failing wheel bearing may cause loose steering wheel and uneven tire wear.
Like tires, wheel bearings are also overlooked. But, you will not experience smooth drive with bad wheel bearing as they work collectively with tire, hub and wheel to run the car smoothly. Not only bad wheel bearing affects driving but also your safety is at stake. If neglected, they can cause the wheel to get locked because wheel bearings function is to enable the wheel to rotate as the car moves along.

Wheel bearings are highly susceptible to wear and tear over time. A faulty wheel bearing will cause your wheel to wobble. Loud noisy wheels are also considered as the first sign of a failing wheel bearing. But sometimes, tire’s noise and wheel’s noise is often termed as same so, you should make a correct judgment.

Along with wheels they also tend to damage braking system if neglected. Let us read some of the signs of a failing wheel bearing here.

Uneven Wearing of Rotor or Brake Pad

A bad or failing or even missing wheel bearing can cause severe looseness which in turn would result in premature wearing of brake pads or rotors. A defective caliper can also cause uneven wear on the rotor and brakes. Excessive run out, due to looseness may cause the brakes to pull. So if you feel such symptoms, then make sure to get your car's rear or front brake rotor, auto brake pads and brake system auto parts replaced if needed along with wheel bearings of car.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

A vibration in steering wheel can be caused with worn out wheel bearings. You can observe this problem at low speeds and it may even get worse when the vehicle accelerates. It is quite unsafe itself, as the vehicle may go out of your control with the shaky steering wheel. So get your wheel bearings checked by the mechanic.

Uneven Tire wear

There are many causes of abnormal tire wear. The most common factors are improper inflation, misalignment, failing shocks and struts or damaged suspension components. A bad wheel bearing can cause you to shop for tires sooner i.e. uneven tire wear will happen. Economically thinking, replacing a bad wheel bearing is better and cheaper as compared to replacing tires. Take a wiser decision, if you suspect such problem get it solved immediately. However, they need to be changed together on the same axle.

Grinding when the vehicle is in motion

This is the most common symptom of the bad wheel bearing. Grinding noises or loud strange noises can be heard coming from tire or wheel side of your vehicle. As the vehicle goes faster, the sound will also go louder. The noise is caused due loss of lubrication on the wheel bearings which is caused due to excess heat built inside. So, if you hear any grinding noise contact a professional before it becomes a safety issue for you.

Missing Wheel Bearing

It is advised not to drive if the wheel bearing is missing from your wheel. This is because at some point, while the vehicle is in motion, the wheel can fall entirely causing an accident. Wheel bearing keeps the wheel attached to the vehicle. You cannot take chances with missing wheel bearing because you can get into dangerous situation if you are driving down the highway as you can lose control of your car and will cause obstruction to the other drivers.

Knocking or clunking Noise

Excessive backlash in different gears may cause damage to CV Joints or U joints. It can normally be heard while turning and shifting from changing directions. You can get aftermarket CV joints of cars or automotive Ujoints at Partsavatar at cheap prices.

Snapping or clicking

Damaged CV joint can cause the vehicle to produce snapping or popping noise. Inadequate clamping and excessive bearing endplay can cause this problem. Drivers can hear this noise while taking sharp turns. CV joints can be replaced at cheap aftermarket prices.

Replacing and Cleaning Wheel Bearing

With caution, you can easily change the wheel bearing yourself without spending money on the mechanic. Let us take a look at some steps to do so.

1. Park your vehicle securely and lift the vehicle using jacks.

2. Unscrew the lug nuts and remove the wheel.

3. Using socket and ratchet remove the brake caliper.

4. Now remove castle nut, dust cover and automotive rotor sequentially.

5. To gain access to the bearings, you will need to take apart the hub.

6. After removing the races, clean the inside of the bearing assembly around knuckle.

7. Finally after setting the new automotive races in the assembly with the help of hammer, install the new greased wheel bearing in the assembly.

8. Now that you have changed the wheel bearings, you can now re install all the parts in reverse order.

Note that it is recommended to use manufacturer specified grease to repack new or used bearing. If you run into any problem while doing the task yourself, it is better to call the mechanic rather getting any other part damaged. It is wise to watch the mechanic do the practical, rather performing yourself for the first time.

On the ending note, it is advised not to neglect the problem of bad or missing wheel bearing as you may be putting your and other driver’s life at risk. So get it replaced as soon as you detect it.

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