PartsAvatar advises some useful tips for cars and trucks to beat the heat this summer!

Prevent your car from sudden break down on hot summer day!Learn these tips from Partsavatar Auto Parts!
Summer driving season is coming. Though in Canada, we pay more attention towards snow but the hot summer heat can effect everything from the paint to the tires of your car or truck. So, don’t take it lightly.

Extreme heat and long drives can be tough on a car. But according to a survey North Americans love to drive in summers despite hiking prices of gasoline. But you need to be prepared as under inflated tires, leaky radiators or dirty filter may cause your car to break down. You will ultimately ruin your car’s fuel efficiency by neglecting the maintenance.

Let’s take a quick look at summer car care tips every motorist should know.

Under Inflated tires
The very first thing to attend to is out car or truck’s tires. Though, most of us overlook this thing.In summers as the temperature outside climbs, the air inside tires starts expanding. Proper inflation of tires is necessary if you don’t want to waste money on buying expensive set of tires. You can follow the instructions on your car’s owner manual as it gives enough information on exact standards and specifications of tire’s air pressure needed.You can check the tire pressure by using pressure gauge, by installing car's TPMS sensors or the best is by visiting your mechanic. Note that if you ignore the under inflated tires, they will start bulging outwards and eventually they will blow.

Under inflated tires get quite risky on a rainy day as it will make less contact with the ground resulting in hydroplaning.

The very first remedy is to always get your tires properly inflated. If you sense that the pressure is low, visit your mechanic for tire pressure detection.Deploy proper tire pressure measuring equipments and always have a properly inflated spare tire in your car.

Oil and Oil filter

Motorists should check motor oil once a month. Oil keeps the engine parts running cool, clean and smooth. Same goes for oil filter. automotive Oil filters of car need maintenance every 7500 miles.

To check the oil, park your car on a level surface and shut off the engine. Let it cool down. Pull out the automotive oil dipstick and wipe it clean. Repeat this process and inserting the dipstick in and again pulling it out. Please note that by doing so you are checking two things: how clean the oil is and level of oil. The oil should be of clean brownish yellow color. If you notice dark colored oil, they you may need oil and oil filter replacement immediately. If you are low on oil, simply add another quart or just change the oil completely.

Un-Winterize your car
This is just like preparing for summer. So, the first thing if you live in a cold region is to de winterize your car and get rid of the snow tires. You will have to pay a lot of attention to certain under the hood components and fluids.

If you haven’t driven your car much during the winter, then you might need to check the level of fluids like brake fluid, coolant, Auto transmission fluid and automotive power steering fluids.Check the oil levels as oil gets thick and collects condensation in the winters if not used.

Use summer tires for summers. It is foolish to use snow tires in summers. So get a new set for summers or all seasoned tires are also good.

Hoses and belts
Cooling of engine is very important for a better summer driving experience. If the engine overheats, there would be no choice for you other than stranding on the road side and calling a technician.

Car Radiator Hoses play a vital role in cooling as they supply coolant to and from the engine block and the belts run the fan to cool down the system. Overheating can be caused if there are damaged and worn out hoses and belts attached to the radiator.
Check hoses for cracks, leaks and loose connections. Replace them if they have been worn out. Similarly,Auto fan belts of cars can be visually checked for cracks. It is advised to replace belts every 36000 miles to avoid the risk of belt failure and overheating.

Air filter
Air filter plays a pivotal role in increasing a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. One of the main reasons of a degrading fuel economy might be a clogged and dirty air filter of your car. 

Air filters should be replaced every 12000 miles or recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. But depending upon the driving conditions sometimes you may need earlier replacement of air filter. For example, if you are driving in an environment which is quite dusty or sandy or even if you are driving on roads full of dirt, then the air filter is going to clog up much faster than usual.

So for an economic drive, air filters of cars are cheap to replace.

Never ignore brakes! If you do, you are just putting your life on stake. By riding around on malfunctioning brakes, you are just putting your life in danger.
Check the brakes timely and visit your mechanic for further inspection of brake components.

if you notice grinding noises coming from the brakes, illuminating dashboard light, soft and mushy brake pedal or resisting brake pedal, then it is perfect time to visit your mechanic.

You might need replacement of your car's brake pads,auto brake rotors,automotive brake drums and automotive brake shoes as worn out brake system components may cause your brakes to malfunction.So if you notice any problem and need of replacement, don’t wait any further.

There is a limit of temperature that a engine can tolerate.Multiple components damage could be experienced if the temperature rises beyond normal. But certain cooling components like automotive coolants/antifreezes,thermostats of car and radiator hoses fan out the heat out of car and keep it in optimal temperature.

Major problems that occur in summers are related to cooling system of car. Low coolant levels, cracked hoses, broken belts, leaky radiator and missing radiator cap can cause the engine to overheat.

Check Under the hood components of cars properly. All fluid and coolant levels should be checked. You can flush out the radiator and clean the debris out of it. It is to be noted that a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant should be used instead of pure coolant as pure coolant can be disastrous for the radiator. Leaks in the radiator or hoses should be treated. Sometimes pooling of coolant can cause the engine to overheat.

If you feel that your radiator has gone bad due to some reasons, then it is time to get it replaced.Parts avatar offers durable car radiators at cheap prices.

There is a lot of load on car batteries in summers. Summer heat puts a lot of pressure on auto batteries as the chemical reaction fastens inside the battery. Heat also evaporates the fluid inside the battery thus damaging it further.

The best remedy is to regularly check and clean the battery and its terminals. If you need to replace your car’s battery, then you can get the battery which is suited for your car according to your manufacturer’s specifications.

Air conditioning
Keep your car cool when you are not driving. Air conditioners should be properly inspected. If your car is getting cold due to a/c then there might be a leak inside and you may have to spend dollars for its maintenance.

Check cabin air filters of your car , if you have one installed. You can take help from owner’s manual and replace the cabin air filters if they need to be.
Low level of refrigerant can also cause the car a/c to malfunction. Hand over your car to the professional and let him figure out where the leak is.

You can get best driving experience in summers if you follow above mentioned maintenance tips. If you are looking for aftermarket replacement parts with free shipping facility, then Parts Avatar Canada is the best option.

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