PartsAvatar Auto Parts wishes you a Holy Good Friday and Happy Easter!! Know how to nail down a car deal on this day!!

If you are waiting to pull the trigger on your next new car, use Good Friday to negotiate with dealers. Check it out at PartsAvatar Auto Parts!!

If you are going to fight the busiest shopping day of the season, you must follow some rules for negotiations.

Have a Holy Good Friday
Good Friday is a day of mourning and quiet prayer among many Christians. Some Christians observe a partial fast on Good Friday and do not eat any meat.

Good Friday is observed on Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering and death on the cross of the lord Jesus Christ.

Good Friday is the day on which Jesus Christ having been betrayed by Judas in the garden of Gethsemane on the night of Holy Thursday, tried before the Sanhedrin and was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate was crucified for all sins of mankind. In churches, a series of intercessory prayers are offered and faithful venerate the cross by coming forward and kissing it.

The service on Good Friday is particularly solemn; organ is not played and all vestments are red or black. The service is held between hours of noon and 3 p.m. local time. 3 p.m. is the time when Jesus died on the cross.

Christians around the world mark holy week in different ways.
In London, a re- enactment of the passion of Jesus Christ is performed at Trafalgar square and is performed by winter shall prayers.

Christian pilgrims light candles inside the Holy Sepulchre during Good Friday. Pilgrims carry wooden cross along the way of suffering during Good Friday procession.

In Vatican, Pope Francis lies down in prayer during the Good Friday passion of Christ mass inside St. Peter’s Basilica.

In ceska Lipa, Czech Republic and Spain, a re- enactment of passion of Christ is performed by actors. In ferrol, Spain penitents take part in the procession of the Santo Encuentro (Holy meeting) as part of Good Friday celebrations.

In the catholic country of Ireland, it is prohibited to sell alcohol on the Good Friday, banks and public institutions become closed however it is not the public holiday.
Radios and TV stations in New Zealand are not allowed to play any commercial content at all on Good Friday or they get fined.

Many part of Germany ban dancing on Good Friday. In Philippines, people re-enact the crucifixion of Good Friday by actually nailing volunteers to a cross.

Negotiating tips for best Black Friday car deal!!
If you are car shopping during black Friday, we have got a game plan that will help you in getting the best deal.

Start Early
Online retailers regularly update prices throughout their event. Check the dealership inventory online. Book and have your vehicle picked put ahead of time. It won’t be bad to keep more than one choice. If by any chance your car is not available, you can go for other choice.

Try to arrive early, this way you won’t have to wait much.

Review the offers carefully.
You will need to check out the specials being offered in the weeks leading up to black Friday. It will help you judge how good the offer is. Review the ads carefully as dealerships will offer crazy deals and the time before you see details is before you head out to make a deal.

You can demand or ask for few price quotes from the dealerships in advance.

Do your Homework!
Have all your paperwork ready to go before you hit the dealership. Bring your driving licence, auto insurance proof and your method of payment with you. If you have got a trade in, bring in its corresponding paperwork. We suggest you to be prepared because many businesses will be closed on black Friday. So, don’t call for trouble.

Have your financing in hand before you get to the dealership.

Know the rules for the perks.
Dealerships offer televisions, I pad or other gift hampers to go along with the vehicle purchase. Clarify ahead of time if you will be getting any gift when you buy the car or if not, when would it arrive at your doorsteps?

Be patient with the sales process.

Check and compare prices.
Even though you are getting discount on black Friday, but it won’t be bad if you compare prices before hand. This way you will know exactly how much you are saving on your car deal. Chances are high that car prices will hit rock bottom during this time.
You can check online for the average price paid on the vehicle you have selected. You can confidently buy the car if the price offered by dealer is well below that.

Check the website for extra special deals
Not all car makers or all dealerships offer crazy black Friday deals. For this, you will have to regularly check the dealership website for any new offer and don’t forget o go through their incentives and rebate page.

You can visit your dealership to know what black Friday specials you can expect.

Black Friday is a day geared for buying not browsing!
Don’t go window shopping on black Friday. You wouldn’t pick that day to go window shopping at Wal-Mart and starting your car shopping on a black Friday would be a mistake too!

Remember, it’s not a deal if you can’t afford it!
A lot of car buyers end up with bad deals and payments are not appropriate for their budget. Don’t get caught up in monthly payment game because you are responsible for your own finances. Using loan calculator apps like free auto loan calculator, you can easily know what you can afford so you can spend wisely.

Get a pre approved loan as they give you the power to be a cash buyer and leverage against the dealer to get you the best APR.

Be ready for unexpected offers on this day and adjust to the changing situations especially if the offer is in your favour. Black Friday is not only day of best car deal and many offers are given at the end of the month. So, keep updated.

Don’t follow the herd. Shop Smart!

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