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Explore your car’s exhaust system and replace your car exhaust parts for better mileage and engine performance.

For your safety as well as for environment’s safety from harmful pollutants its better to upgrade your car’s exhaust system. The better mileage and strong engine performance are ensured by healthy exhaust system itself.

It is very important to maintain and replace car parts for its better and enhanced driveability. You must know why is exhaust system so important? 

The car’s combustion chamber produces harmful gases while burning fuel and air mixture in order to run the car. Whose job is that to eliminate these gases and only let the less harmful gases exit the tail pipe? If your gas mileage had been degrading rapidly or you have been visiting the fuel station way too much, then you must get your car’s exhaust system checked! You might end up damaging potential car parts in case you ignore your car’s exhaust system as every auto part is connected to other crucial auto parts.

Lets look at some of the main exhaust parts and don’t forget to place your order for auto body parts as we have the best in aftermarket online auto parts industry!

Exhaust manifold
The exhaust manifold is a crucial part of car’s exhaust system that attaches to the cylinder on the head of the engine. While each cylinder feeds on its own pipe, the pipes come together at a single spot- this is a place that leads to the header and the head pipes. 

This manifold could be made up of steel, aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron.
While trying to find new exhaust manifolds, you must know the size of your engine as it determines the how many manifolds can be connected to the engine. So, make sure to follow owner’s manual or check engine size before buying one.

Oxygen sensors
The oxygen sensor is positioned in the exhaust pipe and can detect rich or lean mixture. The engine’s computer looks at the voltage to determine if the mixture is rich or lean and adjusts the amount of fuel entering the engine accordingly.

Why does engine need oxygen sensor? The reason is simple. It is because the amount of oxygen that the engine can pull it depends upon altitude, temperature of air, engine temperature, barometric pressure and load on the engine etc.
When the oxygen sensor fails, computer of your car wont be able to detect rich or lean air fuel mixture so it ends up guessing poorly what and how much amount of fuel is to be added with air for the car to run.

The oxygen sensor is mounted on the exhaust manifold. Make sure to replace oxygen sensors if they go bad!

If you want to get rid of annoying noise, then it is must to install car muffler. The engine runs more quietly with mufflers. The combustion process is a series of explosions that create a lot of noise so mufflers mostly use baffles to bounce the exhaust around dissipating energy and quieting the noise.

But one thing is to be noted that the more exhaust manifolds your engine has, the more mufflers you will need. PartsAvatar has a good range of car mufflers. Get rid of that noise and install good quality mufflers today.

Catalytic converter
Catalytic converter is considered as one of the most expensive or almost most expensive auto part which would definitely make your car suffer a lot if not changed on time.

Catalytic converter contains expensive metals like palladium, platinum that convert harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emitted by combustion chamber of the engine into lesser harmful nitrogen oxides into the air.
The palladium and platinum chemically react when they meet any of the fumes named above. The converter then changes the fumes to their relatively harmless forms- carbon dioxide, water vapours and nitrogen!

You can also select our range of direct fit catalytic converters that are affordable as compared to expensive catalytic converters. You can also choose to buy your manufacturer’s suggested OEM catalytic converter.

Exhaust pipes

The exhaust pipes carry the gas through out your tailpipe. Accelerating your ride wont do much good if your exhaust pipe has hole in it. For better fuel economy, noise reduction and performance of your car, its important to replace damaged exhaust pipes.
Aluminized steel has better corrosion resistance than plain steel but not better than stainless steel. It is cheaper than the stainless steel as it lasts longer because of its anti corrosive properties.

Car headers are important aftermarket accessories that can serve as a replacement for exhaust manifold. The goal of headers is to make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. This eliminates the exhaust manifold’s back pressure in which each cylinder gets its own exhaust pipe. It can help reduce heat output within the engine block.

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