Get ready to explore the snowy roads and winterize your truck at PartsAvatar Online Car Parts.

Follow these tips to winterize your truck at PartsAvatar online car parts and never skip its scheduled maintenance!!

Winter weather can be extremely challenging for our car or truck! For that you need to always be prepared and maintain car parts for better performance in harsh weather. Never go lazy with scheduled car maintenance and replace car body parts timely if you don’t want to compromise with the driveability of car.

As the weather starts to cool off, and everyone is about to be consumed with pumpkin spice flavoured everything, owner operators should have something else in their mind: winterize their truck. Maintain engine parts online and enhance its performance here at PartsAvatar replacement car parts!!

Check all fluids
Checking the fluids of your car is an easy job. Engine oil is one of the important tasks to do. If the oil is low, add more following recommendations in your owner’s manual.
Check the coolant and if the liquid is below the minimum line, fill with a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Don’t let the power steering fluid which is located near the firewall, level should be between maximum and minimum.

Fill in the brake fluid if it is low, but then have the system checked: there could be a leak or the brake pads may be wearing.

Prepare emergency kit
You must keep an adequate emergency kit which contains- canned food, gloves, snow shovel, radio, flares, first aid kit, gloves, scarves, hats, snow shovel, extra blankets etc.

Buy Snow tires
When it comes to driving in winter weather, having the right tire matters a lot. From heavy snowfall to black ice, winter roads are extremely unpredictable. These conditions challenge tires to provide traction like no other season of the year.

In extreme cold temperatures, the tread rubber of an all season or summer tires stiffens and becomes less able to provide sufficient traction. To combat this, tread rubber compounds of winter tires are designed to remain flexible, allowing the tire to grip the road better.

If you only see a few snow flurries each year and slick, icy roads are more of a fluke than an annual ordeal, all season tires are probably the way to go. But if you know there is a period when icy roads are always an issue, mounting winter tires isn’t an over the top precaution- its an essential safety measure that could save your life.

Check the battery
It is the best time to check the age and condition of your truck battery just before the winter arrives. The freezing temperatures makes the battery dead quickly. When the engines can be annoying when starting up the truck, they aren’t the only truck part that is suffering in cold and winter.

Low freezing temperature actually reduces the capacity of your battery, meaning you should keep a close eye on it. If you haven’t replaced battery for 3 years and never checked its condition, then it is time to check and get it replaced.

Inspect the battery terminals, they should be properly fitted and they must have corrosion free terminals. Check on the alternator and starter as well. Make sure that the wiring is not loose.

Check the fuel filter
Make sure the fuel filter is in good condition. Fuel filters screen out the substances like metal shavings, dirt way from the fuel before letting it flow inside the fuel lines. To reduce the risk of damage, check the water separator daily.

If a large amount of water has been collected, it should be drained. Most separators are not self cleaning, so you will need to locate the separator which is near the fuel filter and turn the drain valve to empty the water.

Keep the engine warm

Diesel engine requires a higher cylinder temperature than gasoline vehicles, which means that they are considerably more difficult to start. Install electric block heaters to keep the engine warm while it is turned off.

Also, you can invest in some remote starters. The remote starter not only helps in keyless entry but it also lets the engine get warm before you start to drive off.

Check the windshield wiper and windshield
It is important to drive with a clear and unobstructed view. When snow and ice accumulate on the windshield, they could make it cracked and dangerous to drive with.
Treat the cracks on windshield or get it treated by your mechanic. Also, make sure to check the wiper blades as in snow you will have to use them constantly. They should not be broken as broken wipers leave streaks on windshield, thus further damaging it.
Top up the washer fluid as you will need to clean your windshield more often.

Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall car is very important. If in case, some of your auto body parts are worn out already, there's no need to worry.
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