Whether you are an Auto –Enthusiast or looking for a fun outing, why not visit the Vancouver International auto show ??Take a look!

Do you like to look at shiny things? Or love to explore latest cars in the auto market? See something new! The Vancouver Auto show is going to be full of excitement!! – Brought to you by PartsAvatar Replacement Auto Parts.

Need help planning your visit to the Auto Show? Supercharge yourself with the Vancouver international auto show which is an exciting, family friendly event and take in the excitement of the city.
In the mean time, why not have a look at the highlights of 2017 Vancouver auto show!

Rare Ferrari Race on display
Ferrari racer of 1960s was the most expensive car of Vancouver international auto show 2017. Its estimated value is said to be US$14 million. So, if you ask someone what do you get in a $14M car these days, they’ll say simple mechanics and a room enough to pack one kid at a time.

This car was sold to a doctor whom Ferrari knew and enjoyed a long racing career, at one point placing second overall in the La V Coppa Sant Ambroeus in Monza, Italy.
The engine is water cooled V12 with a single overhead cam that produces 280 horse power. It’s something that everyone wants to get a glimpse of.

High Performance Supercars
Want to see supercars? Vancouver Auto show is unique because it showcases unique cars on the earth. Well, Ford’s Halo the GT, sat loud and proud for all to see. The halo car is often described as a figure head for a brand.

If Halo is not your thing, don’t worry Ford’s lemans simulator is parked next to it. A colourful mixture of McLaren’s, Lamborghinis, Porches and Ferraris stood proud and even classic cars like 1960 Ferrari and 1957 Maserati gave them tough competition for viewer’s attention.

The exotics are always crowd favourites. Every year Auto giants like Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus, Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley present string of exotic cars and car enthusiasts just immerse in their amazing world.

The supercars that the auto show showcases every year feature an interior treatment and subtle design details that cannot be missed. So, before you regret not going there, do a pre booking for tickets!!

Debut of Subaru, KIA and Mini country man CUV
Kia demonstrated its commitment to design and quality with the regional debut of all new 2018 Kia Stinger at Vancouver auto show. The stinger is company’s first AWD sedan and the highest performance production vehicle ever.
With an estimated 365HP and 376 Lb ft torque, the powerful nod to the classic gran turismos of the past will redefine the Kia brand.

Subaru has also unveiled its concept car VIZIV-7 concept at auto show. This 3 row midsize SUV foreshadows a new addition to Subaru line-up in 2018. Visitors can get their nails painted the same spectacular blue as the Avista concept car at the booth.
Mini Countryman CUV also made its debut at Vancouver auto show 2017. The car included a novel bench seat that swings out of the cargo area to offer a comfortable seating area for tailgate picnics.

Ford wasn’t behind. It showcased its latest Mustang, the all terrain Baja busting Raptor and the latest F150, complete with 10 speed transmission!

2018 Lexus LS 500H and 2018 BMW M550i and Range Rover Velar’s Debut!

The lower mainland’s reputation for being a proponent of green living is why Lexus chose to reveal the hybrid variant of its next- generation flagship LS sedan here.
Utilizing the Lexus Multi Stage hybrid system also found in other models like the LC 500H the power train is made up of 3.5L V6 gasoline engine, two electric motors and a 10 speed transmission and produces 354 HP.

BMW has rolled out its initial M performance version of latest 5 series Sedan. It features 4.4L twin power Turbo eight cylinders motor churning out 455HP and 480 Lb ft Torque with eight speed transmission and rear biased X- drive intelligent all wheel drive making it the fastest 5 series ever.

Range rover Velar and Lexus were the two vehicles from North America that made their debut at the auto show. The range rover velar is a brand new model of Land rover and is a midsized SUV with advanced aerodynamics and style, but also the perfect mix of off road prowess and dynamic road dynamics.

Seeing the car in person really reinforces how much attention the company has paid to the reductionism design aspect of the vehicle, from the hidden door handles to the perfectly rounded curvature of the bumpers.

The iconic custom cars

A small display of custom cars populated the upper halls including full size renditions of hot wheels- the bone shaker and darth Vader helmet car.

The Bone shaker is complete with a skull face piece and hands gripping the headlights; a skull topped spine shifter and crossbones steering wheel. This scary hot wheel produces 402HP with 350Lb ft torque.

Known for showcasing the world’s most amazing custom cars, trucks and bikes, the monster energy DUB show tour has developed an international reputation as the home of coolest aftermarket vehicles in the world.

Hybrids and Electric cars
Vancouver auto show gives opportunity to drivers to take a test drive of their favourite vehicle. Every year, drivers get a chance to get behind the wheels of a new plug in electric car from auto giants like Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, Ford etc.

There are two test drive locations- electric vehicle experience test drive located at lower level of Vancouver convention centre west and Toyota Lexus Hybrid ride and drive located at Thurlow entrance to the auto show.

Licensed drivers under this electric ride and drive program are given opportunity to test drive industry’s most popular green vehicles. In 2017, green vehicles introduced were new Chevrolet Bolt, BMW X5 40e and the Chrysler Pacifica plug in Hybrid.
Toyota, Lexus vehicles also wait for you to take them for a drive.

These were the highlights of 2017’s Vancouver auto show. There is more to see this year. You can expect much more fun and excitement there. And why not, after all, Vancouver hosts Canada’s third largest auto show every year! But, don’t forget to check their official website !

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