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Have you been dealing with several car engine related issues. Did you check your car’s timing belt? The timing belt’s lifespan is limited so if it gets broken you must replace them for the upgraded performance of your engine.

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If you don’t know much about car timing belts and their malfunctioning symptoms, then it is a good idea to go through this article.

Why is Timing belt important?
The timing belt is essential to the operation of your car’s engine. There are two main shafts in your engine, crankshaft and camshaft. The timing belt connects these two shafts and makes them turn together at right time.

Your car’s degrading mileage is the first indicator a new timing belt is needed. Most of us don’t even think and keep on driving with broken timing belts. The timing belt is made up of strong rubber material which includes cords that are nylon reinforced.
That way, its life span can be preserved. While the timing belt is moving inside the motor, it is placed under lots of pressure and so it tends to wear out quickly.

Timing belt is made of rubber that keeps your camshaft and your crankshaft synchronized so that your valve timing is always right. Some vehicles have a timing chain instead of a belt, but it serves the same purpose. If your valve timing is off, your engine wont run properly.

It works to turn the camshaft pulley in conjunction with the crankshaft pulley. A bad timing belt could be catastrophic for the car’s engine. It throws the valve timing off, and you can end up with bent valves, bent piston rods or completely destroyed pistons.

Symptoms of bad timing belt

The timing belt is made of rubber and when it rots, the car stops. you might have to tow your car in case the engine wont start until the engine is re timed and get the belt replaced.

Is the engine misfiring? The fire rate of the engine could be jeopardized from the timing belt being worn out. If the timing belt were to slip away from the gears and fall onto the cam shaft, one of the cylinders will open and close too soon. If that happens, an engine misfire could occur which means the belt needs to be replaced right away.

When it is cold outside, it might be hard to tell if the vast amount of smoke coming from your tailpipe is from anything bad or not. But if you see too much smoke that looks unusual even for the winter, then it probably has to do with a timing belt problem. The top of every cylinder has two holes which are responsible for letting out the exhaust and letting in air.

The opening and closing of these holes are synchronized with how the cylinders move and how the camshaft rotates. If you have a worn out timing belt then this will become unsynchronized, which means that exhaust will be let out and air will be let in at inappropriate times.

Timing belt spins the gears of the camshaft. If the timing belt is off, it can skip and break off pieces of the camshaft. Some of these pieces might fall into the vehicle’s oil pan, resulting in the oil pressure to drop in the bottom of the engine. This will cause the engine to fail altogether. The only way to recover from this is to rebuild the entire motor.

The worst case scenario where the car stops abruptly that can leave you stranded with major engine damage because it is demanding the full inspection of timing belt. An engine that starts acting up when you reach between 2000-4000 rpm could be failing to function normally because the timing belt has broken.

The broken timing belt would let the crankshaft turning on and off on its own, and not in the sync with the motion of the camshaft. Once this happens, the piston will come in contact with the valves as they open. This could end up bending the valves or damaging the piston.

Replace the oil seals behind the crankshaft and camshaft gears as if they leak oil it deteriorates the timing belt prematurely.
Have you been hearing a high pitched screeching sound when you first start your car? These are the indicators that the timing belt is malfunctioning.

All you have to do is replace the timing belt when its due, instead of waiting until its dead. The cost may be high, but its a whole lot cheaper than waiting for it to break.
The standard interval for the replacement of timing belt is 60000 miles. But if you don’t drive much, you should replace it every 6 to 8 years and dry rot will weaken it just as much as mileage and use.

Timing belt problem is a red flag and should never be ignored. For this reason, car manufacturers will have recommendations as to how often your timing belt should be replaced.
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