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Thinking about selling your old car? Take a look at this guide to see what impacts a car’s resale value. Take a look! – By PartsOnline.

The reality of car’s resale value is either like a surprise or a cold wake up call. Even though you find two cars identical in the used car market due to their color and design, but their prices vary drastically. Prices of the used car basically depend on the age of the vehicle, driving conditions, mileage, and popularity in the market etc.

Some cars might have been under great care by the driver and have been properly serviced from time to time. Some cars show the signs of harsh driving. These things impact the value of car. Let us read about some of the important things that may impact the resale value of your car.You can buy or upgrade car accessories and body parts at Parts Avatar and can upgrade the resale value of your vehicle.

Most cars can cover up to 150000 miles before the major repairs are done. As the car ages, the auto parts also age and with time show the signs of wear and tear.Engine and transmission auto parts are most expensive parts as they are necessary for overall performance of your car. On average, after 150000 miles, engine and transmission auto parts start to wear out. Most of us want to buy a car that has been less used and give good fuel performance and mileage.More the mileage of a car is, less its resale value is.

Even if you want to sell a branded car but driven over 300000 miles, it won’t attract attention of much customers as mileage is that matters than brand. Few miles represent high resale value.

So if you are planning to put your car in the resale list for the future, then think smart and adjust the mileage accordingly. Have a glance at the brands that Parts avatar offers for Aftermarket car's Engine parts and Transmission auto parts for better performance and mileage.

Performance Parts and Aftermarket Accessories
You may think that spending $3000 on aftermarket accessories can recover the money spent on your car when you resale it. Most of the upgrades have no real bearing in the resale value of the car. If you think you upgraded your car with sunroof, stereo system, new leather seats to get high resale value then you are wrong.

This is likely due to the fact that buyers are concerned with the premature wear and tear and high upkeep costs. Most of the car market specialist advice to be careful of anything that might void the warranty of the vehicle.

This does not mean that you should not upgrade your vehicle with aftermarket performance car parts or accessories. You can upgrade your vehicle for your own satisfaction rather keeping resale value in mind.
Some brands maintain their value better than other automakers. Customers stick with the brand that gives less luxury features but is reliable like Toyota trucks in the market. This is the trust that the brand had made among its customers due to its reliability and quality. Customers can sometimes ignore some issue like that of luxury if they are expecting good performance from the brand.

Brands that have bad past or are full of issues, have low resale value. For instance, automakers like Hyundai have the history of producing low quality auto vehicles in the past so the resale value of their cars is not that good.

In terms of reliability and quality, Japanese auto giants like Toyota, Subaru, Mazda and Honda steal the top positions while in terms of luxury Lexus, Mercedes and Audi are considered the best.

You can also shop for Toyota auto parts, Mazda parts and accessories and Honda auto accessories at partsavatar for affordable costs.

Manual transmission drive trains are quite unpopular these days. New drivers are so accustomed to the high tech features that they don’t even know how to use manual shift gears and clutches. Due to this reason the resale value of the vehicles equipped with automatic transmission and drivetrains of cars is very high as compared to manual transmission.

Same goes for the drivetrains of car. If you think changing your rear or front wheel drive to all while drive car would increase the resale value of your car then it might not really happen. It is actually your choice of changing but mostly people prefer rearor front wheel drive over all wheel of car.

It is advised to stick with your original specifications for better sale value.

Engines and Mechanical Conditions
Motorists mostly buy a vehicle with powerful and high performance engine. If the engine fails, the investment is considered to be at loss on the side of the customer.An intelligent customer cares more about the engine than luxury features while buying a second hand car. The engine performance is the most important thing in the vehicle as the fuel economy, functionality and reliability of a vehicle depends upon the engine. If your car does not start or halts in between the road while driving, then engine is the first thing under inspection.

For heavy duty vehicles or trucks customers prefer high performance engines like V8 over V6 engines. If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s engine you can by boosting it to V8 engine. It is also advised to buy a car whose automakers have the history of powerful and reliable engine performance. Brand does have effect.

If your car is under good condition, note that good condition here does not refer to the scratches on the exterior or paint but tires, automotive oil , battery, suspension system and exhaust system, then the customer would readily buy your car because it will definitely benefit him by reducing the cost of serving and increasing performance of the car. Cars with noisy and bad suspension, smoky exhaust and rough riding have low resale value.

The best way to increase the resale value is to never miss the servicing of your car and keep a record of the work done on your car. By documenting the work done, you are actually giving the proof that your vehicle is in good condition. If you want to resale your car at good cost then maintenance and care is very important. Upgrade your car’s auto parts with high quality aftermarket auto exhaust system parts, auto suspension system parts, automotive engine parts and auto fuel emission system parts at lucrative cost available at Partsavatar.

Though some may think what climate has to do with the resale value of the car. Yes it has.Not every car is meant for every climate. For instance, in warm regions, motorists prefer convertibles as their choice. SUVs sell better and at higher prices at cold regions. So wait for the right time and don’t sell your vehicle at wrong time or odd place.

Other small issues like paint, interior cleanliness also impact the resale value. But this guide is enough for you if you want to buy a second hand or want to resale.

Want to upgrade and boost the performance of your car then PartsAvatar is best option.You can shop for aftermarket performance parts and accessories at parts Avatar Canada.

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