From cooking classes to Parades, Partsavatar rounds up some of the best festivities happening across Canada on St. Patrick’s Day!!

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, now is a good time to go green and get into the Irish spirit! Get your fix of Irish fun at the best venues across Canada!! – Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

It’s an excuse for most of the people to drink and dye under the sun green on this day. But before we list the perfect destinations, why not brush up on your St. Patrick’s Day knowledge??

St. Patrick’s Day marks the death of St. Patrick of Ireland, the most celebrated patron saint. It is a public holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador. St. Patrick is said to have played a pivotal role in converting the inhabitants of Ireland to Christianity and in riding the island of snakes.

In Canada, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were brought by Irish immigrants. Now let’s read some interesting stuff about this day.

St. Patrick wasn’t Irish!!
This day had been celebrated by the Irish for over 1000 years. Though, St. Patrick was actually born in roman Britain. He was brought to Ireland as a slave.

It should be blue not Green!!
The color associated with St. Patrick is actually blue, not green. But since he preached the trinity and shamrock is a symbol of that we wear green.

Ireland never had snakes to begin with!!
It is said that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. It is totally untrue, as Ireland never had snakes. It is also thought that the snakes represented the pagans with whom St. Patrick had some issue.

Nobody knows where St. Patrick is buried.
We often read that St. Patrick was buried in the town of Downpatrick, county down. But no one is sure about that!!
You have filled your head with enough information, so let’s get back to the festivities. Don’t worry, you can freely choose, because Canada won’t disappoint you!

Taste Irish whiskey in Crowfoot Wines and Spirits at Calgary!
Crowfoot wines and spirits is famous for hosting St. Patrick Irish whiskey festival. Want to have experience of Irish whiskey and beer combined with mouth watering Irish cuisine? Don’t forget to visit then.

Calgary’s fun doesn’t stop here. You can join Irish cooking classes which include lessons, light lunch and recipes to take home. Impress your Irish friends by making Irish pudding, green salad drizzled in beer mustard vinaigrette.

The Irish cultural centre also organizes family friendly event which includes Irish music, Irish dancing and plenty of Irish cuisine and drinks.

Ottawa has tons of festivities on this day!!
Pubs in Ottawa awash in green on St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish society of Ottawa hosts Irish festival at Ottawa senators’ hockey game. Don’t forget the grand parade. The after party includes Irish dancing lessons and Irish inspired cuisines.

Go for a $6 breakfast at St. Brigid’s centre for the Arts, complete with live Celtic music and dancers on this day.

Toronto’s St. Patrick events are not to be missed!!

Party it up inside the awesome lake side Amsterdam brew house, Ontario’s largest craft brewery. You can enjoy live performances by famous bands, video DJ battles and free pancake breakfast in the morning. You can’t say “no” to live music with complementary pancakes, can you?

Enjoy ultimate st.patrick’s weekend at the parade after party hosted by Drake hotel and indie 88. No reservations are required for this.
If you want to go crazy with Irish music and dance, Mc. Veigh’s, Ceilli cottage and Dora Keogh are seriously Irish.

Motown party is a network of soul music events that happens in over 7 cities monthly. So, don’t forget to visit the Studio bar to enjoy Patrick’s day in true motown style.

Book a table in advance to celebrate in Victoria’s Pubs!!

On this day, Victoria comes alive with Irish spirit. Whether you prefer to spend time with nature, or pretend that you are in Ireland, Victoria will not disappoint you!

Irish times pub is named as one of the top Irish bars outside Ireland. This traditional pub not only serves mouth watering house made Irish comfort food and drinks, but it also serves live Irish music every single night.

Get out in nature and experience the greenish day possible with hike or walk through Victoria’s parks or gardens.

For an enchanting afternoon tea experience, head over to the London tube restaurant where you will be transported to Alice’s world.

Explore the local food and craft drink scene at Saskatoon!!

It’s not a holiday here buy Patrick’s day continues to gain momentum as a reason to celebrate and don the colour green. Irish pubs in Saskatoon are said to be busiest on this day.

On this day, drop by their new location of free vodka tour and learn to make themed cocktails and munch on charcuterie boards.

Celebrate the Irish culture in Quebec!!
As the city of Quebec has had strong ties with Irish culture, they proudly host St. Patrick day’s festivities every year.
First join the festivities at the Festibière fête la St-Patrick. It is a three day celebration showcasing Irish culture, micro breweries, cider houses and restaurants at the Pavilion du Commerce.
The annual day parade called Defile de la Saint-Patrick de Québec means more than green beer and celebrating a saint for montrealers. Crowd gathers around for after party at Pub Saint Patrick for its famous scotch, Irish and Quebec beer with Irish music.
Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day parade showcases three hour caravan of colorful floats, marching bands, performers and revelers march along Sainte Catherine Street on the first Sunday after March 17.

Keltic landing in Vancouver!!
Immerse in Celtic world for two days in Keltic landing. Get gussied up for the shamrock ball, a celebration of Celtic traditions through music and lively Irish dance. Don your kilt and groove to bagpipes and fiddlers at Tartan pride on day two.

There are many more places in the world that go green on this day. For example New York hosts world’s oldest and largest paddy day’s parade. A boat race is organized on this day in Barcelona, Spain. After competition, the party includes Irish food, dance and music.

Every year, the Chicago River in Chicago is dyed emerald green. So, now it’s your turn to go green this Patrick’s day.

PartsAvatar community wishes Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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