PartsAvatar Discloses Peculiar Causes behind Car Breakdown and Ways to Prevent them.

Want to know the most basic causes behind frequent breakdowns of your car? Save your money on expensive repairs and mechanics. – Partsavatar Vehicle Parts.
 We rely on your vehicles way too much. So it is possible that your car will cut out on you when you are driving down the road. You can avoid breakdowns and prevent your car from being town away by towing truck by knowing causes behind this. It is very important to keep servicing and checking your vehicle. Let’s have a look at some frequent causes and their remedies.

Dead Battery
This problem is one top of my list of causes. Sometimes when in the morning you turn the key and nothing happens. You just keep on repeating the process until you get sick of it and decide to call your mechanic.Don’t worry.

Battery can get damaged from regular short trips. It is very important to take a long drive at least one a week. Even poor electrical connections can result in battery damage. This problem frequently occurs in winters.

You can prevent the battery from getting damaged by taking long trips because the car’s alternator needs time to recharge your battery every time you drive. Short journeys drain the battery faster than the longer. You can sort this out by charging the battery overnight for every 2 weeks. These ways you will be able to keep it running longer.

Check the connections are secure and the battery terminals are clean and protected from corrosion. Loose or corroded connections need special attention to keep your car going.
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Flat Tire
Sometimes it is too late to check a flat tire after the damage occurs and the rim is already on the ground.The worst is you are left stranded on the road. Do routine check up on your tire.

Even a single nail could cause the tire to go flat. So inspect for any debris on the surface of the tire. There are certain things that are important to inspect as follows.

1. Tread depth:  check your tire’s tread depth of car regularly. Take a penny to check the low tread depth. Tread depth should be at least 1.6 mm.
2. Uneven wear: if the tread pattern is unusual or the depth is varying from tire to tire then let the tires checked or replaced if needed.

In case of heavy loads, make sure you adjust the tire pressure of car's tire to cope with the change. Owner’s manual provides information regarding tires so you can take its help.
You can install electric equipment like TPMS in your car .car's Tire pressure monitoring system sensors sense the under inflated tires and let you know it via an electric signal.

Several reasons could cause a car to overheat. Damaged cooling system might cause the car’s engine to get overheated and ultimately the engine breaks down.It is strongly advised that if you notice that your car is overheating, do not continue to drive as you might be damaging other parts along with the engine.

Sometimes leaks in radiator or improper level of coolant fluid cause overheating of the engine. You can notice leaks around radiator welds or hoses. Visit you mechanic for replacement of car radiatorand car radiator hosesor automotive coolant.

You can further check the thermostat by feeling the upper radiator hose when the engine has warmed up. If you notice that the hose is still feeling cool then the thermostat is stuck shut. Repair or replace the auto thermostat as recommended by your mechanic.

Sometimes the air entering the cooling system via leaks could cause the engine to overheat. Hence due to air lock, the cooling system stops circulating the coolant and the remaining coolant inside the engine becomes superheated. So, it is very important to inspect the leaks.

The foreign objects or mineral deposits that block the radiator could cause the engine to overheat as it hinders the flow of coolant.
Water pump failure is one of the most common and regular cause for engine overheating. If the water pump is showing the signal of wear or breakage, engine starts overheating.The water pump wears quite often so you may need to change the car's engine water pump periodically.

In cold weather, coolant gels up inside the engine or radiator and cause a blockage. It can also cause internal damage in components like radiator.
Overheating could cause serious engine damage so it is very important to be proactive. Fill the coolant to the proper level and flush out the dirty coolant or fluid that causes the system to overheat. Do not drive an overheated vehicle as you will just damage the entire engine by doing so.

Clutch Cables
If you feel unusually weird while pressing the pedal, there might be some problem with the clutch cable. It is not a good sign.

If you notice a worn or stiff clutch cable then after applying additional pressure on the pedal, it might break. So be careful with hard pedals.

When you are driving up the hill, the car may slip in or out of gears. Clutch cables might have worn out so replace them before it becomes too dangerous for you to drive. Partsavatar offers durable car clutch cables, have a glance.

If you notice jerking of vehicle on slow speeds, slipping of gears or stiff pedals, then get your clutch cables checked by a professional.

Failing starter motor
We sometimes assume the reason behind the stalled vehicle might be failed radiator. But it might be starter.

Starter often produces grinding noise if the starter drive gear is worn out. Do not avoid it as it may damage flywheel if ignored.

When you turn the key and nothing happens, or you turn the key to crank the engine and the engine turns over slowly and stops. The starter motor has been damaged. Call your mechanic immediately and get the starter motor of car or even car starter replaced if necessary. Parts avatar offers free shipping on starters so get the benefit.

Insufficient lubrication

Every engine needs oil not only reduce friction but also to carry away the heat. The oil is primary means by which the rods, pistons and bearings are cooled. So any reduction or improper lubrication may cause these parts to run hot or seize.

Low oil pressure often causes engine failure. You should not starve the engine for oil as this result in failed oil pump, a plugged oil pickup screen inside the oil pan or low oil level.

Keep your engine moving with regular oil change and always choose high quality oil for your car’s engine and its lubrication.

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